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Unexpected Body Areas Where You Can Use Hard Body Waxes

May 24, 2017

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Hard body waxes magnifying glass We tend to forget that almost our entire body is covered with hair; we have around five million hair follicles, from our head to our toes, and in areas where some women wouldn't even think possible, like the ears, the back, or the stomach. Most of it is barely noticeable, but there are women and men who, for genetic reasons or hormonal disorders, deal with unusually hairy body parts. Even though there is nothing wrong with having some extra body hair, some women prefer to turn to treatments like hard body waxes to remove it and have a smooth skin.

Humans are hairy by nature; it's within our genetics. However, some women suffer from hairiness due to health conditions like hirsutism—which affects 5% to 15% of women from different cultures around the world—or high levels of male hormones (androgens). Professional waxing is one of the solutions women have done to periodically remove the hair they don't want on their bodies. This is not only restricted to women though, some men with excessive hair on their legs, chest, or back also turn to waxing to get rid of it whether for esthetic, health, or comfort reasons.

If you are a licensed esthetician and you own a beauty business or a waxing salon, there is no reason why you shouldn't include treatments to remove hair in unusual or unexpected areas. If you haven't performed a service on these areas before, here are some guidelines and advice you can start with to prepare.
  • Back
  • Professional salons offer full back waxing—from the bottom of the neck to the waist line—or lower back waxing—from the midback to the waistline—for women who desire to remove the fuzz in this area. Given that the back is a large part of the body, strip wax or soft wax is a good option. You can still switch to hard wax for the sensitive areas. Specialists recommend waxing the line of hair that grows along the spinal column first and then work on the sides.

    Hard body waxes feet and toes
  • Toes
  • Hairy feet and toes are more common than you think, both in men and women. With summer approaching, you will probably receive a great deal of clients who want to get rid of the hair on their feet. However, since there is no point in offering a service just to wax the toes, you can follow the same protocol most estheticians do: include feet and toes as part of a leg or half-leg waxing treatment. Hard body waxes work great in this area. They are used without muslin strips; just apply the wax against the hair growth and pull it out in the opposite direction. It is a gentle yet strong treatment to remove hair in sensitive and non-flat areas like the toes or the arch of the feet.

  • Nipples
  • 30% of women have hair on their nipples; it's a matter not very often discussed but actually quite normal, and no one should feel ashamed about it. However, if a client comes to your salon asking if is possible to remove the hair in this area, there is no reason to refuse them as long as there aren't any medical contraindications. Professional estheticians advise to apply the wax around the nipple—edge of the areola—and never over the whole nipple. Use tweezers if there is any hair left behind instead of re-applying wax. Also, you can apply oil over the area before to make the process smoother.

    As for men, chest hair removal is one of the principal reasons why they turn to professional waxing—nipple waxing should always be included. As to what type of wax to use for this treatment, there are several techniques you could perform, like using soft wax on the sides and hard wax for the sensitive areas like the nipples.
  • Chin and cheeks
  • For men, facial hair like beards are a choice, but women do not have such leverage. Fuzz-free and smooth skin that actresses and celebrities have in movies, magazines, or TV shows has established a standard in the beauty precepts for women. There are also women who tend to have excessive hair on their face for the medical reasons we named above. It's normal for women these days to turn to professionals to remove the hair in their chin, cheeks, and upper-lip. In a recent post, we explained step-by-step how to wax these three areas, but basically, hard waxes or sugaring are the ones that best prevent hair from re-growing in different directions and to minimize pain, given that the face tends to be extra sensitive.

  • Stomach
  • There are women who feel embarrassed by their belly hair, especially the line some people have from the belly button to the pubic area that is popularly known as the "happy trail" or "snail trail." For those who feel that the hair there is too thick, black, and/or noticeable, waxing can solve their problem. This is another sensitive area of the body, so stick with hard body waxes.
Some of these treatments won't work as efficiently when using something other than hard body waxes; the characteristics of this wax are perfect to treat sensitive areas like toes, cheeks, or nipples. Hard wax does not stick to the skin when applied, therefore it won't remove layers of dead skin cells when pulled off.

Nowadays, women are becoming more comfortable with their natural body hair, but they are also realizing they can do what they please with their bodies and they can wax what they want. It is also becoming more acceptable for men to wax their bodies without feeling embarrassed. The point is that the beauty market has never been more diverse. Therefore, estheticians must offer a wide-array of services that fulfill the vast market's needs.

If you're looking for hard body waxes for your spa or beauty business, we have just what you need. At Beauty Image, we offer the best hard body waxes; they melt at a low-temperature and come with nourishing properties to pamper your clients' skin. To find out more about them, call us at TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill in the contact form on this website, we'll be happy to answer all your questions. Don't forget to find us on Facebook at Beauty Image USA and follow us on Twitter @BeautyImageUSA and Instagram @Beautyimageusa.
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