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Is It Better To Shave or Wax?

April 06, 2022

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Woman Choosing to Shave or WaxWe all know how annoying it is to deal with unwanted body hair. Sometimes the methods people choose to deal with it are just as uncomfortable, leaving an itchiness that's hard to ignore. Professional waxes are among the most favored options to deal with the problem. Shaving is another method that's remained relevant through the years, probably because of how inexpensive it is. Homemade waxes are also common, but most people resort to shaving when they're short of time to schedule a wax appointment. Knowing the popularity of these two options, let's see once and for all which is better.

Shaving vs. Waxing Which Is Better?

Waxing and shaving follow very different treatments. The former rips the hairs off from the follicles after letting the wax cool on the skin while the latter runs a razor down the skin to cut the hairs that are visible. When we compare the two, we can see that they are reserved for very specific purposes.

For most people, waxing is the preferred method for sensitive areas like the armpits and the bikini area. Facial waxes are also popular because there's no risks of having the hair grow thicker after each session.

When it comes to less sensitive parts of the body like the arms and legs, both waxing and shaving are popular choices. Both can remove body hair from large expanses of skin in little time and close to no risks.

Regardless of a person's preference, there's a particular question that tips the scales in one particular direction.

How Fast Does the Hair Grow Back?

As we mentioned earlier, waxing rips the hair off from the root, leaving the follicles bare and extending the period that goes by before the hairs grow enough to be visible. This also has the advantage that all the hair in one area starts following the same regrowth cycle, making it easier to plan for future hair removal treatments. Because waxing makes the hair grow thinner and at a slower rate, it usually takes 3 to 6 weeks for the hairs to grow back in full.

Sking After ShaveShaving is an accessible method that anyone can try from the comfort of their home, so you can shave as often as you want whenever the hair grows long enough. The downside comes with the disruption of the hair's regrowth cycle. When you shave, you're chopping a part of the hair instead of plucking it from the follicle. This is why the hairs start growing coarser, usually a week after shaving, if not less.

There's no denying that shaving is more accessible, and this is a perk that people with a tight schedule can appreciate. They can add a quick shaving session to their hygiene habits without taking the time that could go to other activities. Still, you'd need to shave almost every week, adding more hassle to the process when the hair keeps growing coarser and more noticeable.

Other factors that people look into before choosing their hair removal methods are:
  • Pain and comfort: Wax sessions can be painful. It all depends on the part of the body and the person's pain tolerance, but they are never fully painless. After your first wax, the process becomes more bearable, and estheticians will make sure to create a pleasant environment where clients can relax. There are also wax formulas created specifically to provide a gentle treatment on sensitive areas.

    Shaving involves a process that's mainly painless. People may break the skin while using the razor the first few times, but it's not hard to get the hang of shaving different parts of the body. This is one of the main reasons some prefer shaving every week over subjecting the skin to the fleeting discomfort of a wax session.

  • Side effects: Each method will affect the skin in different ways. In both cases, there's leftover itchiness that will remain for a few hours after the hairs have been removed, but there are also lotions that help soothe the skin a lot faster. With waxing, the itchiness stems from its mild exfoliating properties, leaving the follicles bare after pulling off the hairs; with shaving, it's due to the razor running through the skin as it cuts the hairs.

    Esthetican Waxing a Woman LegDepending on the skin's sensitivity, blood spots are also a possibility, especially in areas where the skin is naturally thinner. Ingrown hairs are more common while shaving, but they will also appear when the hairs are not evenly waxed.

  • Skincare benefits and drawbacks: After covering the immediate side effects, let's see how the skin fares after following a regular hair removal routine.

    You can shave without putting too much pressure on the skin, so injuries/marks are only an exception if you use a fresh razor. Still, a regular shaving routine will make the skin dryer and coarser to the touch. This is understandable as people have to shave fairly often and the hairs don't take long to grow back.

    You can wax less often to avoid putting a strain on the skin. Moreover, professional wax formulas are enriched with nourishing properties that help keep a velvety texture and a healthy look.
On all accounts, waxing represents a better long-term solution that has a gentler effect on the skin, but you should still leave the process to a professional esthetician, especially when it comes to Brazilian waxes and other body parts that are difficult to reach on your own. A professional wax service will grant you a nice experience and the best wax formulas in the market to protect your skin from injuries or infections.

You can deal with unwanted body hairs and pamper your client's skin at the same time. Beauty Image provides the most unique wax formulas to treat all parts of the body. Estheticians know that our products and accessories are second to none, and the results speak for themselves. To learn about all the possibilities we offer with our wax formulas, call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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