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Why Sugaring Is Always Best at a Spa

August 04, 2021

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A esthetician doing a sugaring paste treatmentNowadays, do-it-yourself also known as DIY recipes and solutions have become quite popular for all kinds of hair removal procedures, especially for sugaring, a method used in ancient Persia that extracts the hair from the root using an ingredient we all love in our coffee or dessert: sugar. This procedure is performed with a paste that basically anybody can make in their own kitchen and that can be applied at home; however, professional sugaring paste can also be found in the market.

Nonetheless, even though sugaring may look like a simple and effective hair removal procedure, most people never get the results that they hope for when they try the process at home. Due to those bad DIY experiences, lots of people tend to take this Asian method out of the equation of epilation possibilities, but they are missing out on a great alternative! Sugaring is a 100% natural, hygienic, and beneficial hair removal option that exfoliates the skin and provides interesting advantages that other alternatives do not offer. Furthermore, the paste is applied at room temperature, so there's no risk of burning the skin.

In brief, sugaring is one of the healthiest and less painful hair removal options available; it just needs to be done by someone with qualified skills. Here are three essential reasons that summarize why it is always better to get this procedure done at a spa:

Product quality

Essentially, sugaring paste is really easy to make; just three ingredients are required: water, lemon, and sugar. That alone makes this ancient hair removal method a DIY procedure not to mention that, in short, someone only has to add all the ingredients to a saucepan, turn the heat up to high, stir the mix so the sugar dissolves, store it, and wait for it to reach room temperature.

Seems simple, right? However, making the paste so that it has a perfect consistency requires skill, several attempts, and maybe a little luck. Sometimes the mixture ends up being too soft, so it melts and sticks to the skin; or too hard to even get it out of the container where it was stored. At a spa, estheticians use professional products that are made to work perfectly on all skin types and all types of hair, which means that those setbacks won't occur at a salon or spa.
Woman applying sugaring paste on her legs with the hand


Sugaring paste doesn't need epilating strips or wooden spatulas. Instead, it is applied with the hand using a method that requires some practice to master. Just taking the syrupy paste out of the pot and making a ball that can be later spread onto the targeted area demands skill, as well as pulling the sugar off the skin. Besides, as opposed to regular wax, sugaring paste is applied against the direction of hair growth and pulled off in the opposite direction, which helps to completely extract the hair from the root. When the wax gets harder it tends to break the hair at the surface instead of pulling it all out.

To achieve perfection, whoever applies the paste must gently spread it onto the skin to let it seep deep into the hair follicle and then remove it skillfully. Some precautions are essential, like giving the skin a chance to recover if the paste needs to be applied on the same area again. Someone at home might not be aware of that fact and will repeat the process nonstop to extract all the fuzz, but that will only leave the skin irritated and covered in red bumps.


In the end, a sugaring procedure that is performed by a professional will have a much better outcome than one done at home. At the spa, you'll get the attention and comfort that maybe your bathroom cannot provide. Besides, professional estheticians know exactly how to prep the skin before the process and what products to apply on the skin after. Yes, it will be a little more expensive than a home epilation, but it will be worth it.

So, if you are thinking about trying sugaring for the first time or you have already tried it at home and have gotten disappointing results, we advise you to schedule an appointment at the nearest spa that offers this ancient hair removal process. When done by a professional, you will surely be able to benefit from the advantages of sugaring. On the other hand, if you are a licensed esthetician and you're looking to add this service at your spa, we invite you to check out our professional sugaring paste right here on our website.

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