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Is It Good To Wax the Whole Body?

July 06, 2022

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Waxing Whole BodyWaxing is the ultimate solution to get rid of unwanted body hair. For nearly all parts of the body, wax formulas are the best way to maintain a smooth skin without having to turn to the razor every couple of days. Professional Waxes combine the best soothing properties to treat the most delicate parts of the body without leaving the skin too vulnerable during the healing period. This is particularly helpful for those who prefer to wax their whole body in one session as it allows a pleasant process that the skin can fully recover from in no more than 48 hours.

Now, full-body waxes are not for everyone. They are as effective as you'd expect from a professional hair removal service, with an experienced esthetician applying the best technique to make the session less demanding for the clients. Still, a full body wax involves a series of requirements that make it a bit of an acquired taste.

What's a Full Body Wax?

Esthetiian Waxing Whole BodyA full body wax treats all the hairy parts of the body in one single session. It begins at the intimate area and later moves on to larger expanses of skin. Since this wax treatment works with multiple areas, the esthetician needs to go back and forth using both soft and hard waxes. The waxing equipment in your workstation plays a big part in keeping things in order as you switch from one wax product to the next.

A full body wax includes the pubic area, bikini area, legs, arms, and armpits. If required, estheticians can also add the back and the face to the list.

Most salons and spas are very flexible when offering a full-body wax package. Clients can choose to leave some parts of the body untreated if, for example, they don't want to get a Brazilian wax or if they don't get too much facial hair.

A professional wax service is the ideal option for anyone who chooses to wax the whole body. Not only will clients have the expertise of a professional esthetician to take the reins during a relatively long session, but they also get to relax and rest while getting the best products to pamper their skin.

What To Expect from a Full Body Wax?

This might be obvious to some, but we still need to clarify: people shouldn't book a full body wax for their first waxing experience. At this stage, clients don't have a point of reference to predict how they will manage the pain. Even if they have a high pain tolerance, the skin is overall more sensitive when it's unaccustomed to waxing. This is why so many people remark on the contrast between their first wax and subsequent wax sessions.

With that said, clients expect the highest quality from a full body wax. Some people may try homemade waxing every now and then, especially if they're dealing with parts of the body that can be easily covered if something goes wrong. The stakes are obviously higher when it comes to waxing most of the body in one session, so clients want nothing short of the most skilled estheticians and the best hair removal formulas.

As an esthetician, you need to adapt your technique to each part of the body. The spreading technique you use on a person's legs is vastly different from your technique during a facial wax. Some parts of the body give you less room to move around while demanding more precision to avoid damaging the skin.

Whether you're a certified esthetician hoping to provide the best services in the industry or a potential client looking for the best option for a full-body wax, here's a list of important things to consider about the procedure:
  • Full body waxes last longer than most waxing treatments. Depending on the number of areas to treat and the amount of body hair, a session can last from 40 minutes to 1 hour.

  • As we said earlier, the esthetician uses soft and hard body waxes during the session, so it's important to become familiar with each product's heating time.

  • A full body wax isn't more painful than other wax treatments, but its length can still make things harder for clients. People need to change positions many times so the esthetician can easily reach different parts of the body. On that note, estheticians are always careful to give certain areas time to breathe, alternating between different portions of the skin to avoid causing too much pain on a particular part of the body. This is an important part of intimate waxes.

  • Full Body Wax
  • A full body wax is less expensive than multiple sessions booked at different times, so it represents a cost-effective option for clients.

  • It can also help clients with a busy schedule, so they can work through all their body hair in one single session instead of making multiple changes on their schedule to fit separate wax appointments.

  • Waxing the whole body at once also makes it easier for people to manage their hair's regrowth cycle. Still, body hair grows at a different rate on different parts of the body, so a regular waxing regime can't truly guarantee a uniform regrowth cycle.
All in all, full-body waxes offer a lot of versatility so that people can tailor their wax regime to the last detail. Estheticians can always help clients find the plan/package that best suits their needs while offering a wide variety of wax formulas to ensure a nice salon experience.

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