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What Supplies Do I Need for a Brazilian Wax?

June 22, 2021

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Professional Hair Removal SuppliesBrazilian waxes are as feared as they are popular. They are the ultimate solution to get rid of unwanted body hairs in the most intimate parts of the body, but they also demand more care and take longer to pull through. Waxing supplies for estheticians should always include the best wax products to perform Brazilian waxes without adding to the client's discomfort. Moreover, your salon should be equipped with specialized accessories to make the process quick and pleasant overall. All wax treatments, including Brazilian waxes, can turn into a luxury experience when you have the necessary tools at your disposal.

What Is a Brazilian Wax?

In many ways, Brazilian waxes are a more intense version of the popular bikini wax. While a bikini wax removes the hair around the bikini line, a Brazilian wax involves all the pubic area from the front and all the way to the butt strip. Salons offer many options and packages that change depending on how much skin you want to cover. This way, intimate waxes can be more bearable for clients with a low pain threshold or more time-effective for those who want to get all the hairs out in one single session.

Hard Wax for Hair Removal in a Wax WarmerDepending on how much you plan on waxing, a Brazilian wax can take from 15 to 40 minutes to complete. While all wax treatments demand the cleanest technique and high-quality materials, Brazilian waxes entail bigger risks and give you less room for mistakes. The best way to avoid an accident is by having the proper tools and accessories at hand, so what supplies do I need for a Brazilian wax?

Necessary Supplies for a Brazilian Wax

Brazilian waxes don't look much different from other wax treatments when it comes to the supplies needed for the process, but depending on the wax formula you choose for the treatment, you might want to use your supplies somewhat differently. Moreover, the intimate area will always demand the highest quality products to prevent infection and other unpleasant side effects. Here's a list of supplies you need for a successful Brazilian wax:
  1. Waxes: We have to start with the most important element in any wax session. Brazilian services focus on the most sensitive parts of the body, so you can't afford to use subpar wax products for your treatment. Hard waxes are the best option to soothe sensitive areas and can be removed without pulling too hard on the skin. You need to have a good assortment of hard waxes to meet your client's expectations during a Brazilian wax. The quality of the wax depends on the ingredients in its formula, so you should know your wax products before you start using them on other people. It's important to ensure that at least some of your waxes have a low melting point; it probably goes without saying that burns can have disastrous after effects when it comes to a person's privates.

  2. Applicators: Also known as spatulas, they will help you handle the wax as you apply each layer on the area. Wax applicators can be made of wood or metal, and they're available in different widths to increase precision while working on small areas. By contrast, some shapes help you save time while covering large expanses of skin. While working on a Brazilian, you can help yourself with the spatula to ensure the wax is spread evenly around all the different contours and angles.

  3. Skin Cleanser/Antiseptic lotion: These lotions stop the appearance of infections while the pores are still open and vulnerable. Make sure the formula is infused with antibiotics to eliminate germs and bacteria before they get the chance of setting on the skin. You need to cleanse the skin properly before and after the wax, especially if you're working with a sticky wax formula.

  4. Wax heater: A professional wax heater is your best resource to avoid burning the skin during a session. They will add a layer of accuracy that you can't get from a regular microwave, and this will ensure that the wax always has the ideal consistency to remove the hairs without any resistance.

  5. Soothing lotion: Without a soothing solution to treat the skin with after the wax, your client will experience irritation, itchiness, and a burning sensation that will take longer to fade, especially when you consider all the friction that happens down a person's privates at any given time. The newly waxed area will also be more prone to swelling and redness. Soothing lotions and cooling gels bring a refreshing sensation and relieves most of the leftover pain while providing several nourishing properties that will help the skin's healing process.

Now, even the most sophisticated products and accessories will fall short if you don't take proper precautions during a Brazilian wax treatment. We already expanded on the purpose of these supplies and the proper way to use them, but there are other tips that you need to keep in mind to ensure the most satisfying results:
  • Your business should forbid double dipping and other unhygienic practices. While some licensed spas allow certain lenience on their double dipping policies to save time and money, you should never make a habit of dipping your spatula in the wax pot after having used it on the skin. You'll just be adding to the chances of infections in such a sensitive area.

  • Post Waxing Lotion Treatment
  • You need to disinfect your workstation constantly and sterilize your products after each session. It's also important to have an organized waxing kit to keep everything within reach.

  • Because they grab the hairs and not the skin, hard waxes can be applied on the same area more than once, but you should still polish your technique beforehand. Brazilian waxes are among the longest wax treatments available, and they demand a lot of precision in areas that offer little space to maneuver. If you miss the hairs too many times, the nutrients in your wax products will not be enough to keep pain levels to a minimum.

  • Blood droplets are not an unusual occurrence, especially for first-timers, so there's no need to get alarmed when some blood vessels get ripped in the process. Still, it's important to be careful during the post-wax treatment to avoid getting the skin infected.

  • If it's your client's first Brazilian, make sure to list all aftercare restrictions before you start: no exercise or other physical activities for at least 48 hours, loose clothing to let the area breath without unnecessary friction, no baths or hot water, and a vitamin-rich skincare routine.

Do you want the most exclusive wax products to conduct a successful Brazilian wax? Beauty Image has the best hair removal formulas and all the accessories you need to get the job done without getting any trouble in the process. To learn more about our products, you can call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact and we'll be happy to answer all your questions. And remember to subscribe to our a newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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