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Is Soft Wax Less Painful?

July 19, 2021

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Esthetician Using Soft Wax Less PainfulFor some people, waxing is an acquired taste. It takes more than one session for them to be able to enjoy the process, but more often than not, the perks of a smooth skin outnumber a few moments of discomfort. Soft body waxes usually provide a quicker process, but this could be a downside for those with low pain tolerance. Both soft and hard waxes have advantages that first-timers will appreciate, but it all depends on the type of treatment you're going for.

As you know, waxes are classified into two main categories: soft waxes and hard waxes. From there, there is a huge variety of wax products adapted to specific types of skin, with certain hard waxes being particularly versatile in their application and soft waxes that manage to provide a gentle treatment on some of the body's most sensitive areas. The quality of the product plays a huge part in making a wax session as smooth and painless as it can be. With that said, where do soft body waxes stand in terms of pain?

What You Need to Know About Soft Body Waxes

Soft waxes are probably what first comes to mind when we think about waxing. They have a wide range of uses, working effectively on both facial and body hair. Despite this, soft waxes are usually reserved for large areas where removing the hair in small sections would take too much time. Here are some important details you must know about soft body waxes before you start using them on your clients:Esthetician Using Soft Waxes Less Painful
  • They are malleable and very easy to handle. This doesn't mean, however, that you can get sloppy during their preparation. Soft waxes should be melted on a professional wax warmer and you must make sure that the right consistency reaches all portions of the wax. Even taking all this into account, the preparation process goes much more quickly than when you're working with hard waxes.

  • Soft body waxes are applied in very thin layers. A wax strip could be as long as your forearm, but the sticky consistency of the wax helps you create a fine strip that doesn't crack after being applied. If the wax layer is too thick, you'll have trouble ripping it off and your client's skin will suffer. Also, a thick layer is less likely to remove all the hairs from the root.

  • Soft waxes are applied in the direction of hair growth and removed after pressing an epilating strip on the area. You must rip the strip swiftly to avoid leaving errant hairs on the skin.

  • They leave a sticky residue, and this may be an unwelcome sensation when you're trying to tolerate the itchiness of newly-waxed skin. Be sure to have soothing lotions and cool compresses at hand to soothe the skin during the post-wax treatment.

  • Their composition usually includes essential oils that hydrate the waxed area, making the skin softer and brighter.

  • On top of covering large expanses of skin, soft waxes are fairly inexpensive, especially when compared to hard waxes. Their advantages in terms of time and cost are very appealing for those who keep a regular wax regime.

Important: Soft body waxes adhere to the skin and remove dead skin cells along with the hair. Because of this, the dangers of double-dipping are all the more present. When working with soft waxes remember to:
  • Apply no more than one layer of wax on each portion of skin.
  • Throw away the used strips and the wax left on the pot after the treatment.
  • Use only sterilized items and accessories during each session.
  • Keep an eye on the skin after ripping each strip and treat minor bruises properly with antioxidant solutions.
Soft Waxes Are Less Painful

Soft Wax vs. Hard Wax Which is Less Painful?

If you choose the right wax for the skin you're going to treat, you'll probably not have to deal with more than brief instances of pain. Both soft waxes and hard waxes can hurt the skin when they're applied incorrectly. In general terms, soft waxes are no less painful than other wax products because they adhere to the skin while also grabbing the hairs. Pulling off the wax strip can hurt the skin if you're too rough or if the wax is unevenly spread, and even if you master your waxing technique, your clients must know that the exfoliating effect of the wax will likely cause some level of discomfort.

To make up for all this, soft waxes have a sticky texture that grabs the hairs with minimal effort, making it possible to work on large portions of skin in relatively little time. Soft waxes help you finish a wax session long before your clients start reaching their limits, with many brands going the extra mile to create professional soft waxes that soothe even the most sensitive parts of the body. Beauty Image USA specializes in integrating tamanu oil, pine resins, and other natural ingredients capable of relaxing the skin during treatments with soft body waxes. Our variety of soft waxes have a creamy composition that helps relax different types of skin without making the treatment any less practical in terms of time and workability.

If you want your clients to enjoy all the advantages of soft body waxes, Beauty Image's exclusive line of wax products will guarantee a luxurious waxing experience. We offer a growing variety of soft waxes to work on large portions of skin without causing a mess. Call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form, and we'll give you a detailed description of all of our products and accessories. And remember to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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