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Waxing Tips to Body Wax this Winter

December 12, 2018

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Waxing in Winter Woman With Christmas Sox Drinking CoffeeWinter time is coming, and you are thinking you'll finally be able to stop waxing for a while. After all, you'll be all covered up in cozy leggings and sweaters, no need to show off skin. Well, let us tell you that you better book that winter waxing appointment ASAP! Waxing in winter is as important as in the rest of the year to maintain your pain-earned flawless skin. So, read on and get the best tips on how waxing in winter. Plus, get the lowdown on the best hard body waxes for winter waxing.

Tip number 1: Be consistent.
As we just mentioned, your best bet is to keep waxing throughout winter. Why? Because persevering in your routine ensures that the hair follicle will keep weakening, so that your hair really grows back slower, thinner, and sparser every time. Otherwise, if you interrupt your routine, you'll probably be back to square one when you wax again in summer: hair might grow back thicker, and the procedure might be more painful.

Waxing in Winter Woman Moisturizing SkinTip number 2: Moisturize at all times.
Dry and cold weather takes a toll on your skin if you don't stay moisturized. Avoid flaky and dehydrated skin by slathering on a rich body butter a couple hours after your wax. Obviously, you should keep up this routine every day, no matter what. Wintertime is the perfect time to pamper your skin more thoroughly.

Tip number 3: Keep it down with the hot showers.
We know that a hot shower in the winter comforts you, but too much of a good thing is still bad. Hot water strips your skin of its natural oils and moisture; add cold, dry air to the equation and the result is thirsty skin. Make sure the water is lukewarm rather than hot and keep the shower or bath short. As obvious, put on lotion afterward.

Tip number 4: Use your exfoliating mitt.
Keep flaky skin at bay! Exfoliate with a soft mitt at least once a week. A creamy exfoliating scrub is another good option to do away with old skin cells while moisturizing the skin. Remember: if you have already booked your waxing appointment, exfoliate one or two days prior.

Banner Shopping Cart Special Box with 52 Roll-OnsTip number 5: Don't even think of retouching with a razor.
So, you thought you could get away with skipping your appointment at the wax bar just because the razor is at hand? Think again. Shaving will drag back all the progress you made through the months you spent waxing. Not removing hair from the root means that your next waxing will be as painful as your first, and you don't want that, do you?
Waxing in Winter Woman Showing LegsTip number 6: Use warm compresses.
If you can't or won't take warm showers or baths, use a warm compress a couple of hours before your appointment. This will open your pores, preparing them for hair removal. It's also a good excuse to get your body comfy and warm.

Waxing in Winter Woman Shaving The LegsTip number 7: Make sure your hair is long enough before your appointment.
During winter, hair growth might tend to take longer. This is because the pores are more constricted due to the cold weather, which doesn't allow hair to come through the skin as fast as in summer when pores are more open. So, take your time to wax again if you notice that your hair growth is taking longer.

Tip number 8: Take advantage of holiday deals and packages.
Salons and wax rooms often offer holiday deals to keep their clientele coming. Since beauty professionals know that many clients shy away from waxing during the winter, they upsell their waxing services and related skin care products. Look out for the perfect package that suits your needs and hit the salon to keep your skin smooth for the holidays.

The Best Hard Body Waxes for Winter Waxing

This is the time of year when your skin needs the most hydration, so here are a few waxes that will give you amazing results while they keep your skin super moisturized.

Waxing in Winter Glamour Beads Argan Oil And Dark Chocolate Maxi Pearls Argan oil beads: as you might know, argan oil is priced for its deep moisturizing power. It is rich in vitamin E, phenols, carotenes, and fatty acids that repair skin. Glamour Beads are formulated with argan oil, so they leave skin supple, glowy, and moisturized. Glamour has amazing performance and won't break even in cold, dry weather.

Champagne beads: did you know that champagne brightens the skin and acts as a mild exfoliant? You won't only get it in your holiday toasts, but also in your body wax! Try Champagne Fraises beads , which offer a luxurious waxing experience and a delicious fragrance. You'll be ready for the smoothest holidays with this formula that combines champagne and strawberries to leave skin hydrated.

Dark chocolate pearls: chocolate hard wax for the holidays? Yes, please, for the holidays and all through the year! Dark Chocolate Maxi Pearls have all the antioxidant power of dark chocolate, so they leave the skin smooth, protected and bright. Plus, they smell great.

There is no reason to interrupt your waxing schedule during the winter! You will enjoy the benefits of waxing throughout the year, look gorgeous for the holidays and have better waxing results come summer. Remember that flawless waxing all year round calls for high-quality waxes and waxing accessories. That's exactly what Beauty Image offers for beauty professionals: soft or hard body waxes, pre and post-depilatory lotions and accessories that cater to every need. To learn more about our products, call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form below. you can also get up-to-date news about us by subscribing to our newsletter.

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