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Post-Waxing Care for Bikini and Brazilian Waxing

August 17, 2018

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Woman with a Well Taken Post-Waxing Care Intimate hair removal is an important grooming and beauty ritual since it gives us a sexy and confident feeling of smoothness and freedom. Intimate waxing produces amazing results that clients keep coming back for, but what happens after they leave the wax bar and go home with a fresh bikini or Brazilian waxing? It is the esthetician's duty to provide some immediate care and then instruct every client on how to take care of their intimate area to ensure that their waxing does not go awry in any way. When waxing has been well taken care of, the possibilities of a client returning obviously increase as well. So, let's delve deeper into the best post waxing care tips for bikini and Brazilian wax.

The Esthetician's Post Waxing Care for Bikinis and Brazilians

It is the esthetician's responsibility to leave the intimate area completely clean and protected when the waxing procedure is done. These are the expected care steps:

Once all the hair is removed, the esthetician must apply a soothing and cleansing post-depilatory product —most of these have a light, cool texture and antiseptic, anti-irritant ingredients. Post-depilatories are a must in any salon or wax bar! Make sure you shop for a high-quality brand with a wide variety of post depilatories .

Some clients might want to feel dry and diminish the chafing sensation, so it can be a good idea to apply some baby powder.

The Client's Post Waxing Care for Bikinis and Brazilians

Once the client walks out the door, it is their responsibility to take care of their skin, but not before the esthetician has told them about the following practices they can keep in mind to ensure intimate waxing success.
    Post-Depilatory Gel for Post-Waxing Care
  1. Wear loose and natural: tight-fitting undies and clothes are a no-no after waxing unless you want chafing and possibly irritation. Keep the garments loose and go for natural fibers like cotton, rather than polyester and other synthetics which won't let your skin breathe properly.

  2. Go easy on products: skin is still sensitive, so don't overdo intimate gel wash and other scented products. Wash with a gentle fragrance-free cleanser.

  3. Soothe and cool the skin: if necessary, apply cool compresses to the area for a few minutes to reduce redness and burning sensation. A prepared regular client might even get their own bottle of a post-depilatory lotion to use at home for extra soothing. If redness and discomfort extend for more than a couple days, it might be time to use an antiseptic cream or visit a specialist, who will prescribe the appropriate remedy to calm the skin's over-sensitivity and avoid any risk of infection.

  4. Do not get physical: the next few hours after intimate waxing, the gym, sports, and intercourse are banned. Sweat can help bacteria to proliferate on the skin, and this could be an unnecessary risk of infection for the delicate skin in the intimate area. By the same token, avoid getting sweaty and keep your clothes fresh and dry.
  5.  Girl Performing a Pos-Waxing Care Procedure
  6. Stay away from the pool and the sun: salt water from the sea or chlorinated water from the pool might have some awful consequences on freshly waxed intimate area. They can act like drying agents and cause itching, heavy irritation, and bumps, not to mention that sharing the pool might unnecessarily expose already vulnerable skin to infection. The sun on the other hand will also sensitize the skin and worsen any irritation symptoms.

  7. Stay away from heat: avoid hot beds, saunas, hot baths and showers, and scorching places. Remember that heat opens up the pores and this exposes your sensitized intimate area to further irritation or infection.

  8. Do not exfoliate right away: some people stress the need for exfoliation after waxing and swear by it as a surefire way not to get ingrowns. While exfoliating does remove dead skin cells and avoids pesky bumps, it is too harsh for freshly waxed lady bits! Wait for at least 72 hours before exfoliating. And when you do, avoid natural-fiber loofahs since they can breed bacteria more easily that synthetic ones —or just rub on a bit of scrub gel with clean hands.

  9. Woman Shaving Bikini Area Anti Post-Waxing Care
  10. Leave ingrowns alone: this is not to mean that they have to stay there. It just means that picking on them will irritate skin and cause more damage than good. Keep a lotion for ingrowns and apply it if you find one, it will dissolve safely that way.

  11. Ditch the razor: shaving in between waxing sessions will only disrupt the cycle and make the next wax more difficult and possibly uneven. Save the hassle and wait it out before the next appointment; most likely the razor won't even be needed!

  12. Watch out for any infection signs: overall intimate health and hygiene is important, so keep an eye on any unusual bumps, marks or skin reactions, both before and after waxing, and consult a physician if necessary.

Good post-waxing care for intimate waxing is simple and will give you a satisfactory experience that you won't regret. With the help of a licensed esthetician, the right waxing and post-waxing care products, and some prevention tips, everything will go smoothly after a bikini or Brazilian. Beauty Image can provide professionals with fine-quality products for intimate after-care. Call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form on this website to get in touch with us. Get our latest news and offers right to your inbox by subscribing to our newsletter.

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