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Where Does Waxing Hurt Most?

August 18, 2022

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Where Does Waxing Hurt MostAs a hair removal method, waxing is known for many things. Professional Waxes are mostly popular for making the skin look and feel smooth for weeks, gradually reducing the number of hairs that grow back on the same part of the body. Sadly, many people only learn about waxes from what others have to say about the pain they can cause. Waxing is not a painless process, especially if a person tries to wax their own skin without any training on the proper waxing technique.

Does Waxing Always Hurt?

It's important to get some things out of the way before listing the parts of the body where waxing tends to hurt the most. First, some portions of the skin are universally more sensitive than others, but a waxing experience can change vastly depending on a person's pain tolerance. For first-timers, the pre-wax jitters can also accumulate tension on the skin, making it harder for estheticians to remove all the hairs smoothly.

The esthetician's expertise is key in these cases. On the one hand, a professional esthetician knows how to subtly change their waxing technique according to the skin they're going to treat. They should also know how to create a pleasant environment where clients can relax, from keeping a tidy workstation to showing a welcoming, confident disposition.

In other words, all the factors surrounding a treatment have the power to increase or reduce a client's pain levels, but some parts of the body will always respond more intensely to sensations, whether due to the skin's thickness or the nerve endings connected to these places. Nevertheless, the skin in all parts of the body can adapt to a regular wax regime, to the point that seasoned salon-goers only feel mild discomfort when waxing the most sensitive parts of their bodies.

Where Is Waxing Most Painful?

Without further ado, let's look at the areas where wax tends to hurt the most.

Where Waxing Hurt Most
  • The bikini line: One of the most popular areas to wax during the summer season, the bikini line is also known for being very sensitive to high temperatures and harsh pulling. Bikini waxes get more painful the closer you get to the pubic bone, but you can reduce the pain by putting soft pressure on the area after ripping. If the wax extends to the whole thigh, you'll be happy to know that the pain gets milder around the meaty sides of the leg and all the way to the knee.

  • Chest and nipples: The skin surrounding the breasts is particularly stretchy, and this might cause more pain than expected while pulling off the wax. For this reason, many women prefer to use tweezers to pluck out the hair around the nipples when the number of hairs is low enough to ensure a quick process. For some men, waxing all their chest hair can be very uncomfortable the first few times.

  • The underarms: The skin on the armpits is extremely thin and delicate, prone to irritation from sweat, cosmetic products, etc. Sometimes, people can leave the underarms even more vulnerable from a routine of shaving before switching to wax formulas. Like the other parts of the body, the underarms also adapt to waxing in time, sometimes sooner than expected since there's not much skin to cover when compared to the legs or the back, making it easier for clients to handle the fleeting discomfort of waxing such a fragile portion of skin.

  • The intimate area: Probably the least surprising area on this list, especially with how popular Brazilian waxes have become these days. In general, people are more vulnerable to sensation down there; you'll feel a temperature change more acutely around your privates than you would around the more visible parts of your body. This is one of the reasons why clients ask for hard waxes with a low melting point. The ripping of the wax itself can also be unbearable for some people, as there's a lot of hair to get through when you wax the area for the first time.

    On that note, waxing the bum crack can also cause a lot of discomforts, but the rest of the skin surrounding your behind is often thick enough to withstand a wax without too much pain in between.

  • The upper lip: Because of all the touch receptors sitting over our lips, this area can be painful to wax. The good news is that this is one of the smallest portions of skin you can find in a wax treatment. You can wax the upper lip very quickly, often with a single layer of wax, and make sure the pain is short-lived.

  • Where Waxing HurtThere are other body parts that could fit into the list, like the eyebrows or any other part of the face. The skin around the sides is also very sensitive, and some people have trouble getting used to waxing their happy trail (the line running from the navel to the start of the pubic bone). At the end of the day, pain is relative, felt more intensely in certain parts of the body depending on who you ask. If you want to bring your client's pain level to a minimum, securing the best quality in your wax formulas is one of the first things you must do.

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