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What Do Professional Waxers Use?

March 22, 2022

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Esthetician Waxing a Woman LegWhen you go to the salon, it's normal to expect the best quality in products and equipment. Estheticians know how to cater to the client's preference, and brands understand the importance of providing variety. As a result, there's no shortage of options when it comes to professional waxes. These professional formulas are meant to increase workability during a wax treatment and enhance all the benefits of traditional wax formulas. We will now explain all the traits that estheticians look for in their products and materials.

About Professional Waxers

There's a reason professional waxes are not for home use. They are meant to complement the skills of a certified esthetician during professional hair removal treatments. As such, there are many exclusive ingredients thrown into the mix to make a wax formula more efficient and closer to a client's preference.

Esthetician Waxing Woman ArmpitTo qualify as a professional waxer, you need a high school diploma and a license as an esthetician or cosmetologist. Being an esthetician, you must always consider the client's well-being since people put their body in your hands in a treatment that demands attention, care, and precision.

Choosing the best wax products and formulas not only represents the best way to start building a reputation in the beauty industry; it is also an essential step to ensure the safety of your clients.

Professional Waxes

Body waxes are classified as soft or hard waxes, and professional waxers need to have both options available in their business. As a general rule, hard waxes are used in small areas where the skin is more sensitive while soft waxes are used to treat large expanses of skin in a time effective manner.

While this is a good starting point when purchasing a new wax formula, keep in mind that each product is different. You just have to read a product's label to see how specifications change from one formula to the next. Soft wax formulas with a low melting point are a prime example of this, since they allow a safe treatment on sensitive areas that are usually reserved to hard waxes.

Beeswax and rosin are usually the core components of wax formulas, along with natural elements enriched with vitamin A, C, and E. In some cases, the natural ingredients in professional waxes grant hypoallergenic properties that perfectly complement the aftercare treatment. Common ingredients in professional waxes include:
  • Argan oil.
  • Cotton oil.
  • Tamanu oil.
  • Lotus flower extract.
  • Jelly extract.
  • Fruit extract (strawberry, cocoa, lemon, etc).
  • Activated charcoal.
  • Chamomile extract.
Professional waxes bring countless benefits for clients and estheticians. Despite the discomfort waxing can cause on first-timers, body waxes are much gentler on the skin than the razor. On top of making the skin softer to the touch, professional waxes result in finer hairs that take longer to grow back depending on a person's waxing regime.

Having a professional waxer take care of unwanted body hairs also gives people the chance to relax and pamper themselves. A professional service won't waste a client's money with uneven results and ingrown hairs, which are common occurrences when using homemade waxes.

Esthetician Applying Pre-waxing PowderBefore moving on to the next section, we need to remind you that waxes are not the only product you'll be using directly on your client's skin. The best body waxes must be helped by pre- and post-wax solutions to soothe the treated area and promote a healthy skin post wax. These products, combined with professional waxes, will enhance the skin's natural glow, provide a velvety texture, ward off sources of infection, and preserve the skin's elasticity against premature aging.

Materials and Accessories

Professional waxes are the first thing estheticians need to get their hands on, but professional wax services include many other essential items. Estheticians must be equipped with a waxing kit where they have everything at hand, including all the tools they'd need during different parts of the treatment.
  • Spatulas: spatulas and applicators are commonly made of wood, but they can also be found in stainless steel or plastic. They are essential to work with all kinds of waxes to help you spread an even layer on the skin and remove all the hairs in one try.

  • Muslim/non-woven strips: Strips are used to remove soft waxes after they've had time to cool on the skin. Standard 3 x 9-inch strips are practical to treat many parts of the body, but epilating strips are also available in other formats. They can be sold in a smaller size or in a roll for the esthetician to cut and customize according to their preference.

  • Wax heaters: Professional wax heaters are equipped with the necessary mechanisms to monitor the wax heating process. You can control the thermostat to the right temperature according to the specifications on the label, and reach the perfect consistency without overheating the wax. They are more reliable than microwaves and traditional heaters, and the best asset to maintain productivity in your workstation.

  • Hard wax pots: Waxing pots are usually made of aluminum to withstand constant exposure to heat. They also have a handle attached to the pot that will help the waxer's work while maneuvering multiple waxing tools.

  • Waxing cart: The best way to keep all the items in your waxing kit without missing anything mid-treatment. Waxing carts are equipped with various compartments so that each tool has a designated location. You can have all your accessories within reach without taking space or blocking people's path. Because of this, a waxing cart also saves you effort while keeping a tidy workstation.
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