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Is It Better to Wax at Home or in a Salon?

January 05, 2021

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Woman Being Waxed in Salon Instead of HomeYou can get many things at the salon. Most clients go to the salon when they need a professional hair care service, or when they want to indulge themselves with a manicure/pedicure session. Wax treatments demand more mental preparation, and some people have trouble letting go of their worries over pain and pricing. If you want the best ingredients in your regular waxing products , a salon is the safest choice, but there's a reason why at-home waxing has remained relevant.

Should I Start a Wax Regime?

Among countless hair removal options, waxing comes as a simple, accessible solution that people of all ages can benefit from. A single wax treatment can remove hair from any part of your body and make your skin softer for 3-6 weeks. Unlike other hair removal methods, wax formulas remove the hairs from the roots and weaken the follicles to reduce the amount of body hair growing on your skin.

A wax formula can irritate the skin when used incorrectly, but in most cases, professional wax products will keep the skin unblemished and healthy for weeks after a session. Home-made wax formulas can do the job, but only if you get the right consistency while heating. That can be a hard thing to do, which is why many online tutorials show the process for those who have a limited budget and no access to a professional wax heater.

It's probably obvious that waxing in a salon is safer overall, but at-home waxes still have advantages that come in handy for some people. It's best to look at each option separately and see which one aligns with your priorities.

Pros of Waxing in a Salon

Esthetician Waxing a Woman in Salon
  • A specialized service: One of the most appealing traits of getting a professional wax is the assurance that your skin will be in the hands of an expert. A certified esthetician has mastered the right technique to work confidently and efficiently, removing all the unwanted hairs without risking skin damage. They will also use their resources to get the skin to perfect condition before the wax and during post-wax treatment.

  • Professional wax products: This includes wax formulas tailored to soothe the skin and high-quality equipment to simplify the process. Some people look at the price of a professional wax service and deem it an unnecessary luxury, but the materials used by professional estheticians have a lot to do with the success of waxing as a hair removal method. Instead of spending the money on subpar accessories and formulas that might not suit your skin type, you'll be paying for the best products and materials in the market.

  • A quick treatment: Even while adding the pre-and post-wax treatments, a wax session takes little time and leaves your skin completely smooth for weeks. No matter how many parts of your body you want to have waxed, your esthetician will do their best to be done before you start feeling too much discomfort.

  • Better results: The right technique and the best wax formulas are a winning combination that will make the results of your wax last longer. You'll be able to stretch out the time between sessions and your skin will keep a healthy appearance after months of getting the nourishing effects of a wax treatment on a regular basis.

Cons of Waxing in a Salon

  • High prices:Despite its long-term results, waxing is not a one-time thing and a wax regime can be a big investment when you have to hit the salon every two months. A professional wax service will cost between $8 and $60 depending on the areas you plan on having waxed and the products used for your treatment.

  • It can be awkward:You will have to let your esthetician in your personal space for the duration of the treatment. Even after finding a comfortable position to sit/lie down, you have to keep still for several minutes while the esthetician waxes the area, and this can be particularly uncomfortable if you're getting a Brazilian wax.

  • Pain:Waxing is painful, there's no way around it. Your esthetician will use all their expertise to save you from major skin damage, but the treatment can still be very unpleasant if you have a low pain tolerance. This is a drawback that can only get worse if you choose to wax at home.
Woman Waxing a Woman at Home

Pros of Waxing at Home

  • Saves you money:At-home waxing can be a practical alternative if you want a quick fix on your eyebrows or armpits, as long as you're sure that the products at your disposal have no negative side effects on your skin.

  • No time constraints:It can be difficult to schedule a wax appointment if you have a tight schedule, especially if you happen to live far from your regular salon. Many people wax at home to avoid a stressful situation while juggling their regular responsibilities, but you should only do it after getting familiar with the process. If you try to do your own waxing without knowing the best products and the right technique, you'll end up wasting just as much time before getting a decent result.

  • Intimacy:You will avoid the awkwardness of putting yourself in a vulnerable position in front of a complete stranger. When you wax yourself, you can take your time figuring out the best way to work and pause the treatment as many times as you want.

Cons of Waxing at Home

  • An improvised waxing technique: Estheticians know the right waxing practices inside and out, so it's not hard for them to adapt their methods to areas that are more sensitive or harder to reach. Even while following professional recommendations, you will probably have trouble reaching that level of precision.

  • Potential skin damage: This could happen for a number of reasons. No matter how safe they might seem, many store-bought wax products lack the additional properties to protect the skin during a wax treatment. You might also burn your skin after heating the wax too much or break it while ripping off the wax strip.

  • It's messier: Keeping everything in order might be a challenge if you have to prepare the wax and work on your skin all by yourself, especially during the aftercare treatment. Not only will you have to rush through the leftover pain, but you'll increase the chances of infection if you set out to clean after yourself while your skin is still tender.

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