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Is Chocolate Wax Hard or Soft?

November 08, 2021

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Esthetician Waxing a Woman Leg Using Chocolate WaxWhat happens when you bring all the benefits of cocoa into a wax treatment? To give you a hint, there's a reason why so many salons advertise chocolate waxes as part of their luxury services. Most professional waxes are infused the natural ingredients that help the healing process and make the waxing experience much more comfortable, that's nothing new in the world of body waxes. With that said, chocolate wax is one of the most popular types of soft body waxes because of all the perks it brings to make the skin look softer and healthier for hours after a wax session.

Let's start with the basics, answering one of the most common questions people ask before trying the joys of chocolate waxes: Is chocolate wax hard or soft? It can actually be either, but chocolate is usually reserved for soft waxes to bring some of the advantages of hard waxes in areas where a strip wax is the most practical choice. Their effectiveness is proven all across the board, helping remove the hairs with minimal pulling and leaving the skin soft and shiny in the end. When used on hard waxes, chocolate makes the wax pleasant to the senses and more flexible to work with.

Benefits of Chocolate in Skin Care

Chocolate brings a whole variety of health benefits, whether as part of a diet or as the main ingredient in beauty products. It contains several nutrients like iron, calcium, and vitamins A, B1, C, D and E. As such, the effects of chocolate range from lowering bad cholesterol levels to improving digestive functions and metabolism. Of course, chocolate should still be had in reasonable portions, preferably in a diet that also combines other healthy foods.

Chocolate Wax Melted in a PotWhen it comes to chocolate-rich skin care products and treatments, its antioxidant flavonoids nourish the skin and enhance its protection against UV rays, reducing the risks of skin cancer and other severe skin conditions. Chocolate also makes the skin thicker and preserves its natural flexibility against premature aging.

A well-known benefit of chocolate-rich products is the improvements they bring to a person's circulation, nervous system, and blood flow. Because of this, chocolate-based waxes help protect the skin's outer layer as it undergoes the healing period post-treatment.

Why Try Chocolate Waxes?

In all its formats, choco waxes ensure a pleasant treatment for clients and a seamless process for the esthetician. Because they're enriched with cocoa and sweet almond oil, chocolate waxes guarantee a soft, creamy texture that feels nice on the skin and a natural fragrance that relaxes all the senses.

Chocolate waxes combine a high concentration of natural ingredients and mineral oils to make them act more gently on the skin, reduce the pain, and enhance the skincare benefits that professional waxes are known for. To avoid confusion, let's look at these benefits one by one:
  • A gentle treatment. Chocolate waxes heat at bearable temperatures, their texture won't go brittle on the skin, and they are easy to remove without pulling too hard on the area.

  • After the first session, and once all the hairs in one part of your body follow the same regrowth cycle, chocolate wax slows down the growth of new hairs. This has the obvious advantage of expanding the time between wax sessions, but choco waxes can also remove shorter hair more effectively, so you spend way less time worrying about body hairs during your daily routine.

  • If you have a suntan, chocolate waxes help dissipate its effects in less time. They remove the dead skin that's already peeling off, and their hydrating properties soothe the area until it looks healthier and vibrant.

  • Thanks to their nutrients and natural properties, choco waxes can be safely applied on sensitive skins.
    Pamper your clients with the best chocolate waxes in the market. Our Chocotherapy products guarantee a high-end treatment to provide the best hair removal services without disrupting your client's comfort.
Chocolate Wax Beads
For Soft Waxes: Infused with theobroma cacao and sweet almond oil, Beauty Image's signature Choco Wax not only guarantees a smooth, hairless skin; it also brings a moisturizing effect that revitalizes the skin and helps preserve its flexibility. Our Choco Wax is suitable for all skin types and body parts, always brining a pleasant treatment that relaxes all the senses.

For Hard Waxes: We combine all the nutrients of dark chocolate in our exclusive hard wax beads. The Dark Chocolate Maxi Pearls are one of the star products in Beauty Image's Chocotherapy line and the ultimate solution to provide all the benefits of a high-end wax treatment. The Maxi Pearls are infused with regenerating properties to help the skin heal faster after a wax. They also exfoliate the area and bring a powerful antioxidant effect to prevents infections post-wax. Made with the most exclusive ingredients, our hard wax beads have a flexible consistency that enhances workability, helping you use their hair removal benefits to the fullest through several wax sessions.

We invite you to look through our full Chocotherapy line to see all the ways chocolate can help you upgrade your skin care treatments. If you have more questions about chocolate waxes, or if you want to stock your salon with the best line of choco wax products, reach out to Beauty Image USA. All our products are made with high quality ingredients and our chocolate waxes have become a staple for many salons in the U.S. Contact us by calling TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or filling out our website's contact. And don't forget to subscribe to our a newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox. Want the best hair removal products for your salon or spa? Beauty Image has everything you need.

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