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What Is Black Wax for Hair Removal?

October 14, 2020

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Black Wax For Hair Removal MeltedThere are currently several variations of the traditional wax formula to satisfy the client's taste for a luxurious spa experience. Many of these special waxes have additional purifying properties that provide a unique soothing effect and cleanse the skin as meticulously as a specialized skincare treatment. Because of this, black waxes are always in high demand, and exclusive products like the Luxe Detox line are renowned for integrating the best soothing, protective properties to instantly rejuvenate even the most sensitive skins.

What You Need to Know About Black Wax

Black waxes are especially created to make the waxing experience faster and more seamless. The combined properties of medicinal coal and activated charcoal infuse the formula with strong detoxifying properties, providing an appealing black tone that serves as a signature trait of this line. With the right concentration of ingredients, a black wax ensures a treatment that's both simple for the esthetician and pleasant for the client. These are some of the benefits of a quality black wax:
  • Versatile enough to be used in most parts of the body.
  • Has a malleable consistency that ensures a stronger grip on the hair.
  • Melts very quickly and doesn't require the use of strips.
  • Comfortable for the client thanks to a low melting point and a pleasant texture that doesn't leave the skin sticky after application.
  • Works as a strong antioxidant to repel bacteria and prevent infections.

Detox Wax: An Innovative Line to Transform your Waxing Experience

Black Waxes For Hair Removal MeltedThe exclusive Detox Wax line introduces a flawless formula that removes all hairs, no matter how stubborn or well-hidden, and luxuriates the skin with a healthy glow that will last for hours. The combined properties of activated charcoal and caviar extract purify the skin against germs and toxic residues, leaving a silky texture that's unapparelled by other wax products. This unique line has been carefully put together to include all wax presentations, complemented by the additional skincare formulas needed to complete a sophisticated wax service. Let's take a closer look at all the products that make up the Detox Wax line:
  • Luxe Detox Micropearls: A superior wax formula that can be used to remove coarse hairs from large portions of the skin or those short hairs that are usually so difficult to rip on the first try. It's enriched with activated charcoal to cleanse the skin deeply and thoroughly, and caviar extract that gives a velvety texture to all types of skin. Thanks to their low melting point and naturally creamy texture, these micro pearls are pleasant to the touch, a perk that many clients will thank you for. If you want to improve efficiency during a session and take your wax service to the next level, the Luxe Detox Micropearls is an asset you can't miss.

  • Luxe Detox Can: The latest addition to the Luxe Detox line, this soft wax ensures a gentle treatment that restores the skin's firmness and increases its natural shine. It combines all the signature ingredients from the Luxe Detox line and provides the antioxidant properties of pine resins to keep the skin flawless and protected for hours after the wax. The Lux Detox Can is the ideal way to integrate restorative treatment to ease the skin into a regular wax regime.

  • Black Wax For Hair Removal Roll-on
  • Luxe Detox Roll-On:: Enriched with the same winning formula that makes this line so unique, this roll-on guarantees optimal workability while providing an instant moisturizing effect. On top of its detoxifying power, this roll-on wax nourishes the skin to the point of noticeably brightening its natural tone and neutralizing previous instances of discoloration on areas where pigmentation is commonly affected.

  • Luxe Detoxfango: A complete wax service can't be without a spa-worthy skincare treatment. The Luxe Detoxfango pampers the senses with a pleasant sauna effect that stimulates blood circulation and dulls skin imperfections through the most effective absorbing properties. The medicinal coal taken from bamboo and coconut shells fully absorbs the impurities and eliminates toxins from the skin. Meanwhile, the caviar extract rejuvenates the skin through the deep hydration that's always needed to keep it healthy at all times. These two key ingredients work wonders to quickly heal the skin during each wax session, serving as quality skincare treatments that will make the skin silkier and more luminous with regular use.

  • Luxe Detox Refreshing Sherbet: This post-depilatory lotion is the perfect finishing touch of any luxury wax service. Enriched with vitamins A and E, the Luxe Detox Refreshing Sherbet enhances all the soothing effects of a post-wax treatment, refreshing the skin with the most pleasant cooling sensation and complementing the cleansing action of the Luxe Detox wax.
Black Wax For Hair Removal Micropearls
This black wax doesn't stop at removing all the unwanted hairs, it actively works on the skin to improve its softness while countering the effects of cellulite and premature aging. Through its many protective properties, the black wax is the ideal solution to overcome the most feared post-wax problems (infection, rashes, irritation, redness), so even clients with naturally sensitive skin can benefit from it.

While black waxes enhance the perks of traditional body waxes in terms of additional skincare treatments, the usual rules still apply for people suffering from breakouts and allergies, as well as for those nursing scars: refrain from waxing the skin, and even trying any other hair removal method, until the problem has fully healed and only after getting the area checked by a dermatologist.

Do you want to make the best of all the benefits that black waxes offer for the skin? The Luxe Detox line includes the most powerful ingredients to simultaneously protect the skin and ensure an unforgettable experience. Contact Beauty Image to learn about all about our signature line of wax products. Call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 today or fill out our website's contact and we'll give you all the information you need to start stocking your salon with the best formulas and accessories. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so we can bring the most relevant content straight to your inbox.

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