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How to Wax Sensitive Skin

February 17, 2020

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How to Wax Sensitive SkinWhen it comes to hair removal treatments, waxing is one of the quickest and safest alternatives around, but if a client has sensitive skin that's prone to irritation, it's natural for them to grow wary of the process as a whole. These clients might require more attention and extra care, but there's no need to lose hope on waxing as a viable option. With proper preemptive measures, aftercare treatment, and the best line of soft body waxes, you can wax sensitive skin and provide the best skin care treatment at the same time.

How to Wax Sensitive Skin and Skin Conditions

How Can You Tell if a Client Has Sensitive Skin?

There are some obvious hints to let you know whether a person's skin is too sensitive, but some symptoms can be hard to identify when someone has been dealing with them long enough to see them as common occurrences. Low water retention and sebum production often result in sensitive skin, and the consequences of this lack of natural hydration can change from person to person. To properly wax sensitive skin, it's important to assess the client's overall skin condition. You need to have an honest discussion with them concerning their skin's response to external elements and the medications they take to counter these reactions. Here are some important signs of sensitive skin that call for special measures on your part:
  • Redness: Sensitive skin gets flushed during minor temperature changes and it's prone to showing red bumps in random places.

  • Rashes and Irritation: This is one of the most common consequences of sensitive skin. The skin becomes irritated after coming in contact with certain surfaces or products. Many lotions and chemicals can trigger severe rashes on sensitive skins, causing sensations that range from itchiness to mild burning.
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  • Breakouts: consistent lesions caused by acne make the skin more vulnerable, and the products used to treat these breakouts can also pose a threat if a person plans on scheduling a waxing session in between.

  • Sunburn: Sensitive skin responds poorly to UV rays, usually with some of the symptoms mentioned above. Longs periods under the sun can be harmful for dry skin, so there are common instances where the skin looks cracked and starts peeling in some places.
It's important to look for marks, blemishes, and scars beforehand. Wax is not an option if the skin isn't done healing. This is why constant communication with the client is such an essential part of the whole process. Talk your client through a proper pre-waxing routine and the treatment itself will go a lot more smoothly.

Most Sensitive Areas to Wax

With naturally sensitive skin, many of the known delicate areas become even more susceptible to damage or irritation during wax treatments. Even after providing pre-depilatory products to soothe the skin and remove residues, you need to be vigilant during the waxing process to make sure the skin isn't reacting negatively to the elements coming in contact with it. Here are some of the areas you need to be careful with while waxing:
How to Wax Sensitive Skin in Sensitive Body Parts
  • The facial area is particularly fragile when the client has sensitive skin. The eyebrows, chin, sideburns, and upper lip are all areas you must be extra careful with and even avoid altogether, especially if the raw skin in other areas of the body takes too long to regain its usual tone after waxing.

  • The bikini area (pubic area, upper legs and thighs) remains one of the most vulnerable portions of the skin.

  • The armpits are surrounded by particularly sensitive skin and can get easily irritated after months / years of contact with deodorants and other chemicals.
Sugaring to Wax Sensitive Skin

Best Products to Wax Sensitive Skin

As it's to be expected, chemicals and artificial ingredients must be avoided unless you want to risk an allergic reaction. Sugaring Paste is a common option with great benefits for the skin once it's free of the chemical components.

You can never go wrong with natural ingredients like aloe vera, which deeply hydrates the skin while neutralizing blisters and inflammatory breakouts. If you want to make the best of the nutrients of aloe vera, Beauty Image offers its exclusive aloe vera body strips to preserve the well-being of your clients whenever you need to wax sensitive skin.

Soft body waxes are an ideal choice to ensure a gentle treatment on sensitive skin. They melt at a lower temperature and save clients from much of the discomfort caused by other products. Another advantage that makes soft body waxes so appealing is the fact that they are paraffin free and leave close to no residues on the skin, preventing infections in the aftermath of waxing and removing many potential risks for people with sensitive skin. Soft waxes like our Lavender Crème and Pink Crème are great choices to treat people with high sensitivity to heat. Our blog "Do You Know How to Use Our Soft Body Waxes Correctly?" can be of great help if you want to learn all about our exclusive soft body waxes.

Choco Wax for Sensitive SkinChoco wax is also a viable option to make up for the lack of natural hydration on sensitive skins. The ingredients integrated in chocolate waxes are vital to restore the glow and smoothness of the skin. They also work as effective UV protectants, making life much easier for people with skin easily affected by the sun. To treat your clients with the properties and benefits of choco wax, don't forget to include Beauty Image's full Chocotherapy line in your wax treatment.

Sensitive Skin Aftercare

There are many things you can do to increase your client's comfort after you wax sensitive skin. A good post-depilatory lotion (like the cream with oat and shea butter, both filled with healing properties) and cold compresses will help them relax while soothing the sensitive area. In addition, anti-inflammatory lotions and antioxidants like Neosporin will complement a quality wax at reducing the risks of infection. Communication between aesthetician and client continues to be just as important after waxing. Since you won't be around to make sure the client stays away from chemical cosmetics, swimming pools, and sunrays, you need to stress the importance of these precautions and remind them to keep a moisturizing routine to hydrate the skin. Remember to read "Waxing Tricks: How to Reduce Pain for Clients with Sensitive Skin" for more information about the methods and products described above.

Post-depilatory to Wax Sensitive SkinAs you can see, there are many alternatives to safely wax sensitive skin. With the right treatment, the skin can easily remain smooth and healthy for weeks and your clients can finally stop worrying about hair growing in unwanted places. Remember that Beauty Image USA provides a huge variety of products and the finest materials to satisfy your clients' special needs without putting an unnecessary toll on their skin. If you have questions about our products, you can contact us calling TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or filling out our website's contact form. Also, subscribe to our newsletter and we'll bring you the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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