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Why Is It Essential to Use Pre and Post Waxing Products?

April 03, 2020

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Pre- and Post- Waxing ProductsWaxing is a solution filled with countless benefits. Thanks to wax treatments, people can spend weeks untroubled by body hairs while enjoying all the beauty of a rejuvenated skin. With the right method, waxing can even provide some of the regular hydration needed for the skin to remain healthy. To mark all these checks, however, you can't stop at removing unwanted hairs. Throughout a waxing session, the skin must be constantly nourished to restore its softness and prevent damage. Proper "pre waxing care" and the right post-waxing products are just as important as an adequate waxing technique. All these elements help each other. If either of them is missing, you will probably get a lackluster result.

Behind the wonderful results of a successful waxing session, there's a series of steps you can't afford to ignore. The skin has to be properly prepared to withstand the wax, and it must be free of many residues that are often too microscopic for the naked eye to see. This preparation is also essential to minimize the pain caused when ripping the wax. Prior to waxing treatments, clients are instructed to exfoliate the skin, to remove deodorants and other chemicals from their cleaning routines, and to protect the skin from UV rays and other heat sources. When these instructions are fulfilled, the skin's condition is ideal not only for waxing, but also for the benefits given by the proper pre-waxing products.

In a similar manner, post-waxing treatments are the safest way to start the aftercare period that follows a wax session. On one hand, they relax your client by removing the leftover pain and having a calming effect on the skin. On the other hand, they protect the skin from infection and irritation, which in turn makes the effects of the wax treatment last longer. After being waxed, the skin is more sensitive and vulnerable to external damage. Effective products are essential to help it heal faster and grow more resistant.

Why Are Pre-Waxing Products Important?

  • They cleanse the skin from dirt, cosmetic residues, bacteria, sweat, dust, and other outside elements.
  • They moisturize the follicle, unclog the pores, and prepare the skin, preventing an uneven waxing and reducing the risk of infections, rashes, reddened skin, etc.
  • They make waxing less painful for the client and more efficient for the aesthetician.

Why Are Post-Waxing Products Important?

  • Post waxing products refresh the skin, accelerating the effects of cool towels right after waxing the skin.
  • They are ideal to remove wax residues from the skin, specially the stickiness left by soft waxes.
  • They soothe the skin. Waxing involves a lot of pulling and tearing, leaving a slight itching and burning sensation. Post waxing products help relax the skin and remove the leftover discomfort.
  • When they are enriched with the right nutrients, post waxing products are wonderful disinfectants and moisturizers, creating a layer of protection that strengthens the sensitive follicles.
Pre an Post Waxing Products
Pre and post-waxing care involve a combined effort from both the aesthetician and the client. The aesthetician can partially monitor the client's before the session, but they are unable to personally oversee a person's skin care routine in the days following the wax treatment. If a client doesn't follow the proper safety measures in the days leading up to waxing, the safest option might be to postpone the session. Likewise, the client must fully stick to the restrictions described by the aesthetician or the post waxing products used during the session won't be enough to prevent infection and other side effects. The first 24-48 hours after waxing are particularly crucial, so you must be very clear while explaining what your client can and cannot do in that time. Pre-Waxing Care Pre-Depilatories

Pre and Post Waxing Care What Are the Necessary ingredients?

  • Pre-Waxing: Once you check the length of the hair, you must cleanse it with natural based products as well as antioxidants like alcohol, menthol, Bacocalmine, and Keratoline. Enriched with menthol to provide a pleasant cooling effect, our Pre-Depilatory Antiseptic Lotion thoroughly cleanses the skin from dirt, sweat, and dead cells. The skin must be fully dry before coming in contact with the wax. Use the "Pre-Depilatory Powder" to soften the skin and help the wax adhere more efficiently. This signature powder is the perfect method to remove sweat residues and leave the skin in perfect condition for waxing.

  • Post-Waxing: You must ensure that the skin is properly hydrated and protected. Oats, natural oil, aloe vera, and shea butter are all important ingredients you need to include in your aftercare. Their natural properties heal the skin without carrying any of the risks that chemical-based lotions have on sensitive skin pores. First of all, you must soothe the skin to reduce remaining pain or irritation. The "Post-Depilatory Oil" uses the relaxing properties of cotton extract to quickly heal the skin after waxing. The Post-Depilatory Cream combines oat and shea butter to act as a moisturizer while protecting the skin with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Prevent ingrown hairs and nurture the skin to boost cell growth to ensure the continued health of the follicles. Working as an effective pre and post care product, the Folli-End Cream provides a dual benefit that will fortify the skin in the long run.
The practical advantages of wax treatments turn many people into faithful clients, but only when the results live up to the hype. If you follow the recommendations above, you'll ensure satisfying results and your aesthetic center will thrive. Beauty Image USA is constantly upgrading the hair removal industry with effective natural formulas and the most durable accessories. If you have questions about any of our products, you can call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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