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What Are Professional Waxers Called?

May 10, 2023

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Professional Waxing LegsWaxing represents the ideal way to get rid of unwanted body hair. The process is simple enough on the surface, so many people teach themselves how to wax, implementing their own waxing routine with store-bought products and accessories. However, a waxer's expertise makes all the difference when it comes to ensuring long-lasting results. Professional waxers are trained to understand the individual benefits of different wax formulas, and they use their skills to minimize the pain, even in the most delicate parts of the body.

Professional Waxers and Their Role in the Beauty Industry

Professional waxers can be found among the staff at beauty salons, spas, and other esthetic centers. A professional waxer takes care of waxing and similar hair removal services like sugaring. Professional waxers know how to use different types of body waxes, as well as waxing tools like wax heaters, muslin and non-woven strips, applicators, etc.

Professional waxers go through their academic preparation at a cosmetology or esthetician school before being allowed to work in the beauty industry. As explained in an article by Indeed, they can get the necessary certifications after completing a wax technician program.

 Esthetician With AssistantIn most cases, an esthetician's professional experience begins with apprenticeships under licensed professionals who have worked with clients one-on-one for years. From there, waxers can brush up their skills, make friends in the industry, and build a reputation through their services and client interactions.

To fulfill their main role, waxers need to consider different factors and maintain the highest levels of professionalism. They discuss the details of a waxing treatment with the client in advance, taking note of the client's personal preference and inquiring about potential risk factors caused by hormonal problems, ongoing medication, recent injuries, etc.

Their experience also allows them to customize their people skills and work environment, so clients can always feel at ease in a pleasant, welcoming space while the technician gets close and personal to wax the skin.

What Are Professional Waxers Called?

Warming WaxOn its own, the term 'waxer' is already popular in many parts of the U.S., and it's become easier for people to recognize the role of professional waxers as waxing gains traction as an affordable, effective hair removal method.

In most salons and spas, however, the people in charge of these treatments are known as wax technicians or estheticians, and this is also the name they receive as they finish their training and earn the required certifications.

Skincare specialists, though this term also encompasses other skincare-related treatments like acne treatment, therapeutic massages, and other spa services.

Hair removal specialists is also a well-known term in the industry and probably the most accurate way to describe a waxer's role. On the other hand, this term could also refer to other hair removal procedures, like laser hair removal, electrolysis, and threading. It's also less common in casual settings and among salon-goers who are already familiar with hair removal treatments.

Benefits of Trusting Your Professional Waxer

It's not hard to locate more than one hair removal service available in your area, so you don't have to worry about going the extra mile just to get a professional service. Many people fare well with homemade waxes or store-bought wax products, but the expertise of a wax technician will always be the best option to complement your own skincare habits.

Waxed Armpit
  • Professional service: Estheticians know each waxing formula inside and out, so they understand what ingredients suit certain types of skin. Their skills are also the product of years of training, so treatments run smoothly even when dealing with multiple wax products and hard-to-reach areas.

  • Less discomfort and fewer side effects: Thanks to a combination of technique and the right waxing products, professional wax services remove a great deal of the problems people face after trying DIY waxes. Estheticians know how to minimize the pain of ripping off the wax, soothe the burning sensation and prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs.

  • A flexible schedule:Many people don't have the time to perfect their at-home waxing skills before the hairs grow too long for comfort, so they fall back into the razor. Booking an appointment at the salon or spa might seem like too much of a hassle, but it will actually save you a lot of back and forth in your daily routine. You can count on your waxer to do a quick job, and you can easily keep your wax appointments apart from your work schedule.

  • Results that last much longer:While it's relatively easy to wax the hair on your arms and legs on your own, chances are that it will grow much faster than it would after a professional wax service. And when it comes to comparing a waxer's technique to your average shaving results, the difference is like night and day. A certified esthetician ensures long-lasting results with little effort, leaving smooth, velvety skin in most parts of the body. Hairs usually take an average of 3 weeks to grow back, but waxing results can last longer for long-term clients.

  • A pleasant, relaxing experience: Few people see wax sessions as a chore after getting past the initial stages of their waxing regime. In fact, most clients get the perfect opportunity to relax and forget about their real-life responsibilities. From the initial prep to the post-wax treatment, everything is handled by the technician, so people can simply enjoy the process. Many of the products used during these sessions are enriched with natural fragrances and nourishing properties that help along the process, soothing the client's senses and leaving the skin more malleable and ready for the treatment.

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