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Wax Like a Pro with these Tips and Tricks

November 10, 2015

pre-depilatory The pursuit of smooth, supple skin dates to the times of ancient Egypt, where people used a mix of beeswax and scraps of fabric to remove unwanted hair. The Egyptians believed that by doing so, it made their appearance seem youthful and beautiful.

Since then, there have been a lot of advances in waxing methods and the products used for it. Still, many don't know the basics of before and after care to get the best out of their waxing sessions and treating their skin the right way for waxing.

Prepare Before Waxing

To ensure an easy waxing – and as painless as it can be – you need to prep your skin the right way before waxing. We've listed some great tips to get you ready for your next waxing appointment:

-Wait at least 1 to 2 weeks between every session so the hair can grow up to ¼ inch. Waxing will be painful and not as effective if you haven't waited long enough!

-Avoid drinking alcohol at least 12 hours before your appointment. Alcohol tightens your pores and consequently, the hair will be harder to pull and your pores will be prone to tearing.

-If you're very sensitive, consider taking some painkillers about 20 minutes before waxing so the process won't hurt as much.

-Also, refrain from shaving! If you shave between waxing services, it will reverse the benefits of waxing, including removing hair from the root and having silky smooth skin.

-It's also a good idea to use a Pre-Depilatory Antiseptic Lotion to remove cream and sweat remains, leaving the skin clean to avoid any type of problem with infected pores afterwards.

-Hydrate and moisturize your skin before and between waxing sessions. Be sure to drink water and apply moisturizer on a daily basis – it's not only beneficial to your body leading up to a wax, but highly beneficial to your overall health.

-Start small. When waxing your legs —for example— go for a little section and work your way up. Putting wax on a large area of skin will make it dry and hard, plus it won't remove hair from the root.

Waxing After Care

Now you've pulled through the worst part (get it? Pulled through) and it's time to give your sore skin a soothing treat. After care not only helps pain and redness relief, but will also help your skin look better and make your next waxing even better!

-To relieve some pain and tend to your skin, use an aloe or Neosporin cream (or gel) immediately afterwards to calm any redness or irritation.

-Keep the waxed area clean, and avoid heat and friction during the next 24 hours. Your skin could get damaged from it. That means no sunbaths or workouts!

-Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools.

-A cold compress or ice is also a great way to reduce redness and soreness.

-After waxing, dead skin layers can build up and trap hairs. When these trapped hairs can't grow out, they grow back in, resulting in ugly bumps, which can be the early sign of ingrown hairs.
For daily prevention, simply replace your washcloth with an exfoliating cloth and use in the shower with your favorite body wash.

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