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What First-Time Clients Don't Know About Bikini Waxing

July 26, 2017

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Bikini Waxing with Hair Removal Products It takes a lot of courage for first-timers to finally decide to book an appointment for a bikini wax at a professional salon. Their main source of information, the Internet, does not help ease the nerves prior to the experience—users of all ages and from all over the world tell awful stories online about bikini waxing sessions gone completely wrong or being overly painful. As a result, there is a lot of misleading information about what this process is and its benefits for the skin.

The waxing world might confuse anyone not familiar with its terms and products—a first-time client probably wouldn't know the difference between hard body waxes and soft body waxes, for example. Estheticians can help by sharing this type of information with their clients before a waxing treatment, especially when treating someone who has never had a waxing done before.

Something as simple and practical as a list of frequently asked questions to give your clients before a bikini waxing appointment—one that you can send via email or review with the client at the time of the appointment—would greatly improve the whole experience. If you're thinking about making your own list, here is a simple guide to use as starting point; these are some basics questions and answers for bikini waxing newbies to think about when they might be too shy to ask:
    1. "How long does the treatment take?"
    On average, a bikini wax does not take more than 15 minutes; it depends on several factors, such as the coarseness of the hair or the pain threshold of the person. A recurring client knows exactly what to expect and what to do, and that makes the procedure much simpler and faster for the esthetician. For first-timers, the treatment might last longer than usual as the professional carefully explains how the procedure goes.

    2. "Should I trim the area before the appointment?"
    No. Trimming might leave the hair too short for waxing. The esthetician will decide during the treatment if a trim is needed before applying the wax. Even if clients might feel a little self-conscious by showing themselves to a stranger au naturel, this is a common and normal step of the process, and nothing to be embarrassed about.

    3. "Do they remove all the hair?"
    The client can choose how much hair she wants removed. There are several types of bikini waxes to choose from that match the client's likes and needs—from a regular bikini wax (only the hair outside the panty line is removed), a French bikini wax (removes all hair except for a small strip in front), the famous Brazilian (almost all hair removed), or a Hollywood bikini wax (all hair gone).

    4. "What kind of clothes should I wear?"
    Estheticians advise to wear light clothing since tight pants or underwear might irritate the skin after the session. The client will be given disposable underwear to use during the procedure if she wishes. Nevertheless, to make a Brazilian or a Hollywood wax easier and quicker, the client cannot be wearing any type of clothing in the area.
Hard Body Waxes Related
    5. "What if I cannot endure the pain?"
    A bikini wax always starts at the least sensitive areas (the bikini line) and work its way in. If the client cannot withstand the pain and decides not to wax further, the esthetician will understand and will leave the area symmetrical and tidy anyway. At first, bikini waxes tend to be painful, especially for those who are not used to this hair removal method. As the client receives more sessions, the pain starts to fade and more hair can be removed.

    6. "How long do I wait until I have to wax again?"
    Waxes can remove hair that is at least a quarter of an inch (1/4 inch) long. The regrowth speed varies depending on the person—while once every six weeks is enough for some, others might need to visit the salon once a month or every three weeks. The client will learn its pace as she waxes more frequently. After a couple sessions, first-time clients will notice a decrease in the amount of hair that grows in the area.

    7. "Can I wax during my period?"
    Yes. Although professional estheticians do not recommend it for a first-time client as it can make the experience more painful than usual.

    8. "Can I go to the beach afterwards?"
    No. Sunbathing or pools neither. The skin around the bikini area is highly sensitive and will need some time to heal, from 24 to 48 hours. Exercise or sexual activity must be avoided as well to prevent the skin from irritation.

    Nervous Clients Hair Removal Products 9. "Can I use creams or lotions afterwards?"
    Not immediately after. The skin needs time to breathe. The esthetician will apply post-care products to ease the pain and soothe the skin. Over that, avoid applying any chemical products for at least 24 hours.

    10. "My skin is very sensitive: can I still wax?"
    Yes. Before the procedure, the technician will interview the client to find out her skin type and health. The professional will decide the best strategy for the treatment . However, if a woman suffers from a severe skin condition, the esthetician will ask for a doctor's note to check if it's safe to wax the area.
Although these facts seem obvious for estheticians, women who try waxing for the first time might have no idea or feel too embarrassed to even ask. If you're a licensed esthetician with your own business, we advise you to have these guidelines somewhere visible in your salon, or to share them online if you are active on social media. Small details such as sharing information are key to building trust with your clients, thus attracting a bigger clientele. Also, a well-prepared client will definitely help you provide a better treatment.

The first impression means everything. If you want your first-time clients to love and commit to regular waxing, inform them about its benefits and make sure they understand each step of the process —communication is essential for good results.

What is also essential for good waxing services are high-quality waxing products. If you're looking for new items to add to your spa, we invite you to check out Beauty Image's hard and soft body waxes, as well as our waxing accessories. We highly recommend estheticians to try our hard waxes—they come with nourishing properties and melt at a low temperature point, perfect for first-time clients!

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