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What to Know Before Using Hard Body Waxes During Summer

April 12, 2017

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Waxed woman legs during summer vacationWhen summer starts, almost every woman follows the same ritual: take the summer dresses and flipflops out, swap out the daily sunblock for a stronger one, plan a beach rendezvous, and prepare for swimsuit season. People go through pedicures, manicures, suntans, and body waxing to look radiant for summer vacation.

Nevertheless, summer can also mean humidity, heat, and sun exposure, hence the importance of skin care during this time. As for waxing, even if we know women like to spend their summer vacation with fuzz-free legs and spotless bikini lines, certain precautions must be taken during this season to prevent serious skin damage. For most types of skin, turning to hard body waxes for hair removal is probably the best option in the summer. Hard waxes are gentler on the skin than soft body waxes, which is convenient because the skin tends to suffer a lot throughout these months.

To illustrate, here are the most common skin problems that could happen to anyone during the season:
  • Sunburns and suntans: suntans are actually a way for the body to protect itself. Sunlight can damage our DNA and cause serious diseases like cancer. To prevent such outcome, the skin pigments get darker to absorb less sun rays when our skin is exposed to sunlight. Tanning is a good thing, even though it is still important to avoid excessive sun exposure to prevent diseases. Sunburns, however, are a more serious matter. The skin turns red and it's painful because several layers of your skin have been damaged. In some extreme cases, you can even end up with sunburn blisters, headaches, or feeling nauseous. This type of skin condition needs treatment from a dermatologist or specialist; naturally, waxing is out of the question under these circumstances.

  • Red pimples and rashes: it's needless to say that during the summer, you'll sweat a lot more than the rest of the year. When sweat gets trapped under the skin due to clogged sweat glands, uncomfortable and unappealing rashes may appear. The appearance of red bumps is also common during these months as a consequence of sun allergies or constant shaving.
  • Oily, dehydrated, or irritated skin: too much time in the pool leads to too much chlorine exposure. This chemical causes dry and flaky skin, not to mention that if someone suffers from allergies or sensitive skin, itchy rashes may appear just after a day at the pool. Blazing summer temperatures might also make your body produce more oil, causing your skin to be extra greasy.
When not to wax
During the summer, estheticians or waxing specialists must examine every client's skin to verify it is healthy and it doesn't suffer from any of the problems mentioned above. Irritated or overly-dry skin is out of the question for waxing services, no matter the circumstances. In these cases, estheticians should explain the possible consequences of applying wax on damaged skin (severe skin problems, infections, pain), so that the customer can receive the proper treatment and return at a later time.

On the other hand, if the skin is in good health and waxing can be performed without any concerns, estheticians should pick waxes that are gentle and won't jeopardize the skin. As stated above, hard waxes are a gentler and more attractive option to treat your clients during the season; they are applied at a low temperature and grab the hair without removing layers of skin, which will prevent common side effects like irritation or inflammation. What's more, hard body waxes are pulled out in the direction of hair growth, which will hurt less than pulling the hair in the opposite way.

In today's beauty market, you can find a wide array of hard body waxes to treat all kinds of skin. At Beauty Image, we offer hard waxes enriched with cotton oil and beeswax, which are perfect for non-aggressive waxing procedures. Others are enriched with cherry extracts that provide a smoothing and moisturizing effect in the skin. Choosing nourishing hair removal products is key to pampering the skin in the summer; your clients will appreciate it when they see the results.

Woman protects her skin after hard body wax sessionHow to protect the skin
If you're a licensed esthetician and you own a spa or beauty business, you should start educating your clients about skincare months before summer arrives. Here are some essential tips you should share with the guests at your spa so they can plan their beauty routines ahead of time, before and during summer.
  • No one should spend a day without sunscreen, moisturizing, and exfoliating during summer months. Protecting the skin from sunrays won't only prevent premature aging, wrinkles, or discolored skin patches, it also helps prevent serious diseases like melanoma (The American Skin Cancer Foundation recommends using products with SPFs between 30 and 50. Also, they advise to search for sunscreens that offer protection for both UVB and UVA rays). Moisturizing will prevent dry skin and exfoliation will help keep the skin smooth.
  • If a client plans to go on a beach vacation, advise them to schedule their waxing sessions at least a week in advance.
  • After a waxing session, offer the client calming oils or post-care products they can use at home to maintain a healthy, glowing skin.
  • The pool or the beach are absolutely forbidden for at least 48 hours after a waxing session. The procedure can leave the pores open and the skin susceptible to irritation or infection.
Don't wait until the season starts to prepare your spa for your summer clients! At Beauty Image we have a myriad of hard body waxes to pamper your clients with the best in the beauty market. We highly advise you to check out the waxes we have; they are safe and come with a variety of ingredients to nourish the skin. Find out more about them and other Beauty Image's products by calling at TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or by filling out the contact form on this website. If you want to receive more advice and recommendations for your spa, find us on Facebook at Beauty Image USA, follow us on Twitter @BeautyImageUSA and Instagram @BeautyImageUSA. To keep up to date with our promotions, subscribe to our newsletter.
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