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What Wax Do Salons Use for Brazilian?

December 22, 2020

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Wax Used in Salon For a BrazilianBrazilian waxes tend to cause mixed responses from new clients, but most people agree on one thing: You can't perform a Brazilian wax if you don't have high-quality waxes to ensure a safe experience. There are hair removal products specially made to soothe naturally delicate areas, and professional wax services usually offer a variety of waxes to treat a person's private parts. If your client is going for a Brazilian wax, there are a number of products that must always be a part of their wax regime.

What You Need to Know About Brazilian Waxes

Brazilian waxes basically remove hair from your intimate areas, going from the pubic bone and all the way down to the bum crack. They are the next level of bikini waxes, so it's common for clients to wax their bikini line, the happy trail, and their private parts in a single wax treatment. To ensure the client's comfort, salons and spas have added variations to the traditional Brazilian service. As a result, people can get a bikini wax without treating their privates, a full Brazilian wax to remove all the hair on their front and back, or anything in between.

Hard Wax Used in Salon For a Brazilian

What to Use During a Brazilian Wax?

Professional estheticians are ready to serve all types of clients, regardless of their skin condition and pain tolerance. They must be intimately familiar with the products in stock to know what to use when the time comes. The main goal is to remove all the hairs around the pubic area without putting too much pressure on the skin. While hard waxes are usually a fool-proof solution to treat delicate parts of the body, you still need to choose the right formula. Also, there are certain situations when soft waxes can actually make a Brazilian service more bearable.
With this in mind, let's take a look at all the things estheticians must consider before a Brazilian wax and the best choices for each case:
  • When the hair is too thin/sparse: Because they can be applied multiple times, hard waxes are ideal for cases when the hairs are not coarse enough to immediately stick to the wax. Sugaring paste is also a viable option because it grabs fine hairs while providing a gentle treatment for the skin.
  • When the hair is too short: For the reasons described above, hard waxes also come in handy if you're trying to grab really short hairs. This doesn't change the fact that the waxing experience will go much more smoothly (for both clients and estheticians) when you let the hairs grow until they're at least 1/4 of an inch long.
  • When the client has coarse hair: Soft waxes are incredibly useful if you're working with a lot of stubble and the hairs are on the coarser side. Soft waxes enriched with ingredients like olive oil work wonderfully on sensitive skins without causing major discomfort. Since soft waxes can't be applied twice on the same spot, your waxing technique will be essential to provide the expected results.
  • When you want to wax the bikini line: The inner thighs are as sensitive to pain as the intimate area, but the hairs can be harder to grab, especially if your client has recently indulged in shaving sessions. Hard waxes are usually the best choice to get hold of these unruly hairs, but soft waxes are particularly useful when working with large expanses of skin, so it would boil down to the amount of hair you need to work with, your client's preference, and your command of the technique.

  • Sugaring Paste Used in Salon For a Brazilian
  • When you're waxing a regular client: Wax sessions run much more smoothly for clients who are already familiar with the process. The skin has lost its initial resistance to wax formulas and the follicles don't have such a firm grasp on the hairs. At this point, all the hairs on the area follow the same regrowth cycle, so they can all be removed at the same time once they've reached the right length. If you're working with a seasoned client, sugaring paste and certain soft waxes can be just as effective as hard waxes.
If your client wants to combine a bikini wax and a full Brazilian wax, you can also use different formulas on different sections of skin, but keep in mind that each wax product requires its own preparation. The prep time for multiple waxes will extend the duration of the session, but your client is probably familiar with the process if they're asking for such a broad treatment.

Any Other Options Outside of the Salon?

An at-home Brazilian wax can be downright dangerous if the person attempts to do the treatment on their own since they'll find trouble reaching certain parts of their body and won't know the right technique to wax such a sensitive area. Also, the properties that keep the skin protected during a Brazilian service are only found in professional wax products.

While other common hair removal methods can also get rid of pubic hair, most of them will make the new hairs grow coarser and faster. Estheticians often pluck out errant hairs during the post-wax treatment and clients who are still in the first stages of their wax regime can trim the hairs that grow soon after a session. Waxes have the added benefit of exfoliating the skin into full smoothness, and other methods like razors and depilating creams might just affect these results.

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