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What is a Honeymoon Wax?

July 29, 2019

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Couple on the Beach After a Honeymoon WaxThe joy of newlyweds is preceded by a hundred challenging things, from petty squabbles to arranging the reception and honeymoon. But the effort to make it all work out perfectly is definitely worth it if you want to have beautiful lifelong memories.

When it comes to honeymooning, there aren't any fewer details involved. Both bride and groom want to feel and look their best for each other, so beauty and spa treatments are a must before honeymoon time, and they obviously include hair removal. Professional estheticians always recommend waxing in preparation for a wedding and honeymoon because it has super smooth results for much longer than shaving and much cheaper than laser and other options. So, we're here to instruct you on the honeymoon wax so you can inform your clients what it is, what to expect, how to prepare, and which hair removal products work best for the most important wax of your life: the one before your big day. Here are the most common questions your clients will ask:

What is a Honeymoon Wax?

It's what it sounds like: a special wax treatment to be done before your wedding and/or honeymoon. Several spas offer the honeymoon wax as a package which includes waxing for different body parts and for the bride + groom for a single price or separate prices. It is usually more common for the bride to book this type of service, but both members of the couple can take advantage of it. When comparing the price and practicality of waxing with other hair removal methods, it's no wonder why many people prefer the honeymoon wax to tedious, expensive or ineffective options.
Bridal Court for a Honeymoon Wax

What Can I Expect in a Honeymoon Wax?

The first thing you should tell your clients to expect from a honeymoon wax is smooth skin for at least three weeks, depending on individual hair growth. The timespan between waxing sessions is perfect for a honeymoon and makes it easy to stay hair-free for the whole time you'll be away with your beloved.

Your clients can also expect the spa to give them a bit of a special treatment. After all, we're talking about a wedding/honeymoon service. Bridal packages might include other goodies such as extra treatments (like eyebrows/face) apart from the basic intimate hair removal. And of course, you as the professional esthetician will do your best to make your clients feel comfortable, relaxed and pampered before their big day.

Your clients might be worried because they heard people who already had their honeymoon wax saying that it wasn't a pleasant experience because of pain and discomfort. The truth is that different people have different pain thresholds and overall tolerance, not to mention that being a first-timer accounts for a different experience than being a waxing regular. So, to know what it will turn out, your client must take the chance. Always recommend clients getting a bikini to start (and booking it well before the honeymoon wax) just to check how well they'll deal with the experience and get more prepared for it.
Wedding Checklist Honeymoon Wax

How Can I Prepare for a Honeymoon Wax?

A honeymoon wax needs some preparation, just like any other waxing treatment. Here are the recommendations you should give your clients:
  • Making some time for the honeymoon wax. Ask them not to take the treatment in a rush but plan it at least six to eight weeks before the wedding so that they can get two treatments and get better results.

  • Booking a bikini before the honeymoon wax, at least two months before the wedding if they want to be sure that they will tolerate the treatment well, and especially if they've never been waxed before.

  • Taking the treatment as a spa day, not a dreadful and painful waxing. Remind your clients that this treatment is bound to make them feel a lot more comfortable with themselves, their body, and their partner's body during the honeymoon, which will be totally worth it. Some estheticians recommend taking an over-the-counter painkiller to help with the pain. It's also said that taking some wine before the appointment can help your client wind down but ask them not to exaggerate because alcohol can tighten the pores and make hair removal more difficult.

  • Showering thoroughly before the appointment is essential but ask your clients to avoid products with harsh detergents, fragrances or coloring because these ingredients might over-sensitize skin.
  • Exfoliation Before a Honeymoon Wax
  • Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Advise clients to start an exfoliation routine at least one week before the appointment to prepare skin. Exfoliation gets rid of dead skin cells, preventing ingrown hairs and clearing skin before the waxing treatment. Just tell them not to exfoliate the day before the appointment or on the same day so as not to over-exfoliate skin.

  • Moisturize the skin regularly. Hydrated skin is a lot healthier and ready to endure a waxing procedure well.

  • Some people like trimming the hair a bit if they consider it's too long for waxing. However, some estheticians recommend clients to wait until the professional does it since they know how to do it right.

  • It's important to wear comfortable, loose and fresh clothes in natural fabrics. This will allow the skin to breathe properly and avoid chafing or irritation after the procedure.

  • Avoiding sun exposure and hot baths or saunas and the beach at least 24 hours before the appointment will keep ill-results at bay. It's also advisable to avoid getting physical the day before. All these situations can over-sensitize skin.

  • Ask your clients to make sure they're not on acne medication or using any product with AHAs or retinol since these ingredients over-exfoliate skin, which might graze or damage it once they wax.

How Can I Care After a Honeymoon Wax?

Tell your clients it's easy to take care of a honeymoon wax. They just need to follow the basic steps for waxing aftercare that they would in any other case. Here are the most important ones:
  • Do not use harsh soaps or fragrances after shaving.

  • Avoid sweating, heat, sun exposure, saunas, sex, and tight clothes for at least 24 hours after waxing to minimize the risk of irritation or infection.

  • Do not shave in between waxing appointments! You'll ruin the whole process.

  • Keep on moisturizing and exfoliating, 24 to 48 hours after the waxing treatment.

The Best Hair Removal Products for a Honeymoon Wax

A honeymoon wax won't be as successful if you don't use high-quality waxes and waxing products to pamper your client's skin. The most important features the chosen wax should have are:

Sweet Dreams for Honeymoon WaxMalleability: creamy waxes glide and remove better, whether they are soft or hard waxes. The texture helps the esthetician perform a better job and the client feel more comfortable throughout the procedure. If soft wax is the choice, it should be creamy so that a single pass will get good coverage (the same thing applies to roll-on waxes). If hard wax is the choice, it's important that it doesn't go brittle or else it'll break and make hair removal harder.

Versatility: the best waxes work great on different body parts, so it's not necessary to switch. This is very convenient for the professional to work more comfortably.

Refined ingredients: the choice of ingredients provides specific properties to each wax, from detoxifying to deeply moisturizing. Brides would benefit greatly from a highly moisturizing and brightening formula (like a wax with argan oil Argan Oil for Honeymoon Waxand gold dust). A creamy and pearly wax with nacre pigments can also provide a beautiful glow on the skin.

Now you know how to give flawless skin to your clients right before their big day. Have them lay back and enjoy their fairy-tale celebration and ask them to leave all their hair removal concerns in the hands of the experts. The best estheticians use the best waxes and waxing accessories, and Beauty Image provides just that. Call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form on this site to get in touch with us. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter if you want to get our latest info right in your inbox.

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