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What Is the Best Wax for Your Legs?

October 13, 2021

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Aesthetician Waxing a Woman LegsBody waxes can be safely applied in almost all parts of a person's body, always with excellent results. Professional waxes remove unwanted body hairs in one fell swoop, taking a few minutes to give weeks of soft, velvety skin. This is obvious in all wax treatments, but particularly expected when waxing your legs. Nearly everyone suffers from the pains of leg hair and the contrast after a wax treatment is all a person could ask for. The legs are also one of the larges portions of the body when compared to other popular treatments like armpit and facial waxes. We give you a detailed description of the process to help you find the best choice among all the waxes available today.

Waxing your Legs -Do's and Don'ts

Leg waxes are usually people's introduction to the world of professional waxes. Unlike other parts of the body, the skin around the legs is thicker and less prone to infections, making first waxes less painful for new clients. More often than not, first timers have already tried other hair removal methods on their legs before booking a wax appointment, and this also makes the whole experience less daunting for them. The hair on your legs tends to be coarser, especially if you've tried shaving in the past. Because of this and all the skin you have to go through, leg waxes require patience, along with enough experience to know how much wax to heat without letting it go to waste. Without the proper skillset, at-home wax sessions can result in ingrown hairs coming up a few days later, making your skin itchy and rough to the touch.

Esthetician Waxing Legs of a WomanA professional wax service will be the best option to keep your skin silky and beautiful in the long run. When it comes to leg waxes, the timeframe between sessions is of four weeks, give or take a few days depending on your hair's regrowth cycle.

Some of the steps you need to take between wax sessions include exfoliating regularly but not too close to the appointed date, removing all traces of soap, creams, and cosmetic products from your skin before getting a wax, and keeping an eye for acne breakouts/other skin problems that could make waxing dangerous.

Post-wax care entails keeping away from the sunlight for at least 24 hours. If you plan on getting your legs waxed for a day at the beach or any other outdoor activity, make sure to count the two-day healing period that follows each session. Physical activity of any kind is also out of the question during these two days. Professional post-wax products go a long way in preventing infections, but you should also be careful of certain skincare formulas while your pores are still open, mainly those infused with fragrances and artificial ingredients.

As expected, much of the success of a wax treatment depends on using the right products for each part of your skin. The legs are a fairly easier area to work with in this department, but the products you use can still make a difference in the overall results. So, what is the best wax for your legs?

The Best Soft Waxes to Make Your Legs Smooth and Hair-free

When waxing large expanses of skin, like the legs, arms, and back, soft waxes are the safest and most practical choice. Beauty Image USA enhances all the benefits of soft waxes and provides a variety of options to tailor your wax experience according to your need. Infused with natural ingredients ranging from pine resins to honey and coconut oil, as well as various vitamins to protect the skin from infections, our waxes ensure your skin stays silky and healthy for weeks after a wax.

Esthetician Waxing LegsSome advantages you get when using our exclusive line of soft body waxes:
  • Soft waxes are relatively easy to use. They are spread in very thin layers and, after waiting a few seconds for the wax to get a hold of the hair, the esthetician will use a muslin/non-woven strip to remove the wax without leaving messes behind. Soft waxes are spread following the direction of hair growth and ripped off in the opposite direction.

  • They are ideal to save time while working in large portions of skin. They are also highly effective to work on particularly bushy areas and coarser hairs.

  • They give more time to work without breaking or cracking, which also makes them the most practical choice if the preferred technique involves applying long layers of wax.

  • They are affordable and probably available in multiple formats at your local salon.

  • Beauty Image's soft waxes have a low melting point that makes the process more comfortable for the person getting waxed.
With soft waxes, estheticians can be done will a leg wax without wasting time or creating discomfort for their clients. While leg waxes don't require an intricate technique, they also make it obvious when the hairs haven't been removed properly. Soft waxes can't be applied on the same area more than once, so it's in everyone's best interests to choose a formula that ensures a clean result without pushing the skin to its limits. This is why we offer all the variety needed to upkeep a salon's standards while catering to each client's preferences.

Beauty Image USA brings all the products, materials, and accessories to help you get the best results in your wax treatments. You can make your client's legs look fully rejuvenated with the best wax formulas in the market, available for all types of skins and hair. Call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form to get more information about our products and monthly deals. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so we can bring the most relevant content straight to your inbox.

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