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When Should I Wax?

June 29, 2018

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 Woman on the Phone Making a Waxing AppointmentYou have made up your mind to ditch shaving and you are going to start waxing. You have even chosen a professional esthetician and high-quality hair removal products, but now you are doubtful as to when you should wax. Beyond the obvious answer (whenever you notice it's already necessary!) women wonder if any other factors determine the right time to make a waxing appointment. The general rules about waxing do not vary much, but we are about to explain why and how you can apply precaution before waxing depending on the circumstances. Whether you are going on vacation, have a very important event or play sports, read on to solve the common question: When should I wax?
Vacation Time: Wax with PrecautionThe summer brings plenty of fun outdoor activities that involve the pool, the beach, and sun exposure. What these things have in common apart from being fun is that they may pose a risk to your skin.

 Woman on the Pool Getting a TanChlorinated Water and Salt Water: Stay Away!The chlorine in pool water and the salt in the sea might end up irritating your newly waxed skin. The irritation can manifest in the form of intense itching when your skin comes into contact with chlorinated or salt water. Further adverse reactions might not develop but let's say that the intense itching is a very unpleasant sensation that can alarm you, and you can avoid if you keep away from the pool and the sea for at least 24 hours after your waxing session.
Sun Exposure: Don't Soak up the Sun so Soon!When it comes to sun exposure, you are probably guessing that you must stay away from it after waxing —you guess right. Prolonged sun exposure after waxing can leave you with scary results that you will deeply regret! Besides the fact that your skin will be sensitized and might get irritated, it will get sunburnt more easily as well. The worst you can get from sun exposure after waxing is hyperpigmentation of the skin; this means that your skin will look redder or darker for much longer than the usual waxing recovery time. Upper lip waxing in these conditions can leave you with the shadow of a "mustache", and similar shadows can ruin your eyebrows (Oh, no!) On any other waxed area, as obvious, hyperpigmentation can happen as well. The best way to avoid this nightmare is to simply keep away from the sun for at least 24 hours after your waxing appointment, but if it's possible, you should give it a little more time, between 4 and 5 days to really be safe.

You might be wondering if you will be safe just by wearing sunscreen. The answer is, yes and no. Sunscreen will protect your skin from sun damage, but it is not an excuse to break the 24-hour rule we indicated above since the pores will be open and sunscreen might clog them and hamper the full recovery of your skin after waxing. Play it safe and stay out of the sun while your skin rests from the procedure, and once you're good to go outside, do not forget to wear plenty of your favorite sunscreen.
Spray Tanning on a WomanBathing Suits: The Ouch Factor for Newly Waxed SkinTight bathing suits will probably damage freshly waxed skin, causing irritation and itching, and in the case of really sensitive skin, a rash and burns. The normal skin redness after waxing will take longer to subside if you wear tight clothes. Again, it's best to keep wearing loose clothes for at least 24 hours after waxing, especially the bikini area and the underarms.
Spray Tanning: Don't Even Think About It!Even is what you won't get if you get out of the waxing appointment to go straight to the tanning booth. Getting a spray tan right after a wax is not one of the wisest things to do: this won't give your skin time to recover and the pores to close up, so the results will come out uneven or patchy. It is better to wait it out for at least 24 hours. You will do yourself a favor if you wait for at least 24 hours since waxing will have removed some dead skin cells, leaving new skin prepared to receive the spray tan. Your golden glow will look great for a little longer.

 Bride Holding Wedding DressImportant Events: Don't Risk Your Great EntranceAsking yourself "When should I wax?" is hardly ever as important as it is right before your wedding. If your wedding day is approaching, you don't want to leave everything for the last minute, and that includes your waxing appointment. For this reason and more important others, one of the worst things you can do is wait for the day before your ceremony to book a waxing appointment —especially if you want to include a Brazilian or a bikini waxing in the package. Do you want to risk having a rash, irritation or damaged skin in your intimate area right on your wedding night? We don't think so. Similar problems could happen in any other area, such as the underarms (and you don't want chafing, marks or itching) and the face (can you imagine you got a reaction to the wax? that would be a makeup-ruining nightmare!). To play things safe, book your waxing appointment at least 4 days before your big celebration.
Sports and Exercise: Wait a While to Break the SweatWoman Exercising After WaxingFor athletes like runners, swimmers, and soccer players, waxing or other hair removal choices is just a practical choice. It is much more hygienic, it is low-maintenance, helps to keep the skin prepared to receive muscular massage or attention to injuries during sports activities. When it comes to girls who have a steady gym routine, waxing also keeps the body looking better and avoids excess sweat. For both groups of people, the waiting time doesn't change much. 24 to 36 hours after waxing to resume exercise is ideal; remember that the pores are open after waxing, and sweating can create bacterial proliferation, which in turn increases the risk of skin infection. High-impact exercise can also increase skin chafing and cause irritation, and the skin will take longer to recover. The tight clothing that athletes wear can obviously cause chafing and irritation as well. If you can't refrain from exercising, try to keep it low-impact to avoid any discomfort or possible skin problem.

Now you know the answers to one of your most recurring questions: "When should I wax?" Your professional esthetician will know exactly when to go through with a waxing procedure and help you avoid any inconvenience. By the same token, you can be sure that your esthetician uses high-quality waxes and waxing accessories to ensure a smooth experience for all clients. Beauty Image provides the best products and accessories for professional use in the USA. Call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form to get information about everything that Beauty Image offers. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive our latest news right in your inbox.

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