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Skin Chocotherapy Basics

January 30, 2019

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Skin Chocotherapy Basic Chocotherapy Line Now more than ever you can find a wide range of skin treatments made from natural ingredients, and more specifically, from gourmet ingredients such as caviar and champagne. Chocolate is another popular gourmet addition to many beauty and skin care products thanks to all its beneficial properties. Did you know that Beauty Image has Chocotherapy, a full line of chocolate-based waxes and waxing products? It includes all the products you need for a head-to-toe chocowaxing treatment. Here is why we created this line, plus the features of 6 our choco-products. We're sure you're going to give in to their sweet temptation!

Why Chocotherapy

Beauty Image is always looking to take their waxing products one step further in creativity and effectivity. We learned about chocolate's huge potential for skin care and knew we had to develop a whole choco line.

Chocotherapy Choco Wax With Melted Chocolate in BowlChocolate has been proven to lower the risk for cardiovascular diseases and improve mood, but beyond those wonderful health benefits, we looked at those that involve the skin. Chocolate's flavanols are responsible for its antioxidant power, which ensures protection from free radicals which are responsible for aging and even from the sun. Chocolate hydrates, tones, revitalizes, re-mineralizes and nourishes the skin. All the while, it provides a sense of well-being and relaxation, not to mention that it is a real treat to the senses thanks to its delicious smell.

With all these amazing properties, we think you should also consider offering chocolate treatments at your spa or salon. This delicious option will keep your clients coming. Read more about this in our post 7 Reasons Why You Need to Offer Chocotherapy at Your Spa. Meanwhile, we present you all our Chocotherapy products.

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Beauty Image's Chocowax is a soft body wax enriched with cocoa oil and sweet almond oil. This deliciously-scented wax provides an effective waxing treatment while leaving the skin hydrated and regenerated, and your soul relaxed. As any other Beauty Image soft wax, our Chocowax is Paraffin-free, which allows our wax to have a lower melting point. Soft body waxes are recommended for any skin type, as that low melting point makes them perfect for people with heat sensitivity or circulatory problems. This wonderful product also minimizes the pain upon removal. Chocowax has a creamy texture that won't break or go brittle. It has great workability to ensure easy and flawless waxing.
Chocotherapy and Skin Hydration Basic Chocotherapy Line Chocotherapy Choco Ice Tonic Post Depilatory PresentationOur Chocowax also comes in a roll-on presentation to be applied to the legs more easily, featuring the same benefits of the soft Chocowax.

Choco Ice

This is a two-phase refreshing choco-tonic that perfectly complements any Chocowax hair removal treatment. It has cocoa butter and urea, both of which have emollient and softening effects, leaving the skin moisturized. Another ingredient in Choco Ice is panthenol, which helps skin recover and soothes the side effects that come with waxing. It works best when applied right after treatment. It leaves a calming and refreshing feel on the skin.


Chocofango has anti-cellulite, firming, and lipolytic properties (it avoids the accumulation of fat nodules), not to mention it helps in the elimination of toxins from the skin. How it's done? Chocofango provides a sauna effect that generates sweating and therefore activates circulation and helps with the elimination of toxins from the skin. This is a very complete treatment since it also hydrates and revitalizes skin deeply. If your clients need a non-invasive treatment to reduce measurements and improve the appearance of cellulite and the quality of the skin progressively, this is it. the best thing about it is that chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins, providing a sense of relaxation and well-being. Chocofango will make up for a very pleasurable experience.

Chocotherapy Chocofango PresentationThis treatment is 100% chocolate enriched with cocoa extract and sweet almond oil. The first ingredient helps to recover softness and uniformity on the affected areas, and also has antioxidant properties. On its part, almond oil strengthens the skin's elasticity thanks to its emollient and protective properties.

Chocofango Kit

This package has everything you need for a Chocotherapy treatment in one kit, including the accessories. In addition to the products listed above, this kit also comes with the heater, a brush, firming ampoules, and anti-cellulite cream. The Chocofango Kit is the perfect way to start offering this innovative therapy at your waxing salon.

Dark Chocolate Maxi Pearls

This is the hard wax in our Chocotherapy line. Dark Chocolate Maxi Pearls have amped up chocolate properties since they contain dark chocolate, which is higher in antioxidant content than regular chocolate. they include the same ingredients as the classic Choco Wax (cacao and sweet almond oil).

 Chocotherapy Dark Chocolate Maxi Pearls PresentationDark Chocolate Maxi Pearls have a creamy texture, low melting point, optimal workability and elasticity, and high effectivity for a flawless waxing. a waxing session with these Maxi Pearls will leave your clients' skin silky smooth, exfoliated, moisturized, and glowing. You definitely have to offer this luxurious chocolate indulgence in your wax room.

Now you learned everything about our Chocotherapy treats, will you pass up on the chance to offer clients an unforgettable and delicious beauty experience? Don't think twice, just contact us! Call at TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form on this website to get all the details about our Chocotherapy line and our wide range of hair removal products. Also, subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news about us.

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