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How to Keep Eyebrow Shape After Waxing

November 29, 2018

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Woman Knows How to Keep Eyebrow Shape After Waxing Close Up Brows are so important! well-groomed brows have the power to make or break your appearance. They can frame your face and enhance your features or weaken your expression. This is exactly why you must go to the pros for the fierce, flawless brows you want. Brow experts use soft or hard body waxes like no-one else and master the art of designing your brow shape, which includes measuring, tweezing, and tinting skills and materials you might not have.

So, once you decide to get professional brow designing or professional brow disaster-mending you will walk out of the salon with bold new brows, but how will you keep that perfect shape until your next appointment? We'll show you how to keep eyebrow shape after waxing.

Take a Picture After your Appointment

This will be your future reference for brow looks. If you happen to change esthetician or salon, they will be able to recreate the same look you once loved. Obviously, you must also post it to your social media to flaunt your flawless brows!

Otherwise, if you hated the outcome, you should still keep a selfie so that you are sure of exactly how you don't ever want your brows to be again.

How to Keep Eyebrow Shapes After Waxing post Depilatory Oil on Hand

Take Care of your Skin After Waxing

When you leave the wax bar, your skin will be red and possibly itchy. This is a normal reaction to the pulling of the hair from the root. The pores will be open as well. The brow expert most likely took care of this right after waxing by applying a post-depilatory oil or lotion, but you might need more relief once you are home. In this case, you can use aloe vera gel to refresh the area.

There are other care measures to avoid infection or irritation:
  • Skip brow makeup for at least 24 hours to minimize the risk of breakouts.
  • Do not expose to the sun, chlorine or salt water. Do not get a spray tan, either. Wait at least 48 hours to do these things.
  • Try not to sweat, and do not rub the area.

Maintain a Care Routine for your Eye Area

The eye area is very delicate, so it needs to stay hydrated and protected. Follow a strict care routine that includes sunscreen, eye cream or serum to keep the skin tight and supple. If you need to get fuller eyebrows, you can also treat your brows with some essential oil (castor oil and rosemary are good options) to stimulate growth.

Make sure you do not use any eye products with acids (like hyaluronic acid) shortly before or after your eyebrow waxing. Remember that these components act as mild skin exfoliants and your sensitized skin might get even more sensitive and even irritated.
How to Keep Eyebrow Shapes After Waxing

Do Only Minimal Cleaning on the Brow Between Appointments

A couple weeks after your appointment, you might start seeing stray hairs. This is when you will feel the urge to "clean up" the brows, but you might end up ruining them completely instead. Once you lose the shape your brow artist crafted, their job will be more difficult to recreate. To avoid brow disaster, leave the job strictly to the experts. Or else, follow these tips on how to keep eyebrow shape after waxing:

How to Keep Eyebrow Shapes After Waxing Woman Doing Minimal Clean
  • Fill in the brow as closely to the original as possible with brow pomade, pencil or shadow. Filling in helps you see the full shape, so you don't over-pluck on small hairs those can be crucial to keep the shape.

  • It can be useful to learn the basic brow measurements , so that you use them when you want to retouch your brow shape. While measuring and filling in the brow before cleanup, stay a bit away from the mirror. This will give you a better view of the whole brow area and how they balance with the face.

  • Pluck only the hairs which are well away from the eyebrow shape. And more importantly, pluck one hair at a time! You don't want bald spots or more pain than necessary!

  • If you want to stay 100% faithful to your brow artist and your brow shape, cover strays with concealers and set with powder. It is a bit extreme not to touch your brows at all between appointments, but it might be well worth it!

  • Needless to say, do not use eyebrow razors or wax to remove any strays. You run a higher risk of ruining the shape with these tools. And don't snip long hairs on your own either! Leave any scissor work to the pros.

 How to Keep Eyebrow Shapes After Waxing Woman in Brow Appointment

Plan your Brow Appointments Strategically

5 weeks is the average time that brow hair takes to grow in. It is an ideal time to schedule your next appointment and take the most advantage of it. As you wax more, your stray hairs will start coming in at the same pace, which will make the whole process easier.

Do not Get Obsessed About Them

Sometimes a stray or two is better than overly-plucked brows. Brows don't have to be perfect, it is ok to have a couple noticeable strays. Also, don't panic if both eyebrows are not completely symmetrical. These aren't serious brow problems, overplucking is!

Now you know how to keep your eyebrow shape after waxing. Taking care of your pro eyebrow waxing and shaping is easy, you just need to follow our guidelines. And don't forget to ask your brow expert to use premium waxes like Beauty Image's. Our waxes and waxing accessories are made with the finest ingredients and the latest technology. Call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the form below to get information about us and our products. You can also get up-to-date news about us by subscribing to our newsletter.

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