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Threading Vs. Waxing

December 06, 2018

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Threading Versus Waxing Comparing Two Eyebrows Grooming OptionWe all want perfect brows, so we are always looking for new ways to groom them. There are many methods available: tweezing, waxing, threading, microblading, shaving… not to mention a myriad of hair removal products and brow products to achieve flawless results. According to the type of brows and skin, your routine, hair growth rate, and budget, you can make the right brow grooming choice. This time we are going to be comparing two eyebrow grooming options: threading vs. waxing. Which one is better? Read on and make your own conclusions.


Threading is an ancient hair removal method that originated in India and the Middle East. It consists of "lassoing" hair out from the root with a cotton thread that you roll skillfully over unwanted hair. A strand of doubled up cotton thread is taken between the fingers and twisted a few times so that the thread swirls pull the hair from the root.

Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

Here are the best benefits of this ancient technique:

Threading Versus Waxing Woman Eyebrows Waxing• There are no chemicals involved: the colorants, fragrances, and resins that make up depilatory waxes are not needed at all. Only cotton thread comes into contact with the skin, which diminishes the risk of allergic reactions.

• Threading doesn't lift or over-exfoliate skin.

• It pulls hair from the root, so the results last for a few weeks before the brow grows in again.

• It requires virtually no supplies, so the salon owner can save on costs. The cotton thread is enough. A prep lotion and a refreshing gel can also be used to clean the area and protect it before and after the procedure.

• You can find equipment to do your own threading. You can get one of those and save money on salon appointments in the long run.

• Threading leaves a much more natural aspect on eyebrows. You can take advantage of this now that brow trends favor bold, full and natural shapes.

• Threading is ideal for bushy, rebellious brows since it can work on an entire row of hair, which allows faster and cleaner shaping.

• Hair can grow back finer with time as you do more threading.

• Very sensitive clients can find threading more tolerable than other methods like waxing or tweezing since there is no heat or stinging involved.
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Everyone knows waxing: it is one of the most popular hair removal methods. waxing is easy, quick, and has great results. It consists in spreading a thin layer of wax onto the skin (with the help of a precision brow spatula) and then ripping hair off. You can use muslin strips (for soft wax) or no strips (for hard wax); both are suitable for hair removal on different body parts. With waxing, eyebrows look perfectly shaped and groomed.

Benefits of Eyebrow Waxing

• It is quick since all the process is done in a few minutes. One swipe of wax and one pull are enough to get clean, shaped brows.

Threading Versus Waxing Woman With Eyebrow Waxed • As you know, waxing removes hair from the root, so it lasts for a few weeks before you have to retouch.

• You can buy your own equipment to wax your brows at home. The supplies will also last for a while, which will make each procedure quite cheap. You will be saving money on trips to the wax room! However, we always recommend allowing the pros to do their job to avoid brow waxing mishaps.

• People with any kind of brow shape can clean and reshape their brows with the help of an experienced wax brow technician.

• As with other types of waxing, brow waxing will eventually cause your hair to grow back finer and sparser.

• Waxing does not involve complicated techniques; it is very easy to do.

Disadvantages of Threading

• Very sensitive people might not like the pull sensation when the thread is run on the skin. It might feel like pinching, so it adds a sting to the process. This hardly ever happens, and it might mean that your esthetician is not experienced enough at this technique.

• Again, if the technician is not experienced, they might end up cutting hair instead of pulling it at the root, which will cause it to grow back in a lot earlier.

• Since threading can catch and pull out several hairs at a time, it can be painful for some people.

• Pro threading is sometimes more expensive than waxing and a truly experienced esthetician might be hard to find.
Threading Versus Waxing Woman in Waxing Spa Wax Strip in Eyebrow

Disadvantages of Waxing

• Waxing poses the risk of burns, rips or over-exfoliation of the skin. Refrain from it if you are on acne medication, have overly sensitive skin, or have been exposed to the sun before getting waxed. Waxing mishaps are also more possible if you don't go with an experienced esthetician.

• Some people can be allergic to the resins used in depilatory waxes, their fragrances or coloring.

• Waxing mishaps can make it harder for your brows to grow back.

• Some people cannot tolerate the pulling of the wax strip or the temperature of the wax.

The Final Verdict: Which One Wins the Threading vs Waxing Fight?

The ultimate winner is up to you! Both hair removal methods are wonderful for clean, shapely eyebrows. Just make sure you get them done in a professional wax bar by a licensed professional with plenty of experience. If you are attempting to thread or wax at home, get help from a more experienced friend and test on another body part before you even touch your brows. Remember to conduct an allergy test prior to waxing and trying threading in a different body part. You will be completely sure of the step you're taking, so you will get flawless brows!

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