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Hard Wax Beans

Hard Wax BeansDo you want your hard wax beans to meet the standards of your salon? Beauty Image is here to bring all you can ask for in terms of professional wax products. We provide high-quality wax formulas for all types of hair removal treatments, with our hard wax beans standing at the heart of our exclusive Specialty lines.

Hard wax beans are the most common format for hard body waxes. They are melted after staying on a wax heater for a certain number of minutes. From there, estheticians handle the wax with a spatula to remove unwanted body hairs from the most sensitive parts of the body. Hard body beans are more known for their effectiveness during facial and Brazilian waxes, but they can be used in many other treatments and maintain the same quality in their results.

Beauty Image's hard wax beans combine all the advantages that make waxing safe on skins with sensitivity issues. They have a low melting point to prevent burns and a creamy texture that helps relax the skin during a treatment. More importantly, our professional hard wax beans are enriched with high-quality natural ingredients to bring out the skin's beauty and shine.

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This combination of natural properties also ensures that the wax retains optimal elasticity after melting, simplifying your work on the trickiest parts of the body. Our hard wax beans match your waxing technique to the last detail, so you can easily spread an even layer of wax on the skin and remove all the hairs on the first try. Along with our affordable prices and deals, this also helps you secure the best hard wax beans and make them last through all your regular services without running out ahead of schedule.


Best Waxing Beans

Beauty Image USA produces the best hair removal products, from soft waxes to sugaring paste. As such, our hard wax beans are unique in the hair removal industry thanks to their composition and additional skincare benefits.

Our products are accessible to businesses of all sizes because we always bring the most affordable deals to help you stock your salon each month. We also continue adding new formulas to our line of hard wax beans to help you with all your hair removal services.

Try Beauty Image's hard wax beans and discover all the benefits we offer to boost your hair removal services. You can contact us by calling TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact to start getting the best products and accessories straight to your doorstep. If you're looking for the highest quality products to boost your salon's reputation, your hard wax beans are the way to go.
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