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What is the Perfect Eyebrow Shape to Enhance Your Face?

June 01, 2018

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Close Up of a Perfect Eyebrow ShapeNever underestimate the role of brows! They are important in many ways. Firstly, they protect the eyes from sweat or debris. Secondly, they give subconscious information about your personality óresearch has found them to be a major emotion-conveying evolutionary traitó, which means that we may associate certain shapes to certain emotions. Last but not least, they frame your entire face. The shape of the brows can enhance your natural features and balance them out.

We are always looking for "the perfect eyebrow shape", which is generally our natural brow shape after professional grooming. This does not mean that the natural eyebrow shape cannot be redone to an even more flattering version. Experts will know exactly what to do to get the best out of them or give your face a completely new appearance by reshaping them from scratch. Whether you are choosing a new brow shape or keeping up your natural shape, professional grooming is crucial for a more harmonious appearance since estheticians understand the geometry of our faces and use measurements accordingly to help us look more balanced and ultimately more attractive. The right type of brow shape can give you a younger, healthier look. Now you may be wondering which to choose among all the different methods to shape eyebrows, from threading, tweezing and filling, to waxing with soft body waxes, hard body waxes or strip wax or the newly popular microblading. But first things first: before choosing the best grooming method, you are about to learn how the experts analyze your natural brow and face shape to complement them with the perfect eyebrow shape for you.

Eyebrow Measurements

Your perfect eyebrow shape can be defined by drawing three main lines starting from the outer corner of your nose: a vertical line, a diagonal line over the pupil, and another diagonal line towards the outer corner of the eye. These lines will define the head of the brow, the arch, and the length of the tail respectively. The thickness of the brow depends on the thickness of the fullest part of it, the head. Many women prefer to have a fuller head and a progressively thinner tail. Your esthetician takes these measurements with a pencil to make sure that your eyebrows are on point!
Measurement of a Perfect Eyebrow Shape

Shaping the Eyebrow

Once all the measurements are done, the esthetician will proceed to remove most stray hair with soft body waxes and muslin strips, or with pre-waxed strips. The reason why soft wax is more common is that it is more malleable, so it is better to follow the shape of the brow with precision. Both procedures are easy, and they cause minimal pain or discomfort. After that, any other hairs outside of the drafting of the brow can be tweezed out.

Eyebrow Shapes According to Face Type

The first obvious step in finding your perfect eyebrow shape is making sure you know your face type. In case you don't know them, we have put together a list of the main face types and paired them up with the perfect eyebrow shapes like the pros do.
    Perfect Eyebrow Shapes on Faces
  1. Round Face: High Arches for Vertical Balance
  2. This face type has equally wide forehead and cheeks, with a rounded jawline. To balance the round lines out, this type of face looks best when the eyebrows are shaped to have a steep arch since this visually elongates the shape of the face.

  3. Square Face: Subtle Arch for Softer Features
  4. This face type is about the same width and length, with an angular hairline and jawline. The angular lines of this type of face call for a soft arch and a medium thickness. Women with this type of face should avoid strong angular arches and very thin brows.

  5. Long Face: Elongated Tail for Horizontal Balance
  6. This type of face is twice as long as it is wide, and it needs to be balanced out horizontally. To achieve this, the tail of the brow should be elongated. You can choose to keep the arch very soft or make it a bit higher; just do not make it too high as you don't need it to accentuate the length of the face. It is also advisable to preserve the thickness of the brow instead of plucking too much since thin brows would leave more "empty space", and this type of face needs to look a little fuller.
    Perfect Eyebrow Shapes on Face Shape
  7. Heart-shaped Face: Soft, Rounded Arch for a Harmonious Shape
  8. The focus of this face is on the width of the forehead and cheeks, which are considerably wider than the chin. If the brows on this type of face have a very pronounced arch or they are plucked too thin, all the attention will be drawn to the forehead, and this is not advisable. Instead, soft-arched and medium-thick brows will flow better with the heart shape of the face.

  9. Diamond Face: Slightly Rounded and Arched for Soft Balance
  10. In this type of face, the hairline is narrower than the jawline, which ends in a slightly pointy chin. Diamond faces are somewhat angular, so slightly rounded brows balance this out. Try not to lift the brow arch too high!

  11. Oval Face: Simple for a Natural Look
  12. Many believe that this is the ideal face shape. It has soft contours and looks somewhat like an upside-down egg. Different brow shapes suit this type of face. The best bet is to keep the shape close to the natural arch and give the whole brow a balanced thickness.
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