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Waxing Myths: Can Just Anyone Perform Waxing Services?

June 15, 2018

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Performing a Waxing Service on ArmpitSure, there are great waxing kits in the market, hundreds of waxing and hair removal products of all kinds and for every body part, and maybe thousands of YouTube video tutorials on how to achieve the perfect DIY wax. All this sounds great, but there's a catch: not even all the waxing products in the world and all the detailed tutorials on the web can replace two crucial things that a licensed esthetician has: knowledge and experience.

If you ask a friend to do your waxing or much worse if you attempt to do it by yourself, you might end up with a few undesirable consequences, the mildest of it being an uneven wax, and the worst being burns or lesions on the skin that might need medical care.

If you don't want to risk it —and even if you did—, we recommend professional waxing over any other type and professional grade products over any over-the-counter ones. In this blog post, we will explain exactly why the answer to the title question is a loud and clear NO! Waxing procedures were not meant to be done by just anyone. People study for this stuff for a reason! Let's learn why a licensed esthetician is always your best bet.
  • You Don't Have All the Necessary Equipment.
  • What are the chances that you'll have a trolley to organize and move around your waxing products? What about a comfortable esthetician's bed with a magnifying lens and precision lamp? No? Yeah, we thought so. Estheticians have invested money and time into putting together a place where every piece of equipment for waxing is available and the client will be comfortable. Seemingly small things you "can do without" when you wax at home (like a lamp or a trolley) do make a big difference in the overall experience.
  • You Don't Have All the Products.
  • Yes, there are thousands of hair removal products to choose from. Yes, that's great! But that also means that you might end up choosing one that doesn't really fit your needs, or what's worse, one that disappoints you completely. Estheticians choose the highest-quality products they can to keep their clients safe and satisfied. All the products are chosen with the clients' well-being in mind, so you will seldom have to worry about allergies or adverse reactions. The main advantage of professional products is that they have distinct characteristics when compared to over-the-counter ones. They are the result of constant research and development in the field of skincare, and they often include exquisite ingredients that turn them into a real delight to the skin and the senses, like Beauty Image's Gourmet line. Last but not least, professional products are usually part of a complete waxing and skincare routine to maximize their benefits, and you don't want to miss out on that! When buying your products separately, you might not be able to find the complete routine, or for that matter, get the that one suits you best. To sum up, although you can get some pretty good waxing products in your regular drugstore, professional products are the only ones that guarantee not only impeccable results but also skin benefits.

  • You Might Freak Out at All the Details You'll Need to Keep in Mind.
  • It is definitely not the same to be on a comfortable esthetician's bed, sure that all the equipment is helping to make the esthetician's job easier, more accurate and perfect, than fumbling for the wax and the strips while you get your fingers stuck, you try not to get burned, and attempt to do the perfect motion to rip hair evenly while also keeping the skin taut and using muslin strips correctly… among other details. It's simply too many things to keep in mind at once. Avoid that hassle! If you are a DIY waxing rookie, you will probably be too busy worrying about not getting burned to focus on flawless results. When you attempt to do DIY waxing, especially in delicate areas like the bikini area, you may be missing stages in the waxing process, like prior skin prepping and post-waxing treatment. What about dealing with ingrown hairs? Well, your esthetician knows exactly how to do it, not you. These are just a few examples to make the point that experience is truly irreplaceable. There is no better feeling than laying back and knowing that everything is being taken care of by a professional.
  • You Don't Have Enough Technical Knowledge.
  • We are not trying to downplay all the beauty know-how you have gathered from YouTube tutorials, friend's anecdotes, and dedicated trial and error. We know that beauty is important for you and you take pride in knowing how to take care of most of your beauty rituals. However, you most likely haven't reached the depth of knowledge that estheticians receive during their training. This knowledge translates into better results and the ability to deal with any problem that might arise during the waxing procedure.

    You can be sure that an esthetician has the experience and know-how it takes to treat your skin properly during a waxing procedure. Additionally, when you get professional waxing, you also get quality products like Beauty Image's. Our professional waxes and waxing accessories are available for licensed estheticians all over the US! If you are a licensed esthetician, get in touch with us by calling TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or filling out the contact form on this website. Subscribe to our newsletter to have our beauty blog posts, tips, and maintenance guides for estheticians sent straight to your inbox!

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