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The Best Wax for Men

December 19, 2018

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The Best Wax For Men Male With Body WaxedDo you think waxing is only for women? Well, that's not true. More and more men are choosing to wax as their preferred hair removal method. Razors cause hair to grow back in very quickly, epilation seems complicated and laser is expensive, so a growing number of men have switched to waxing to get longer-lasting results. Male waxing already has a special place in wax bars and spas, where guys can choose from a long list of grooming services.

When it comes to waxing products, boys also get special treatment. Specialized companies have created For Men waxing lines that adapt to the particular needs of male waxing. Are you ready to learn everything about male waxing? Then read on to get insight on the most requested procedures, the best recommendations for male waxing and the best wax for the boys.

Male Waxing: The Essentials

Who Is Having Male Waxing Done

Male waxing is no longer limited to bodybuilders and models who want to flaunt their toned bodies. Regular men now see waxing as a more practical way to stay fuzz-free for longer since they want to minimize their dependency on razors. Guys who wax also claim that they feel cleaner and fresher, especially when exercising. Less hair means less mess when sweating and wearing sports gear. Even everyday clothes look and feel better and ultimately guys who wax also claim to feel sexier.

How Male Waxing Is Done

When it comes to the method, waxing men does not have considerable differences to waxing women. The same method is used for either: soft or hard wax is applied in the direction of hair growth and pulled out in the opposite direction. Since men's hair tends to be longer, some trimming might be necessary before the procedure. Also, skin needs to be prepped before and after the procedure with special pre- and post-depilatory lotions to clean, protect and moisturize the area.
Banner Shopping Cart Special Box with 52 Roll-OnsMen should keep in mind that the contraindications of waxing are the same for everyone: they should refrain from it if they are on acne medication, have had sun exposure or hot baths prior to the procedure. You can read more about these details here.
The Best Wax For Men Male Using Razor on Arm

Precautions after Male Waxing

Men who just got waxed need to follow the same care tips as anyone else. No gym, exercise or physical activities that may cause sweating or chafing for at least 24 hours after the procedure. When it comes to the aftercare for intimate waxing no intercourse is also recommended. Applying an antiseptic lotion can be very helpful to avoid risk of infection or ingrown hairs. However, keep in mind that you are probably going to have to deal with at least some degree of irritation, or even get red bumps. These reactions should subside soon. If they don't, it's a good idea to consult a doctor.

What Estheticians Think about Male Waxing

Estheticians often think that male waxing is a bit more complicated since it takes more time and more material. This is normal because males have thicker and denser hair in larger areas. The genital area can be challenging at the beginning as well, and less experienced estheticians are often nervous about getting the technique right on such a sensitive body part. However, a little experience goes a long way. For this reason, clients should always be warned: not every man can DIY wax at home. It is almost mandatory to have any male waxing procedure done with a licensed professional.
The Best Wax for Men Hair Removal Products Waxing Men's ChestWhen asking pro waxers about male waxing, they claim there are no differences between men and women. How people react to waxing is not based on their gender, but on other personal characteristics such as the pain threshold, how much hair they have, how often they have waxed, and whether they follow regular skin care.

Estheticians don't really know off the bat which clients are going to become regulars. Some of them come in to try waxing and never come back. Others like the results and keep returning. The important thing for estheticians is to provide optimal service to ensure that clients feel comfortable, confident and treated well.

Most Popular Male Waxing Services

Estheticians refer that genital waxing is by far the most sought-after waxing service for males. Male Brazilian is just like the regular Brazilian, all the hair in the nether regions goes! Different wax bars have different names for the service: The Brozilian, Manzilian, Guyzilian or BSC (Back, Sack and Crack) However, it's the same thing in the end. Men also request for other waxing procedures, like back, chest, brows, and arms. Ears and nose are also on the list.

The Best Wax For Men Wax Can and Post-Depilatory

The Best Wax for Men

High-quality depilatory waxes work perfectly on everyone, and many salons use the same formulas on men or women. However, specialized formulas for men have characteristics that make them ideal for male waxing. For instance, waxes that include eucalyptus oil and titanium dioxide have antiseptic, refreshing, and hydrating properties. These components open the pore to facilitate waxing (since men's hair is coarser than women's, so it can be harder to remove), and protect the skin from the possibility of infection at the same time.

The antiseptic effect of eucalyptus preserves the pore from contamination and titanium dioxide keeps the skin even sweaty skin fresh and ready for the waxing procedure. Waxes for men are perfect for back, arms, chest, legs, armpits, and the intimate area. Male waxing is a lot better when the wax used is designed especially for gentlemen .

Male Waxing is Better with Waxes for Men

We hope you have learned more about male waxing and now feel ready to take the jump! Clients, don't be afraid of trying waxing. You'll feel and look great! Estheticians, you should pamper your male clients with special waxing lines for men. Beauty Image USA has just what you need: specialized waxes and post-depilatory lotions for flawless male waxing. Just call us at TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form below to get in touch with us and have all the information you need about our products. You are also invited to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news from Beauty Image USA right in your inbox.

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