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The Ultimate Guide to Bikini Wax Styles

December 21, 2017

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Woman with Black PantiesPubic hair removal has become an indispensable part of most women's beauty rituals. Throughout history, pubic hair removal trends have swung between the two ends of the spectrum: keeping a natural bush or getting rid of all hair down there. Doesn't it seem odd that ancient Egyptian and Middle Eastern women went completely hairless, but hip girls from the 1960s and 1970s sometimes remained au naturel? This is because the values and fads that decide how much pubic hair is removed and what methods are used to do it are constantly changing.

In the last few years, pubic hair trends have changed several times, sometimes favoring a fuller bush. However, the truth remains that most women nowadays prefer to get rid of pubic hair, and an increasing number of women are choosing to wax to get the job done. Bikini waxing focuses on one of the most delicate areas of the body, so it needs to be done by licensed estheticians and with high-quality Tag.Link.Page.softwaxes.

Bikini waxing started around the time the bikini was invented (circa 1946). As the years went by and garments got shorter, it has become a priority to groom the pubic area to be able to gracefully sport new bikini styles. But women do not only wax their intimate area for the sake of fashion, they have other reasons:
  • Having less hair in the pubic area is hygienic. It helps to keep the area dry and clean.
  • Hair takes longer to grow back when you wax, allowing you to feel smooth for longer. Since hair is pulled out at the root when waxing, it does not grow back in a couple of days, as it usually does with shaving.
  • The more bikini waxes you get, the easier they become. This is because the hair follicle weakens, causing hair to grow thinner.
  • There are a variety of methods and styles to choose from to cater to each woman's needs.
Now that you know that bikini waxing has many advantages, are you ready to go for it?

Bikini Wax Styles

Once you decide to try bikini waxing, the next step is to understand the ins and outs of each style. Bikini waxes are often classified by the amount of hair that is removed from your intimate area (or by the amount of hair that's left). In general, the names of the procedures can change depending on the salon or spa offering the service, but they will stay within the boundaries of three basic types of bikini waxing: Touch-up (American or standard bikini waxing), French, and Brazilian.

Touch-up (American): this waxing style only removes hair that could show through a bikini: hair on the upper part of the thigh and below the belly button. All the remaining hair is trimmed clean. The amount of hair removed depends on the type of bikini you're going to wear. This style is probably the best way to go for women who are planning to have their first bikini wax and want to keep things clean and trim, but are not worried about complete intimate hair removal. This technique is considerably less painful, which is a big advantage. Women who are extremely sensitive or whose doctors recommend that they avoid waxing this area should choose this treatment.

French: During a French bikini wax, more hair will be removed than during a touch-up bikini wax. This means that all hair on the upper thighs, the sides of the labia, and on the front of your intimate area will be removed, except for a thin vertical strip of hair left on the front. This line is usually called a landing strip. You can get different shapes if you prefer. However, your esthetician won't remove hair from the middle or the back (between your buttocks) during this procedure.

Brazilian: the famous Brazilian bikini wax was brought to the United States by the J sisters, seven Brazilian sisters whose names all started with the letter J: Jocely, Jonice, Janea, Joyce, Jussara, Juracy, and Judseia. On a beach back home in Brazil, one of the J sisters saw a woman in a thong with an ungroomed bikini line and decided that it would be revolutionary to fully wax that area to avoid an unkempt look. When the J sisters moved to the U.S., they started offering this service in their salon in Midtown Manhattan. However, it took some time (around a decade) for women to progressively ease into this procedure, since many of them viewed it as taboo or didn't dare give it a try. Nowadays, it is the most popular waxing style, partly thanks to the influence of the media. Several TV shows such as Sex in the City, and Hollywood stars like Eva Longoria have spoken about the experience and glorified it.Bikini Wax Styles with Soft Body WaxesDuring a Brazilian bikini wax, all hair is removed from the upper thigh to below the belly button and everything in between. the upper thigh, below the belly button, across the entire intimate area, and all the way through the backside. This is not the style to choose if it's your first intimate waxing experience! People who are not used to waxing at all might find it difficult to endure the pain or discomfort. Just like with French waxing, the shape of the hair that is left is up to the client. Some women prefer not to leave any hair at all. In some salons, this style is called Hollywood. Other estheticians call this the Full Brazilian.

Bikini Wax Shapes

When we talk about shapes, we are referring to the hair that is not removed. Your esthetician can create some basic and popular shapes, or more unusual ones according to your preferences. A skilled esthetician can go bolder and create these unusual shapes to "decorate" your intimate area.

The most usual shapes are the following:
  • The Landing Strip: this is common in the French style. It's a thin, rectangular strip of hair in the front.

  • The Bermuda Triangle: this is a wide triangle that covers the front of the mons pubis.

  • The Desert Island: this is a small triangle of hair on the upper part of the pubic bone. It looks like it is floating, so it covers less than the Bermuda triangle.

  • The Heart (or any other "unusual" shape): this takes skill from the esthetician and attitude from the woman who is planning to sport it. Some estheticians might discourage you from getting fancy shapes if you are prone to developing ingrown hairs. Creating a shape sometimes means that the esthetician has to wax in the opposite direction of your hair growth, which can cause ingrown hairs.
Bikini Wax Shapes with Soft Body Waxes

Best Waxes for Intimate Waxing Procedures

The best waxes depend a lot on the esthetician and the hair that the client wants to get rid of. Soft waxes are usually gentler on the skin and more manageable when trying to reach difficult spots, which is likely to happen in intimate waxing. However, other estheticians might consider that hard wax is more practical. This is mostly true of touch-up waxing along the upper part of the thigh. The quality of the soft body waxes your esthetician uses is fundamental to ensure that your bikini waxing procedure will go smoothly! Read this related post that explains everything you need to know about hard and soft body waxes for bikini waxing.

Intimate waxing can be a good experience with Beauty Image's soft body waxes. If you're a licensed esthetician, pamper your clients with top-quality waxes! Call us toll-free at 1-888-513-8815 or send us your questions through the contact form on this page. If you wish to have our beauty blog posts, tips, and maintenance guides for estheticians sent straight to your inbox, subscribe to our newsletter. Also, don't forget to find us on Facebook as Beauty Image USA, and follow us on Twitter @BeautyImageUSA, and Instagram @beautyimageusa.
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