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Wax Like a Pro with these Tips and Tricks

January 09, 2018

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Young Woman Waxing with Hair Removal ProductsThe pursuit of smooth, supple skin dates back to ancient Egypt, where people used a beeswax and resin mix and scraps of fabric to remove unwanted hair. Since then, methods and hair removal products have been changing and evolving. Even though waxing remains very popular today, it is a delicate procedure that takes knowledge, skill, and some extra skin care measures. Many people don't know basic before and after waxing care procedures, which can have undesirable consequences like burns, allergies, and dryness. Whether you choose to have a professional waxing session with an esthetician or do it yourself at home, there are some guidelines that you should follow religiously if you want to get the best out of your waxing sessions and treat your skin the right way.

Prepare Before Waxing

It is important to note that the pre-waxing tips we are about to offer you apply to waxing sessions performed in either a salon or the comfort of your own home. However, we highly recommend choosing a licensed esthetician in a professional salon or spa. Experts know exactly how to take care of your skin prior to waxing and what to do in case something goes wrong.

To ensure an easy waxing procedure—one that is as painless as possible—there are some prep tips that you or your esthetician should follow.
  • Take your medical history and current health into consideration before undergoing a waxing procedure. Licensed estheticians must inquire about your medical conditions, the medications you are taking, and the esthetic procedures that you may have had done before the waxing appointment. Clients should always expect an esthetician to use a questionnaire or interviews to obtain this type of information. There are some health factors that call for extra care or discourage waxing altogether, including diabetes and varicose veins, acne medication, dermatological problems like eczema or dermatitis, and prior esthetic procedures like chemical peelings. If you have decided to wax yourself, consult your physician.

  • Wait at least one to two weeks between sessions to allow hair to grow up to 0.25 inches. If the hair is too short, it will be difficult to tear out by the root, which means that pulling it out will be harsher on the skin and not as effective. Also, refrain from shaving! Keep away from the razor in between waxing appointments or you'll ruin the effects of your waxing sessions.

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  • If you're very sensitive, consider taking some painkillers about 20 minutes before the waxing procedure so it won't hurt as much.

  • Use a pre-depilatory product like the ones offered by Beauty Image. Pre-depilatories have antiseptic, soothing, and hydrating ingredients that help remove sweat and lotion residue from the skin to prepare for the waxing procedure. Without this, the skin will be more prone to infection, so it is very important not to skip this step.

  • Hydrate and moisturize your skin on a daily basis—it's not only beneficial to your body leading up to a wax, but also highly beneficial to your overall health. On the day of the waxing session, however, lotion residue will be removed with a pre-depilatory product. You can choose not to apply moisturizer that day, or stick with a light, fast-absorption formula.

Waxing After Care

Now you've pulled through the worst part (get it? Pulled through!), it's time to give your sore skin a soothing treat. After care helps relieve pain and redness and helps make your skin look better.

  • Use a post-depilatory lotion. This will likely be an essential part of a professional esthetician's waxing procedure. If you are planning to wax yourself, invest in a good post-depilatory. This type of lotion removes all wax residue from your skin and cleans and soothes the waxed area with the antiseptic and emollient ingredients.

  • If you have very sensitive skin, use an antibiotic cream such as Neosporin to minimize the risk of infection.

  • Keep the waxed area clean, and avoid heat and friction during the next 24 hours. That means no sunbaths, saunas, beaches, or pools, as they will be too harsh on sensitized skin after waxing. Sunbathing might cause burns that will pigmentate and scar the area you waxed! Saunas will open your pores and expose your skin to heat and possible infectious agents. Salt water and chlorinated water will dehydrate your skin. Your best bet is to stick to these precautions and avoid these things after waxing if you want great skin.

    Pre- and Post- Hair Removal Products
  • A cold compress is a great way to reduce redness and soreness after waxing. Use plain cool to cold water or mix it with cooled rose water or milk (in equal proportions). You can also apply cold gels with soothing ingredients such as cucumber, aloe vera, or an ice pack.

  • Keep in mind that ingrown hairs are a possible consequence of waxing. They happen when layers of dead skin build up and trap hair. When hair can't grow out, it grows back in, resulting in ugly bumps. Ingrown hairs can become a more serious problem, folliculitis. For daily prevention, simply replace your washcloth with an exfoliating cloth, and use it in the shower with your favorite body wash.

With this basic advice, you will get better results and avoid discomfort and further problems. Waxing will be safe, effective, and simple if you take good care of your skin before and after your hair removal procedure. Your skin is worth taking care of —especially when waxing.

Beauty Image offers the best pre-depilatory and post-depilatory care, as well as the finest waxes and waxing accessories. If you have a beauty salon, you'll find something perfect for your clients in our wide array or luxurious beauty products. Call us toll-free at 1-888-513-8815 or send us your questions through the contact form on this page. If you wish to have our beauty blog posts, tips, and maintenance guides for estheticians sent straight to your inbox, subscribe to our newsletter.
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