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The Best Hair Removal Products and Tools to Remove Facial Hair

March 20, 2019

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Hair Removal Products Hard Waxes Presentation on Waxing TableFacial hair removal is necessary for flawless skin, but being such a vulnerable area, it needs special treatment. When your client asks for any waxing procedure on the face (like the popular eyebrow or upper lip waxing or the least known nose and ear waxing), you need to come through with high-quality waxes and precise technique.

When it comes to facial waxing, you need to be as gentle, precise, and careful as possible; your clients don't want to sport the results of waxing gone wrong on such a noticeable area. And as well as that, you should complement great technique with great products. Do you want to know the hair removal products and tools that will make your clients happy? Read more and learn everything about them.

Why Wax Facial Hair

There are many reasons why clients will come to you for facial waxing:
  • Women – mostly – want their skin to look perfectly smooth. Smooth skin looks clear, youthful, and bright, which is perfect both for women who prefer to go natural or those who want a flawless canvas for makeup.

  • Some clients struggle with excessive or unusual facial hair. chin hair, nose hair, or peach fuzz that is more noticeable than normal are issues that clients want to get rid of.

  • Waxing is more effective than shaving, especially for people with lots of hair growth.

  • Waxing also beats bleaching. Bleached facial hair doesn't look good at all! The fact that it goes lighter doesn't mean that it goes away. It can also look awkward on tan skin tones.

  • As compared to epilation, waxing is less painful.

  • Clients don't want to risk ruining their face! DIY waxing gone wrong can leave scars, hyperpigmented spots, burns, or horrible eyebrow shapes that will be hard to regrow and reshape.

  • Professionals have the knowledge to deliver precise waxing in small areas, which is not as easily done at home.
As you can see, face waxing is popular with lots of people for good reasons. It's a lot better than shaving, cheaper than laser, less painful than epilation, and all-round more effective.
Hair Removal Products Hard Wax Dark Chocolate Presentation

Best Hair Removal Products

Facial waxing as a great option for our clients, but it's not complete without outstanding products. Not any wax will do; facial waxing requires top quality. Here is our pick for the best hair removal products.

Hard Wax Beads
Or disks, or pellets. Hard wax is the top recommendation for facial waxing simply because it is easier to manage, more effective, and cleaner on smaller areas. Its precise application provides precise waxing, and with the proper techniques, hard wax bears wonderful results.

Another great advantage of hard wax for facial waxing is that there is no need for strips and no residue left behind. For optimal results, apply the wax in a thin layer with a small spatula and leave a lip at the end to make grabbing and pulling the wax easier. Don't forget cleaning and prepping the area before and after waxing with emollient pre- and post-depilatory lotions.

The best hard wax beads for facial waxing should have soft and natural ingredients. Think of cotton oil (with deep moisturizing properties), and dark chocolate (with emollient and antioxidant properties). Your clients will love them!
Hair Removal Products Woman with Perfect EyebrowsWax Strips
Make sure you always have these cold wax strips available at your salon! They will prove to be very helpful in any case where hard wax cannot be used. Strips are applied at a barely warm temperature, so they cause minimal discomfort, and they are practical since they only need to be cut to the proper size and shape.

 Hair Removal Products Aloe Vera Facial Strips PresentationApplying wax strips only takes three steps: warming the strips between the palms, applying to desired area with even pressure, and ripping against the direction of hair growth.

Good wax strips always contain aloe vera, a well-known skin protectant, and come with soothing post-depilatory wipes, all in one pack. In case your clients ever ask how to do their own facial waxing, make sure you recommend these wonderful strips.

Best Hair Removal Tools

Myriads of hair removal tools flood the market: epilators, home laser units, facial trimmers and shavers, razors… but if you ask us, we recommend keeping it simple. For great facial hair removal, you only need the high-quality waxes and wax strips we mentioned before and a good pair of tweezers. That's really enough! Tweezers are just for plucking unwanted strays that might be left behind after waxing. Some people regularly tweeze their eyebrows rather than waxing them, but this is more painful (one hair at a time gives you repeated stings, which becomes more uncomfortable as the process wears on), and much more time-consuming.

Other options like threading are also getting popular, whereas laser and epilation are effective but not widely recommended for facial hair. For instance, it is not advisable to get eyebrow laser because of how close this area is to your eyes. Epilators can be expensive. Bottom line, simple is good when it comes to facial hair removal.

Encourage your clients to try facial waxing, tell them it's the best option among all, and offer them great service to prove your point. Facial waxing won't hurt the skin, presents minimum risks, has durable effects (4 to 6 weeks) and it's quick and easy. But it should always be done by the pros.
Banner Shopping Cart Special Box with 52 Roll-OnsIf you follow our advice, clients will love your service and facial waxing will become one of the most popular services in your salon. Take it from us, the experts! Call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form to get in touch with us and get familiar with our hair removal products. Don't forget that you can subscribe to our newsletter for news about waxing care.

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