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Is it Good to Wax During The Winter?

November 10, 2022

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Waxing During WinterThe arrival of winter brings many events to look forward to. People are getting ready for the holiday season, and this often entails juggling multiple plans and social commitments all at once. If you've been following a waxing regime for a while, we probably don't have to remind you to stay on schedule with your wax appointments. If anything, the winter months are the perfect time to treat your skin with the best Waxing Products in the industry.

Don't Fall Behind on Your Wax Regime

Many salon-goers are quick to associate a wax session with the summer season. This is understandable as people are bound to show more skin during the hottest months of the year. They want to get smooth skin for their trips to the beach without having to worry about covering up in such hot weather.

We don't recommend using the winter season to show off the results of your waxing regime, but missing your next waxing appointment is not ideal either. It's understandable to wish for fewer commitments during this period, and there's no denying that winter is the perfect time to wear cozy outfits without fretting over how your legs look underneath. Still, a winter wax session can be the perfect chance to relax in a warm, pleasant environment.

Is Good Waxing During WinterThere are other advantages that could make clients less wary about waxing in winter:
  • Winter is the ideal time for waxing: By waxing during the winter, you help ensure that there are no hairs left behind to bother you when summer rolls around. The cold season makes it easier for people to let their hair grow long enough to wax without issues. Getting all the hairs off all the way down to the root will be less of a challenge; there are fewer chances of breaking some of the hairs or having ingrown hairs showing up days after the session. This effectiveness will also result in the hair growing much sparser and at a slower rate.

  • You don't want to mess with your hair's regrowth cycle: If you're new to waxing, skipping a wax session will ruin weeks of progress. Keeping smooth skin is easier when all the hair in a portion of the body grows at the same pace. Now, if you're a seasoned salon goer, you should know that waxing is always more effective when you do it during the first phase of the hair's regrowth cycle. Generally, a person should wait 3 or 4 weeks before their next wax appointment; if you wait longer than that, there might be new hair developing underneath by the time you wax. In those cases, the time you spend with smooth skin could be reduced due to the new hairs.

  • A smooth skin to celebrate during the holiday season: As we said earlier, it's common for people to have many events scheduled for the winter. Since it's too cold for many of the outdoor activities that take place in the summer, you might have other events lined up, including intimate plans like home parties and other small gatherings with friends and families. Chances are that some of these gatherings take place in a warm environment where you can show off the results of your recent wax appointment.
It's normal for the skin to respond differently to waxing as the temperature drops. Some people feel a little more pain when they book their first winter wax session. In other cases, the skin might react more visibly, with redness and swelling that takes longer to fade away. Still, waxing in winter is perfectly safe as long as you discuss any skin conditions with the esthetician in advance. If you skip your waxing session during the winter months, you might feel the pain much more intensely whenever you get back to it and will have to get the skin reacquainted with waxing all over again.

The Best Products and Accessories

Beauty Image offers the best wax formulas and the most durable products to pamper the skin during the winter. As the weather grows colder, keeping the skin hydrated becomes more of a challenge due to the low levels of moisture in the environment. Beauty Image USA provides the best products to give the skin all the nourishment it needs.

Waxing in WinterWe offer a large collection of wax formulas to choose from, including the best soft and hard waxes in the market. Moreover, Beauty Image has all the products you need to protect the skin before and after a wax session, accelerating the healing process and boosting the skin's natural shine. Our products and accessories are the best addition to a healthy skincare routine, so you can't miss out on their benefits if you work in the beauty industry.

In other words, if you're an esthetician looking for the best products to satisfy all your customers during the holidays, Beauty Image has all the products and materials you need. We provide the most effective wax formulas to treat all parts of the body, including dry and sensitive skin. Also, we offer the best equipment to enhance your productivity as your business grows. Our specialists are ready to answer all your questions, so don't hesitate to contact us for more information. You can call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you won't miss anything and get the latest news straight to your inbox. Beauty Image helps you satisfy all your clients during the holiday season!

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