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Strawberry Wax, Choco Wax and Natural Honey Wax 3 Deliciously Scented Waxes Everyone Must Try

November 21, 2019

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Strawberry Wax, Choco Wax, Natural Honey WaxA long time ago, depilatory waxes stopped coming in boring colors and scents. Nowadays you can choose among a wide range of waxes. You'll find from flashy colors to pearly textures, and all kinds of wax: soft, hard wax beads, or roll-ons.

One of the most popular types of scents and beneficial ingredients come from naturally fragrant and delicious ingredients, such as fruits, chocolate, and honey. These can provide smooth waxing results, nourish your skin, and delight your senses thanks to their luscious fragrance. Let's learn about three tasty options your skin will love: strawberry wax, choco wax, and natural honey wax.

Why You'll Love Scented Wax

Most waxes in the market now contain a variety of innovative ingredients based on edible ingredients that make them so irresistible that you'll wonder why you didn't use them before.

The beneficial ingredients on scented waxes are often suited to different skin types and have specific effects. Keeping this in mind, you must select your wax considering the ingredients as well as the degree of sensitivity of your skin.

Scented waxes are a wonderful alternative to traditional waxes with beeswax, which are on top of it all, almost discontinued. They contain a rosin base that adds adherence to the formula. Also, they contain antioxidants and titanium dioxide for a creamier consistency and an extra skin brightening effect. The star ingredients add great benefits such as antiseptic, brightening, nourishing, soothing, and moisturizing properties, apart from delicious scents and appealing colors.

Thanks to the more modern formula, professional waxes perform great, whether they are soft waxes or hard wax beads. They both have a creamier texture and are more elastic and malleable, which lends them a much easier application. Here are three of Beauty Image's sweetest favorites: strawberry, chocolate, and honey.

Strawberry Wax

1. Strawberry Wax

Strawberry does more than pleasing our palates; it also pampers the skin. Strawberry is enriched with alpha-hydroxy acid this ingredient does wonders to rejuvenate the skin. It also contains Vitamin C, which helps handle oily skin and has skin-lightening properties. Since strawberry wax is non-sticky, it can remove even the tiniest of hairs. Last but not least, strawberry wax doesn't cause an after-wax rash as it spreads and melts with ease, due to its fine consistency and anti-inflammatory properties.

At Beauty Image, we have the Champagne Fraises line, a luxurious version of strawberry wax that features another coveted ingredient: champagne, which is a natural detoxifier, toner, and gentle exfoliant thanks to its content in polyphenols. Strawberries and champagne make up for a luxurious formula that will pamper your clients' skin and leave it glowing and hydrated. There are four products in this line and all of them make up a complete waxing treatment: hard wax beads, wax jar, roll-on, and a post-depilatory tonic. All waxes have a creamy, low-melting formula and are suitable for sensitive skin since they are also paraben-free.

If you want to learn everything about Champagne-Fraises in detail, don't miss our post "All about our Gourmet Line: An Irresistibly Tempting Combination of Strawberries and Champagne." And if you want another delicious strawberry wax, try Strawberry Smoothies, enriched with strawberry oil.

Choco Wax

2. Choco Wax

Chocolate is much more than just a self-indulgent treat. Chocolate wax is a savory change from traditional wax, and it is composed of skin-friendly natural ingredients like cocoa, glycerin, sunflower, soybean oil, and almond oil. Consequently, choco wax makes hair removal less painful, reducing the occurrence of irritation. Unlike regular wax, the anti-inflammatory properties found in choco wax soothe your skin's surface.

Do you want your skin to have a healthy glow? Try choco wax! Its natural ingredients make your skin radiant and smooth, while scrubbing away dead skin cells and hydrating. Furthermore, the heavenly scent of choco wax induces relaxation, doubling up the "feel-good" factor of any waxing session. Beauty Image's choco line consists of four products: hard wax beads, soft wax can, roll-on, post-depilatory lotion, and Chocofango (an all-over body lipolytic treatment). Get to know the amazing benefits of chocolate for the skin on "Six Benefits of Choco Therapy," and look at our range of chocolate products on "Skin Chocotherapy Basics." If you're still not convinced that you and your clients need Chocotherapy in your lives, check out "7 Reasons Why You Need to Offer Chocotherapy at Your Spa."

Natural Honey Wax

3. Natural Honey Wax

Enriched with nature's energy booster, natural honey wax has become an all-time favorite. It acts as a great moisturizer and anti-aging product. High in natural antioxidants, honey delays hair growth, enables the skin's ability to rejuvenate, and gets rid of suntans over a period of time. More importantly, natural honey wax contains vitamins that have a regenerating effect on damaged skin. Are you ready to soak in the exotic goodness of honey and indulge your body? Remember, it's all about pampering your senses!

Beauty Image has Natural Honey Wax, a smooth and golden soft wax containing honey, vitamins, and trace elements that nourish the skin. You can choose from soft wax or roll-on. You'll love this delicious natural-ingredient wax.

Are you ready to treat yourself to something nice today? You'll find these three delish wax versions and other wonderful options within our range of waxes and waxing accessories. To learn more about us, call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form on this website. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to get our latest news right in your inbox.
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