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What Type of Wax Is Used for Hair Removal?

May 25, 2021

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Esthetician Using Hair Removal Waxing a Woman LegIt's no secret that body waxes are one of the most effective options when it comes to removing unwanted body hairs. Even during instances when a person is unfamiliar with all the options at hand, professional waxes have what it takes to earn a client's appreciation on the first try. This happens because waxing products are available in a variety of formats to better fit a person's needs. While most professional waxes have an important advantage over regular hair removal products, you still need to know which formulas suit the type of skin you want to wax. Other factors also come into play, like the overall length of the treatment and your client's pain tolerance. We will go through all the options available to help you identify what you need when it comes to waxes for hair removal.

Hair Removal Waxes

Professional waxes are well regarded because, unlike razors, they preserve the skin's natural softness while leaving much more time in between before the hair starts growing back. Some formulas are pricier than others because they integrate a more exclusive assortment of ingredients, but beeswax and rosin are the main components used to get the desired result: to remove the hairs from the root. To know what type of wax is used for hair removal, it's important to get familiar with the composition of each wax product in your collection. From richly fragranced formulas to vegan alternatives that are fully beeswax-free, there's a product for nearly every demand, but body waxes can be categorized in more general terms to give you an idea of the most suitable uses a product can offer.
  • Soft Body Waxes: Soft waxes have several benefits, starting with the ability to cover large portions of skin and leave them smooth in a matter of minutes. Soft waxes are spread with a spatula and removed after pressing a muslin strip to the skin, always pulling in the opposite direction of hair growth. They allow many liberties to safely treat different types of skins, on top of being fairly affordable, so they are the most featured option within salons and other esthetic establishments.
  • Esthetician Using Soft Wax for Waxing a Woman Leg
  • Hard Body Waxes: Hard waxes have a thicker consistency after melting, so they can be applied and removed without the help of a strip. Since hard waxes are meant to be used on the most sensitive parts of the skin, you will need to perfect your technique before you start using them on your clients. Hard body waxes are enriched with nourishing ingredients that make them appealing form a skincare standpoint, and usually have a low melting point that makes waxing more bearable. More importantly, they don't adhere to the skin, so they minimize the pain and the leftover itchiness. While most hard waxes are ideal for small, hard-to-reach areas, some formulas are versatile enough to work on large expanses of skin.

  • Cold Waxes: Cold waxes are a godsend for people with a low pain threshold, since they forego the risks of burns altogether. Cold waxes don't have to be heated beforehand, and this is a double-edged sword: On one hand, they save time and reduce discomfort during the application process; on the other, cold waxes are more difficult to manage because they can harden very quickly, and this can be troublesome when you're trying to remove all the hairs evenly without having to pull too hard on the skin.
Esthetician Using Hard Wax For WaxingBody waxes come in multiple formats and presentations to cater to all kinds of clients, and this marks another point of comparison between different wax products. In the same vein, some wax products are developed specifically to reduce the work entailed in a wax session, and this allows more options for beginners to get familiar with the whole process. Concerning their presentation, waxes can be broken into:
  • Wax beads: Usually packed in a can, wax beads are probably the most common and accessible format for professional wax products. Wax beads are poured into a melting pot and left to heat until they reach the right consistency to remove the hairs from the skin. Their heating point will change from one product to the next depending on the ingredients and on how suitable they are on sensitive skins.

  • Roll-ons: A viable alternative for the application of soft body waxes. Roll-on waxes maintain all the properties that make soft waxes so effective, plus a method that prevents messes and simplifies workability during a wax session. If you plan on introducing roll-on waxes as a waxing alternative, you also need to acquire a specialized heater-applicator to help you warm the cartridges to the optimal temperature.

  • Woman Hands Using Cold Wax For Waxing
  • Pre-made wax strips: Another way to save time when applying cold waxes. As the name suggests, these strips already have the right amount of wax spread on their surface, so they can be applied right after unpacking without having to stop to prep the wax. These traits are the obvious reason why wax strips are only used with cold waxes, and they are not a common sight when it comes to professional services at the salon/spa.
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