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Soft Waxes and Other Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

March 29, 2016

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Soft waxes lips 1 Everybody knows that keeping bodies hairless in all of the right places isn't as smooth sailing as we'd wish, even if there is a wide array of methods of getting rid of unwanted hair. Whether it's shaving, soft waxes, or newer technologies, there are so many choices for hair removal that deciding which one is right for you can be utterly overwhelming.

Are soft waxes a good choice when it comes to hair removal? Are there any other methods that are more efficient? After careful research, we've come up with some popular hair removal methods - perhaps now you can find one that it just right for you. Here's a look:


The process of cutting the hair off at the skin's surface with a razor, shaving can be used on virtually any body part and is usually the go-to hair removal method for those who like the feel of a close shave. Shaving works best on people with fine or light hair and, trust us, using a sharp blade will make a huge difference when it comes to discomfort and shave quality.

Depilatory Creams

Do you want quick, easy, painless DIY hair removal methods? Depilatory creams are the best option for you. They waken the hair follicle by using chemicals so you can effectively and easily wipe the cream away. Depilatory creams are most popular for underarms, facial hair and bikini lines, ensuring less and slower coarse regrowth than shaving.

soft waxes armpits shaving Soft Waxes

Also called strip wax, soft wax, is a hair removal product that gets the consistency of honey when heated. It is spread across the skin and covered with a non-woven or muslin strip. Hair comes with the strip when it is removed. Ingrown hairs can be an issue with soft waxes, but it's the most practical type of method for large areas, such as arms, legs, backs and Brazilian waxing where hard waxes may take forever to accomplish.

Hard Waxes

Great for the face and bikini area, hard wax is applied on the skin with a spatula and allowed to harden and cool. Next, the wax is then quickly yanked off by hand. A quality hard wax like our Depilsense Ayurveda Beads does not stick to your skin only to your hair so it is perfect for those with sensitivity issues.


Very similar to waxing, sugaring is a hair removal method that removes hair at the root. Sugaring involves applying a paste to your skin, then removing it with a muslin or cotton strip. Sugaring pastes are also often made from natural ingredients such as honey, sugar, and lemon. Do you have sensitive skin? If you're willing to pay a bit more, sugaring is the best hair removal method for you!


Originating in the Middle East and South Asia, threading is an ancient form of hair removal method. Threading uses a cotton thread that is twisted around each hair which is then pulled the out at the root, as the name suggests. Threading is great for eyebrows or other small areas of unwanted hair on the face.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser destroys the follicle, achieving permanent hair removal. Typically, the hair in areas that have been treated falls out within two weeks. Laser hair removal is best for those with hair darker than their skin. While professionals can easily vary the type of laser used, this hair removal method is not suited for people with pale hair or dark skin.

We hope this information comes in handy. Are you ready to treat yourself to something nice today? You'll find something perfect in our range of affordable, yet state-of-the-art beauty products. When you look great, you feel great! To learn more about our home waxing remedies and superior skin care items, contact Beauty Image USA at (888)513-8815 or visit our Contact page. Don't forget to check out our new Instagram profile!
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