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Waxing for Men: A Service You Must Offer at Your Spa

May 05, 2021

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A Man at Waxing Hair Removal in Beauty ParlorLittle had been said about hair removal for men, at least until now. This century has been revolutionary for the waxing industry: new technologies come out at light speed, trends change overnight, and old beauty stereotypes are being broken, such as the misleading belief that men shouldn't wax. Manscaping i.e., hair removal for men is a growing trend, and it's not exclusive to models, athletes, or swimmers. The increasing amount of specialized waxing products for men that come into the beauty market every year proves it.

Because of this popular trend, today it is completely normal and even expected for spas and beauty businesses to offer waxing services not only for women, but also for men. If you haven't included them in your repertoire of services or if you're thinking about doing so, here is a quick guide to understanding the basics of manscaping and how it is different from women's traditional waxing procedures.

Areas That are Waxed

This is, above all, the biggest difference between men and women. When it comes to waxing, women pay more attention to areas such as the armpits, eyebrows, legs, and the bikini area, while men tend to focus on the chest, back, and neck, although eyebrows and armpits can be just as important to them too.

During a wax, each part of the body should be treated according to its needs. For example, waxing the legs is not the same as waxing someone's chest. Hair grows differently depending on the body area, and skin can be more sensitive in some places; consequently, it is essential to learn how to properly treat each part of the body so you can provide a quality service.

Pre- and Post-waxing Care

Essentially, men must follow the same pre-waxing rules as women: hairs need to be at least 1/4 inch long, skin needs exfoliation days before to prevent post-waxing side effects, no exercise or use of moisturizers hours prior to the waxing appointment, etc. It doesn't matter that a man's skin is 25% thicker than that of a woman without proper preparation, waxing can be more uncomfortable and more painful than it is supposed to be.

Since men's skin tends to be more hydrated than women's this is probably because they sweat more and produce more lactic acid they do not suffer from as many post-waxing side effects as females, in theory at least. However, since each body is different, professional estheticians should always interview clients before a waxing service to learn about their skin's condition.
Male Back After a Hair Removal Treatment

The Client

While women are used to talking openly about hair removal procedures, spas, and beauty trends, it's not the same for men generally, they do not talk about waxing with colleagues or friends, and there isn't as much information online about waxing for men as there is for women, meaning that they will get most pre- and post-waxing care recommendations from their estheticians. So, be sure to guide them through the procedure and explain what they should and shouldn't do between sessions.

Waxing Products

As we previously stated, men tend to sweat more than women, sometimes as twice as much. Therefore, they need waxing products that can ensure maximum hair removal even on skin that tends to be sweaty. Products with nourishing properties are just as important, too choose waxes with eucalyptus oil and/or titanium dioxide; these are perfect because they hydrate and regenerate the skin after depilation.

As you can see, incorporating waxing services for men at your spa is not as complicated as it may seem; it comes down to good products and research about what a man's skin needs. If you are looking for quality waxing products for your spa, at Beauty Image we offer different kinds of waxes and post-depilatory products especially made to treat a man's back, underarms, chest, legs, or arms these products protect the skin from pore contamination and other post waxing side effects.

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