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Is It Okay for Men To Wax Their Face?

January 23, 2023

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Is It Okay for Men To Wax Their Face? While men's waxing has grown in popularity over the years, facial waxes are not as common as you'd expect. The right assortment of Waxing Products can make things easier for men dealing with a lot of body hair, particularly if it comes to stopping a beard from growing out of control. A series of cultural and practical factors can lead some clients to forego facial waxes, and it's ultimately up to each person to decide if a type of hair removal treatment is right for them. In the meantime, we're here to expand on men's facial waxes, touching on lesser-known details that might heavily influence a client's decision.

Dealing with Facial Hair

It's Okay for Men To Wax Their Face?Men don't need to be told about all that goes into grooming facial hair. From the moment they hit puberty, most men need to shave every couple of days. Those who only feel comfortable with no facial hair at all probably need to shave every day, and the blade only makes the hair grow coarser each time. Of course, hormones and metabolism play a role in this, so shaving is not much of a hassle for men who don't get dense chunks of hair in the first place. On the flip side, most men can't go a full week before getting a visible layer of stubble, so the habit of shaving each time this happens becomes tiresome very quickly.

The fact remains that if you wait too long to shave, it takes a little time before a beard starts to blur the shape of your face. In most cases, a beard frames half of a man's face, so it's not surprising to see some faces change drastically as the stubble continues to grow. This represents a setback in multiple professional environments and can also make it harder for men to upkeep their personal hygiene.

A common approach involves having a barber trim all facial hair, especially when a man wants his beard to look a certain way. A beard can give a lot of character if you style it the right way depending on your facial bone structure.

Things get trickier if you want your face bare of any facial hair as shaving the hair doesn't keep you from getting a stubble in a few days' time. So, how does waxing help?

Perks of Facial Waxing for Men

When you wax, the skin remains smooth for weeks because waxing removes the hair stalk from the tip to the root, leaving the pores bare and lengthening the period in which the skin is smooth. Shaving still remains the most straightforward solution because you can do it at any point of the day, but waxing lets more time pass before you have to think about removing the hair that becomes visible on the skin.

male waxingIf you work or dwell in a formal environment, keeping your face free of stubble might be the most practical choice. Facial waxes keep the face bare for weeks because professional wax products remain effective even against the coarse hairs that usually cover a man's face. Men's facial hair is particularly hard to tackle because of how much of it can grow on the spot, but, on average, you can enjoy smooth skin for 2-3 weeks.

Other advantages include skin that ages more gracefully and more definition to a man's facial structure. All in all, regular waxing makes it easier to maintain a more youthful appearance in your everyday life.

We must also address the way in which facial waxes can help your hygiene, as there's less body hair enhancing the accumulation of sweat. Because the hair grows finer after each wax, it's also easier to maintain a tidy beard after the stubble starts to grow.

When Facial Waxing Is Not the Best Option

Some factors may drive men away from facial waxes. The biggest drawback is related to the thickness of men's facial hair. More often than not, the hair around a man's face is much coarser than the hair in nearly any other part of his body, not to mention a woman's facial hair. This already marks a stark contrast when you compare men's facial waxes with other wax treatments.

Ripping off beard hair can be surprisingly painful and leave the skin reddened and irritated. These waxing treatments are not unlike other services in the sense that a regular wax routine makes the skin less sensitive to pain. Still, some men reject facial waxing out of concern for potential infections; the skin could be stripped of its topmost layer and the redness is impossible to conceal. There's basically nothing standing between the skin's open pores and the bacteria roaming your public spaces.

There's another detail you must consider if you plan on keeping a proper wax regime with multiple sessions a year. Regular waxing gradually weakens the follicles, reducing the amount of hair that grows back and prompting the new hair to grow thinner. Keep that in mind if you see yourself sporting a thick beard somewhere down the line.

Beauty Image USA is in charge of producing and distributing the best hair removal products, including the most effective formulas to remove coarse facial hair in no time. You too can guarantee all the advantages that make facial waxes so effective for men, so feel free to come to us with your questions. You can call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form, and our specialists will tell you more about our waxing supplies. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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