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How to Correctly Use Your Epilating Strips?

April 10, 2020

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How to Correctly Use Your Epilating StripsIt's easy to differentiate a standard hair removal treatment from a quality wax session. Professional aestheticians must constantly nurture their talents and guarantee the finest products and accessories in their services. Epilating strips are fundamental parts of soft wax treatments and they must be handled with precision to spare clients from discomfort. There are a number of details you must drill into your brain to master the technique involved in this and other waxing products, starting with the importance of high-grade products to satisfy your clients' expectations from the get-go.

What Epilating Strips Can You Use to Wax?

Epilating strips make soft wax treatments more practical for the aesthetician and less painful for clients. Because soft waxes are meant to be applied in very thin layers, epilating strips serve as a way to remove them swiftly with little room for mess or residues on the skin, both common disadvantages that drive some people away from the stickiness left by a soft wax.

Muslin epilating strips stand out for being more durable and resistant. Despite this, they are also soft enough to bend according to the skin surface, providing many functional advantages to maneuver in difficult areas like the face. They are particularly effective to remove coarse hairs.

On the other hand, non-woven epilating strips are more affordable, and this is a very important benefit when managing the expenses in a spa or beauty salon where wax strips are a permanent necessity. While a bit trickier to maneuver due to their stiffer nature, non-woven strips are made with high quality paper that leaves no residues. Both the non-woven epilating strips and the premium epilating strips are ideal to work with warm waxes because they are made with a strong material that doesn't tear or shed while pulling.

How to Correctly Use Your Epilating Strips PremiumWhile 3x9 strips are ideal to remove the hair from larger areas, you can always cut your epilating strips to the size that you're most comfortable with when dealing with facial hair or the bikini area. You can also use the non-woven epilating roll to have full control during your wax sessions.

To use your epilating strips correctly and efficiently each time, you must remember these recommendations:
  1. Once the wax has been warmed to the right temperature, it's important to complete the session with a steady hand. If the wax gets too cold during the treatment, it'll be more difficult to remove it from the skin and the hairs won't come out evenly when you use the strips.

  2. After spreading the wax on the skin with a spatula, you must firmly press the strip to it to remove all the hair in the area, otherwise the hairs that don't adhere to the strip won't come out after ripping the wax and you'll increase the risks of ingrowns.

  3. You just have to wait one or two seconds before ripping the strip. Hold the skin taut with one hand and use the other hand to pull the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth, grabbing it from an area close to where the strip sticks to the wax. After removing the wax, press down on the skin to reduce the leftover pain.

  4. When you rip the strip, you'll be pulling the skin and the hair at the same time, so it's not advisable to apply the wax on the same area more than once. This is why the details mentioned above are so important to avoid damaging the skin when it's in such a delicate state.
Steps How to Correctly Use Your Epilating Strips

Are Muslin Wax Strips Reusable?

Hygiene must always be a priority when you work with epilating strips, as well as with any other waxing accessory. In spite of the slim barrier created by the wax layer, epilating strips come in direct contact with the skin during the session. As you know, double dipping is a very sensitive topic that's inherently linked to soft waxes, with more aesthetic centers adhering to strict policies to protect the safety of clients and reaffirm the sanitary conditions of the establishment. So, what's the correct practice when it comes wax strips?

How to Correctly Use Your Epilating Strips RollThe durability of muslin wax strips makes it possible to wash them repeatedly using hot water and chlorine bleach. Fully removing wax stains, however, can be very difficult, raising many red flags in terms of safety and sanitation. It also demands a considerable amount of time that's far from convenient. If your aim is to avoid expenses, non-woven epilating strips are an easy way to save money while preventing a sanitary faux-pas.

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