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How to Remove Hard Wax from Skin?

November 22, 2021

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Esthetician Removing Hard Wax from Client's SkinThe popularity of professional wax products has skyrocketed in the last few decades, with hard body waxes in particular being people's favorite option when it comes to ensuring a luxury wax experience. On top of being highly effective, hard waxes make things safer for people with sensitive skins and low pain tolerance, so one can expect a more sophisticated treatment when professional hard waxes are a part of it. There's no denying they provide a pleasant experience, but that has a lot to do with making sure the wax is properly removed to avoid breaking the skin. Burns, redness, and blood spots are all relatively common mistakes after you've stripped the outer layer of the skin, so getting the hang of all the best wax removal tips is a big deal in a successful wax treatment.

The main difference separating hard waxes from other wax products is that estheticians don't need to use a strip to remove the wax from the skin; they can grab the wax itself and pull out all the hairs. This allows more precision, but also makes the removal process a bit more difficult for the uninitiated. One thing all types of waxes have in common, however, is a very specific consistency that can make or break the whole treatment. Before thinking about ripping out the wax, make sure you're working with the right wax temperature to successfully remove all the hairs.

The Right Way to Work Hard Waxes

Esthetician Applying Hard WaxWhen it's time to apply the wax, follow the direction of hair growth. Make sure the wax is spread evenly on the skin or you'll find trouble removing it whole. The wax layer has to be thin, since the consistency should already be thick enough to get a strong hold of all the hairs. Once you're satisfied with the result, twist your wrist when you reach the edge of the layer to leave a small flap.

Wait a few minutes for the wax to cool down, and then rip it off in the opposite direction of hair growth. When you do this, grab the flap with your dominant hand and use your other hand to keep the skin taut and to soothe the area afterwards.

Now that you know how to remove hard wax from skin, let's address other important details.

First of all, hard waxes can be applied on the same area more than once because they're specifically made to ensure a gentle treatment where only the hairs are adhered to the wax. This means that you can repeat the application process if you don't manage to rip off all the hairs on your first try. If you only get a couple of hairs, however, you can use a pair of tweezers to pluck them out from the root without wasting your wax.

Removing Excess Wax

It's not difficult to get a clean result once you get used to the consistency of hard waxes, but you may still get some wax residue on occasion. If you've managed to remove all the hairs from the area, there's no point in repeating the ripping process; it will only cause needless pain in an area that's already sensitive.

There are multiple ways to remove these bits of wax depending on the tools at your disposal. First, you need to loosen the wax using hot water, petroleum jelly, or natural oils. For the latter, make sure to check your client suffers no allergies that could be triggered by the oil's ingredients. After letting it sit for a few moments, you can remove the wax just by swiping a cool compress or a cotton pad.

What Happens If I Don't Remove the Wax Correctly?

Esthetician Waxing a Woman LegLet's start by saying that hard body waxes will always affect the skin in some mild way. You're leaving the pores bare after ripping the hairs out from the root, so it's normal for the skin to be a bit swollen and for the effect to persist for hours after a wax session. This is also the reason why you have to be extra careful, making sure that what you see is a normal result of the treatment and not some skin damage that calls for special attention.

Infection: Even if you use the right technique to remove the wax, this is a real risk that will wreak havoc on the skin when there's no proper post-wax care measures in place. A poor waxing technique will only make it easier for dirt, bacteria, body fluids, and other outside elements to infect the skin. Itchiness, redness, and extreme swelling could all be signs of a skin infection.

Allergy breakouts: You should always ask your clients about their allergies in advance, but there's still a chance they may suffer from a skin condition they're not aware off. Don't let down your guard if the skin shows no reaction after the first contact with the wax. Ask clients to be honest about the sensations they get throughout the treatment and instruct them to continue looking for allergic reactions during the healing period (the first 48 hours after a session).

Bleeding: In itself, bleeding is no cause of alarm. In fact, it is a normal occurrence when waxing certain parts of the body where the skin is thinner. It should only involve small drops of blood, though, and never go beyond a few minutes. If you see large injuries, or the bleeding persists long after having ripped the wax, you need to disinfect the skin and encourage the client to get medical attention.

Ingrown hairs: A logical outcome when the hairs are not properly removed from the pores. As the name suggests, ingrown hairs are hairs that continue growing under the skin's outer layer until they create a bump around the area. They are irritating and visually unappealing, so make sure to avoid creating an issue if you want a repeat visit from your clients.

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