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The Best Professional Hard Waxes

June 08, 2020

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Best Professional Hard WaxesA respectable business in the beauty industry needs to provide the widest variety of quality hard waxes to satisfy the specific needs of all clients. Hardbody waxes are special because they give more room to maneuver in difficult areas while keeping the clients comfortable while the esthetician works on the most sensitive parts of their bodies. As one of the top suppliers of wax products in the country, Beauty Image USA offers a unique collection of Hard Body Waxes and accessories to exceed all expectations and cement your esthetic center.

Melted Hard Wax Beads

All About Hard Body Waxes

What makes hard body waxes stand out? When we think about wax products, soft body waxes might be easier to picture in our minds because of their availability and the chance to treat large portions of skin where unwanted hairs are particularly dense. Hard waxes are more exclusive in comparison and involve a series of details that make them ideal for treating the bikini line, the underarms, and different parts of the face. For one, hard body waxes melt at a low temperature, reducing discomfort and saving much of the time that goes into reaching the perfect consistency. They touch the skin at a lukewarm temperature and stick solely to the hairs. While soft waxes are known for employing a strip to remove the wax after applying with a spatula, hard waxes don't crack when they harden and can be removed directly by pulling on the wax itself with the hand. Clients love hard waxes because they spare the skin from a lot of pain during removal and reduce the risks or irritation while keeping a texture that's pleasant to the touch.

Sweet Dreams Hard Wax

The Finest Line of Hard Body Waxes

Beauty Image's signature line wax products are the surest way to guarantee all the advantages that make hard body waxes such a convenient choice. With a growing array of exclusive hard body wax products, there's something for all tastes.

Whether your client wants to pamper the skin with a five-star spa service or provide extra protection for sensitive areas, each of our hard body waxes guarantees the best results. Here's all you must know about our line of hard waxes:

Classic Hard Wax: Available in two varieties (Natural and Green Pine), our classical line of hard waxes are enriched with moisturizing properties and a high grade of purity. They are very effective to work on coarse hair, and, in the case of the For Men line, provide an antiseptic effect that helps to prevent any contamination of the skin. The beads beeswax simplify workability thanks to a malleable nature that's become a signature part of this line.

Finewax with Cotton Oil: The properties of cotton oil moisturize the skin through a gentle treatment that befits all skin types and is particularly beneficial for sensitive areas. Available in can and beads format, the Finewax Cerapiel has a low melting point and ensures gentle removal after being applied in very thin layers to avoid product waste.

Depilense Ayurveda Beads: The unique composition of this formula provides deep hydration while reducing the strain of the skin while pulling. Not only will the skin take a revitalized appearance but its light fragrance will stay with your clients for hours after the wax treatment.

Glamour Hard Wax: A combination of Finewax with the best ingredients of the Glamour Line. This luxury hard wax combines the properties of argan oil, vitamins, and exquisite nacré pigments that make the skin glow while restoring its velvety texture after application.
Related Post About Hard Wax BeadsSweet Dreams Hard Waxes: As the name suggests, this line provides a pleasant waxing experience and a delightfully creamy texture that all skin types will appreciate. These hard waxes are available in three varieties, Lollypop, Blue Jelly, and Marshmallow, so your clients can enjoy the sweetest fragrances while the flexibility of the wax increases workability during the treatment.

Gourmet Hard Waxes: The Champagne Fraises hard wax beads are the start of this exclusive line specifically created to enhance the clients' pleasure during the wax treatment. Infused with strawberries and champagne, this hard body wax guarantees a luxurious experience while protecting the skin with its antioxidant, astringent, anti-inflammatory, and clarifying properties.

Hard Wax Chocotherapy: Enriched with Theobroma cacao, almond oil, and dark chocolate, the Dark Chocolate Maxipearls in the Chocotherapy line moisturize the skin while spreading a gentle exfoliating effect that your clients will enjoy. This hard wax maximizes workability and the antioxidant properties of dark chocolate add an extra layer of protection that will prevent irritation for clients with sensitive skin.

Hard Wax Beads ApplicationHard Wax Madagascar: Madagascar's Vegan Maxipearls ensure a safe, efficient process while combining the protective properties of Tamanu Oil and Palm Oil. With a low melting formula and a flexible consistence this eco-friendly hard wax will bring out your client's skin tone while swiftly removing all unwanted hairs.

On top of combining the most exclusive natural ingredients in the best hard wax products, Beauty Image USA also employs the most durable materials to develop professional waxing appliances and accessories that will ensure a smooth session while preserving the safety of your clients during the waxing treatment.

You don't need to jump between suppliers to get all the different products you need to properly stock your salon with the best hard body wax products. Call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form to learn more about our products and how to acquire them for your business. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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