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Spoil Your Clients with Our Fine Line of Hard Body Wax Products

May 04, 2016

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Developing a complete line of skincare products to offer your clients is the first thing you should do if you want to run a successful aesthetics business. Getting a good supplier is the best way to accomplish that goal. If you are looking for a great wholesale product supplier, Beauty Image is the right choice for you. With a full spectrum of beauty products, it is a certainty that you will never need to look elsewhere for any product, because Beauty Image has all the tools and supplies for you to keep a well-stocked salon or spa. One of the best and most remarkable product lines is the line of Hard Body Waxes. Hard Body Waxes are used for good skincare during the hair removal process. These products are specialized for different kinds of hair removal and skin areas with particulars needs.

body-hard-wax-products-1 Hard Body Wax is a type of wax that works at low temperature. It is applied differently than other types of body wax and works in a completely unique way as well. While all wax has the same goal, removing the hair, Hard Body Wax accomplishes this goal in a completely different way.

Most of the time, when a person thinks of body waxes, he or she is thinking about Soft Body Waxes. Soft Body Waxes are used in large areas of the body and require a spatula to apply and a pellon or muslin strip to remove. Hard Body Waxes are used in very sensitive and specifics areas of the body. They only pull the hair, don't need a pellon or a muslin strip to be removed, and also prevent skin irritation. For example, if you are going to depilate a very extensive zone, like a leg, you should use a soft body wax, but if the area is small and sensitive, like the bikini line, the underarms, or even the face, it's most advisable is to use a hard body wax. Additionally, this kind of wax can be removed with the hands, because it hardens in a way so that it doesn't crack and only affects the hair, so the skin does not suffer. One more benefit, and one of the best features of this type of wax is that it doesn't leave any kind of residue and there is no need to clean anything after the process is finished. Beauty Image Hard Body Waxes come with active ingredients that guarantee the removal of all unwanted hair, and at the same time help to maintain the health and softness of the skin.

Beauty Image has an excellent and full line of Hard Body Wax products. They are broken into five categories, and even include accessories for helping to make the process easier. First, you have the Classic Hard Wax that comes in three varieties: Natural, Green, and For Men. All of them have moisturizing properties, a high grade of purity, which is very effective on coarse hair, and, in the case of the For Men products, an antiseptic effect that helps to prevent any contamination of the skin.

hard-body-wax-products Next is the Finewax with Cotton Oil category. In this you can find two types, the Finewax Cerapiel Can and the Finewax Cerapiel Beads. Both are recommended for all kinds of skin and should be applied in thin layers and removed gently. You can also find the Depilsense Ayurveda Beads, which contain unique features and leave the skin with a very degree of hydration. Finally, there is the Glamour Hard Wax, which is a combination of Finewax with the best ingredients of the Glamour Line. Beauty Image also carries your favorite Hard Wax Accessories that complement the rest of the line and make the process of hair removal a lot easier.

If you own a spa or other aesthetic business and you are interested in purchasing these products wholesale to offer them to your clients, you should go to the Contact section and leave your message or call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815, and a Beauty Image representative will happily to talk to you. Also, you can follow Beauty Image on Facebook or Instagram, where you can stay informed about Beauty Image's deals, new products, and the world of beauty.
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