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How to Make a Bikini Wax Less Painful

May 12, 2021

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Waxed Woman Legs After Bikini WaxWhen we think about painful wax treatments, bikini waxes are probably the first to come to mind. Bikini waxes have grown very popular, to the point that many people flock to the salons during the summer season specifically to wax their bikini area. This doesn't change the fact that bikini waxes are known as one of the most painful wax treatments in the hair removal industry. For this reason, various hair removal products are infused with soothing properties that help pull off the hairs without subjecting the skin to needles bouts of pain, but they can only go so far without the touch of a professional esthetician. Since most clients will value an option that minimizes the discomforts of a bikini wax, you must become familiar with all the right ways to use the techniques and formulas available to you when treating such a sensitive area.

Is a Bikini Wax More Painful?

The standard practice for a bikini wax is to remove the hair surrounding the pubic line, including sides, front, and back. Depending on the amount of hair you're dealing with, bikini waxes might also run along the inner thighs and the skin below the navel. As you well know, these are all extremely sensitive areas; what could pass for a mild discomfort in any other part of the body, can easily turn into a consistent source of pain when it comes to areas where the skin is so thin and delicate.

Wax Warmer whit Melted WaxThere are some techniques that reduce the pain of a bikini wax. The pre-wax treatment basically serves as a way to prepare the skin for waxing, so you must take that time to make sure the skin is properly moisturized and exfoliated. If the skin is too dry or there are dead cells remaining on the area, the whole process will be all the more painful for the client. There are, however, other ways to make bikini waxes more bearable for those who are sensitive to pain.

If you want to learn how to make a bikini wax less painful, here are some useful tips to help you along the way. Some of these tips are things you can do during the treatment while others are meant for the client to follow before and after a session:
  • Numbing Cream / Pain relievers: If your client is a first-timer or has a low pain tolerance, they can go for any of these two options to help relax the body before a wax session. Numbing creams can make the skin more pliant, on top of reducing the pain for the client. Remember: the skin must be clean of all residues before you apply the wax so make sure to wipe off what's left of the cream after giving it time to act on the skin. If you find numbing creams too messy, pain killers like Advil, ibuprofen, or aspirin can also do the trick. Both options take effect after 30 - 40 minutes, so your client should be ready by the time you start waxing.

  • Make sure the wax is cool enough for the skin: Too-hot wax is uncomfortable in all scenarios, but actively dangerous when applied on the pubic area. You can always check the wax temperature on your wrist / hand but keep in mind that the wax will always feel hotter when applied on the bikini area. Get familiar with your wax product's heating time or you could easily wind up taking off some of the skin.

  • Check the hair length: When the hair is long enough to stick to the wax, it comes off with less struggle, and this obviously results in less pain for the person getting waxed. Make sure that the hair on all sides of the bikini area is between 1/2 and 1/4 inches long.

  • Cool compresses and soothing lotions: These are essential items you must have at hand, especially if you're handling your client's first bikini wax. After waxing the skin, you can press a cool compress on the area to numb the pain and reduce the itchiness. Meanwhile, soothing formulas help the skin heal faster and serve as ideal additions to the wax, since they keep the skin silky, toned, and glowing. Aloe vera, and vitamins, rose water, and Vitamins A, E & F are all common ingredients to use during your post-wax treatment.

  • Woman With Feather on her Leg
  • Aftercare: The skin must be pampered in the 24-48 hours that follow a professional wax service. While it's easy to protect the pubic line from excessive sun exposure, the friction caused by movement and clothing fabric can easily irritate newly waxed skin. There are a number of recommendations you can pass on to your client to avoid rashes, redness, and infection: They should avoid tight clothing and use only soft/loose fabrics for a few days. Physical activity of any kind should also be postponed, as well as trips to the beach /swimming pool. If your client wants to display their smooth bikini line, they should wait at least 48 hours to hit the beach, and this is something they must keep in mind while scheduling the appointment.

A person's first bikini wax can be very painful, but that also brings one of the advantages of a regular waxing regime: The pain lessens with each new session, and the hairs around the bikini line will grow thinner and scarcer in time. For this to happen, however, people must completely let go of the razor. While it can be tempting to shave some of the hair after 3-6 weeks, waiting for the next wax appointment is the best long-term option.

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