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Precautions You Need to Take When Waxing Clients with Diabetes

March 29, 2017

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Insulin Injection for diabetic womanWhen you become a licensed waxing professional, you'll treat all kinds of clients who suffer from conditions and pathologies to which you'll have to adapt your waxing treatments and products. For example, hard body waxes are effective for clients with sensitive skin, and low temperature soft body waxes work for customers who cannot withstand heat on the skin. But how do you treat guests when they have certain medical conditions like diabetes?

Diabetes is a metabolic disease where the body cannot regulate blood sugar levels properly. As one of the consequences, blood vessels narrow due to high levels of blood sugar for a long time, making patients suffer from poor circulation and slow wound healing. It is believed that people with this condition should not get waxed to prevent injuries that won't heal easily, but there is no reason why a licensed esthetician shouldn't be able to treat a client who has the disease under control. There are just some extra precautions you have to take into account when doing so. Here are some questions you should ask yourself when waxing clients with diabetes:
  • Do you know the client's profile and health condition? When welcoming new clients to your spa or beauty business, you should have a form for them to fill out, where they can let you know about any pathologies or conditions that may change the waxing treatment. That way you'll know beforehand if a client has a metabolic disease like diabetes and you can prepare to treat him or her with the proper products and techniques.

  • What types of diabetes does the client have? There are three types of diabetes: type 1, when a person needs to be treated with insulin; type 2, which can be controlled with a healthy diet and exercise; and type 3, which is temporary and may occur only during pregnancy. Knowing this information will allow you to determine how bad the metabolic disease is. While controlled type 2 patients should be able to get a waxing treatment with no problem, be extra careful with clients who have type 1 since this is the most severe case of diabetes.

  • Did the client's doctor allow the waxing treatment? No one will know better about what a person with diabetes can or cannot do than their doctor. Clients with this condition must have permission from their physician to undergo treatments like waxing, which sometimes can be harsh on the skin. Some licensed estheticians even ask clients to bring a doctor's note, just to be extra safe.

  • Do you know what types of waxes to use? The primary problem when waxing clients with diabetes lies in their poor wound healing ability, that is to say that recovering would be a concern in case the skin gets burned or damaged during the waxing procedure. Nevertheless, you can prevent this by being careful and taking the proper care and precautions, as you do with all your clients. Use soft body waxes that melt at low-temperature and test the product in your skin first to make sure the temp is right. Also, apply any post-waxing products you have at hand that can be useful to reduce inflammation or swelling. Keep in mind that you must advise the client to go to a doctor immediately if something seems off after the procedure.
Beautician reading a form before Traetment With Female ClientGiven that around 9% of the population in the United Stated in 2012 and 8.4% of the worldwide population in 2014 had diabetes –with a growing tendency in future years according to the World Health Organization-, there's a high chance you'll eventually receive clients who suffer from this condition. Therefore, you must be prepared to treat them with the right methods and products. Most and foremost, remember that diabetes is a medical condition and should not be taken lightly nor by you or by your clients.

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