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What Should I Look for When Buying a Wax Warmer?

September 23, 2022

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Wax WarmerProfessional wax services are a staple of excellence in the hair removal industry, and this has a lot to do with the equipment that estheticians use during treatments. When you think about the signature tools and accessories that provide a successful wax treatment, wax heaters are probably near the top of the list. A Wax Heater melts the wax at a temperature that helps remove unwanted hairs without hurting the skin. Sounds simple enough, but you can lose a lot by buying a subpar heater for a professional wax service.

Why Is It Important To Buy the Right Wax Warmer?

There's no shortage of options to heat body waxes. Most homemade waxes are warmed in the microwave without causing terrible results. As an esthetician, however, you can't leave things to chance. A wax warmer is one of the most important elements in your workstation, and if you choose it correctly, it can bring unexpected improvements to your treatments, saving you time and complimenting your waxing methods in the best ways.

Here are some useful features that estheticians should look for in a wax warmer:
  • Versatility: Professional wax warmers should meet the demands of a salon or spa. Their mechanisms must enhance workability and simplify the process for the esthetician. You can find wax warmers that suit multiple wax formulas, allowing you to heat different products at the same time. This is useful for extensive treatments in which you need to switch waxes from one part of the body to the next. It will also help you meet the client's expectations more effectively.
  • Wax Heater
  • Easy to operate: Wax warmers are supposed to offer more options than regular heating appliances, but this doesn't mean they should involve a lengthy process. As an esthetician, you already have to keep an eye on multiple areas during a treatment, checking the wax temperature and monitoring the client's skin. Your wax warmer should do its job in a few short steps, sidestepping the fancy mechanisms that take time to master in other cases. It should also take little space so you can change its location as needed.

  • Durability: When replacing a generic wax warmer, we don't want our new equipment to fall apart in a matter of months. Professional wax warmers are made with the most durable materials to keep up with a salon's hectic schedule without malfunctioning. Estheticians can rely on a professional warmer to heat dozens of wax formulas per day without slacking off when business is in full swing. This also means that wax warmers have a nice, sleek presentation that matches the clean atmosphere of your salon.

  • Temperature control: This is a key aspect in professional hair removal services. You can't keep one standard temperature setting to heat different wax formulas. Just like each wax is more suitable for certain parts of the body, there are also heating specifications that give each formula the perfect consistency for a treatment.

    Beauty Image Wax HeaterYour wax warmer should provide maximum accuracy while heating the wax to the right temperature. For example, some warmers tend to burn too hot before the allotted heating time is up. Your warmer should also be equipped with mechanisms to regulate the temperature during the treatment after the wax has reached the expected consistency.

  • Practicality and safety: This goes hand in hand with some of the points described above, and it's essential for a successful treatment. On top of providing durability, the design and structure of your wax warmer should consider the risks of accidents and contamination. For one, it should be easy for you to manipulate the warmer without getting burned while it's still on. You may need to carry it around, so a lightweight warmer is safest. It should also reduce the chances of cross-contamination while heating multiple products simultaneously.
It usually takes an average of 15-25 minutes to prep your professional waxes. The exact heating time will depend on the product's brand, format (wax beads, roll-on waxes, etc.), and the amount of wax you need to remove all the hairs in a particular portion of the body.

Find the Ideal Wax Warmer for Your Salon

From our Double Hard Wax Fascial Warmer to our European Wax Heater, Beauty Image has something to suit every preference. Our wax warmers are specially designed to match the capacity of all our wax formulas, so you can warm your soft and hard body waxes without issue.

They also guarantee a simple mechanism to prevent mistakes while heating the wax to the right temperature. We can outline how our wax heaters work in 5 simple steps:
  1. You need to plug the heater into a power outlet and flick the luminous switch that's usually located at its back.
  2. Now that the heater is on, you'll see a light indicating that the thermostat is working. You can now place the wax on the burner. Whether you're heating the wax straight from the can or placing the right amount on an aluminum pot, you need to use the right burner for each case as they're custom-made to fit each of our wax products.
  3. Turn the thermostat knob to the maximum position to melt the wax. You'll get the right consistency after 20-to-25 minutes.
  4. From there, you can turn the knob to an intermediate position and regulate the wax temperature as you work on the client's skin.
  5. After completing a session, remember to turn off and unplug the heater before cleaning your workstation.
Our heaters are made of the most durable materials to assist you for years, and we offer a 6-month warranty in case of manufacturing malfunctions. Obviously, you also need to care for this and all other parts of your equipment. Remember to sterilize your tools and clean your wax warmer with non-abrasive cleaners like mineral oil. For more recommendations on the proper care of wax heaters, check out our blog " 6 Easy Steps To Clean Your Professional Wax Warmer".

You can always count on Beauty Image USA to have whatever you're looking for to stock your salon. We guarantee the best quality all around, so you can choose what works best for you without worrying about having to replace your equipment before the year is up. If you want to restock your wax collection, or if you want a better wax warmer to meet the quality of your treatments, you can call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form. We offer a simple purchase system and the best monthly deals. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you won't miss anything and get the latest news straight to your inbox.

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