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How to Clean Your Wax Pot Like a Pro

September 09, 2019

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Post-depilatory Lotion to Clean Wax PotFew things in your wax room talk so well about your professionalism than your wax heater. Although it may seem unimportant, you should know that clients are definitely going to notice the state of your warmer and draw conclusions from it. The first impression from a wax pot that drips all over is "Dirty technician, dirty place, must run for the door." And we would call you dirty too if you failed to clean your warmers regularly following our pro tips, so take good notes and make sure you follow our advice.

The Dangers of a Dirty Wax Pot

Besides looking awful and giving a bad impression, a dirty wax pot poses some other threats. The warmer is in direct contact with the wax at all times, and it is re-heated or refilled several times with new wax. Unless you treat the wax with good hygiene measures, the wax pot will likely become a source of bacterial growth.

We are sure you have heard of double-dipping, but we'll explain in case you don't know what it is: dipping the spatula that has touched the skin back into the warmer. This is an absolutely forbidden practice because it puts clients at risk of infection, which would ruin your reputation as a quality professional. Contrary to what many people think, the fact that the warmer is always at high temperature does not kill bacteria! Therefore, it is wrong to think that double-dipping won't contaminate the wax. You can learn more about this topic in our blog post "Why You Should Say No to Double-Dipping When Waxing."

Another problem with a dirty warmer is durability. An unkempt one will last a lot less than a clean one. Spending money continuously on new warmers because you didn't care for them properly is definitely a danger to your salon's revenue and productivity.

Thinking of the quality of their equipment and their clients' well-being, professionals should not only clean but also sterilize wax heaters frequently. Later on, we'll tell you how to do it.
Fast Net Cleanser to Clean Your Wax Pot

How To Clean Your Wax Pot Step By Step

Keeping your wax pot clean is the most comfortable and least time-consuming thing you can do. But if your warmer has already accumulated considerable drips and grime, this is what you should do:

Step 1: Get Everything Ready

  • You will put some pieces apart to clean your warmer, so start with a comfortable area with enough space. Protect the area with paper to avoid drips staining the surface or choose a place where you don't mind getting drips.
  • Prepare several pieces of waxing muslin strips to use as cleaning cloths. These are often recyclable, and they are made of a material that won't lose their fibers, like cotton or tissue would.
  • Also, prepare a solvent or special product to clean wax heaters. These are usually a watery liquid and come in a spray bottle, but some of them may have an oily texture, which helps facilitate wax removal. For light cleaning, a small amount of post-depilatory lotion or oil can work well too since this product is designed not only to condition skin but also to remove wax residue on the skin. Some professionals also swear by regular alcohol to clean their heaters but keep in mind that it could make the case of the heater crack or look dull over time if it's made of plastic. Never use harsh products like thinner, degreasers or other chemicals because they could damage the case of the device or even the metal pot.
  • Your wax heater can have pieces or areas with crevices and edges which will be hard to reach. Make sure you use small spatulas lined with a small piece of muslin strip; you can stick them in difficult places.
  • It's best not to clean your heater with bare hands, so get a pair of gloves ready. You'll avoid burns and keep your hands soft.
Clean your Heater and Wax Pot

Step 2: Facilitate Wax Removal

  • Plug the wax heater and set the temperature to the highest or at least a bit further than halfway. We don't recommend unplugging the device if there is hardened wax, drips and stains since the heat will keep them soft and easier to remove. Another way to do it is starting the cleaning process right after unplugging the device, while it's still warm. The way you choose to do it will depend on how dirty the heater is.
  • Keep the heater on until the wax is melted. You can Put your gloves on and let's start working! At this point, if there is a considerable amount of wax still in the pot, pour it in a different container once it's fully melted. Do not pour solvent or detergents and water into a full wax pot: you'll lose wax and create a mess that will be harder to clean up. Another warning: never heat the wax pot without any wax in it! It might overheat and break down.
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  • If there is a lot of residue to clean up, pour some solvent directly in the removable pot and the bottom of the warmer and swirl it around to help it while it removes wax. If there's hardly any remnants of wax, just spray the special solvent on a folded wax strip.
  • Start scraping the bottom of the removable pot and the bottom of the warmer to remove excess wax and tough wax deposits. Discard the spatulas if they become too loaded with wax.
  • If you had poured a considerable amount of solvent, discard it and wipe down the surfaces with the wax strips. If you used only strips sprayed with solvent, wipe down everywhere it's necessary.
  • Get all crevices and edges with the spatula covered in strips that you previously prepared.
Alcohol Bottle to Clean the Wax Pot

Step 3: Sterilize the Warmer

Not all salons have the sterilizing equipment for this, but it's necessary to find a way to do it. Here are some ideas:
  • Pour boiling water inside the removable pot. Never soak the whole wax warmer into boiling water, as you will damage its electric machinery. Allow it to sit for a while and then discard it and wipe down the pot.
  • If you have a sterilizing solution, use this instead. Pour some into the pot, allow to act for a few minutes, then discard it and wide down the pot.
  • Allow the pieces to dry and then wipe them again with a clean strip or a clean, soft microfiber cloth, to avoid fibers sticking to it.
Paper Collars to Clean your Wax Pot

Step 4: Mind the small details

Now that the warmer is clean, keep these things in mind:
  • Never pour wax in a freshly clean pot that is still wet. This mishandling will cause the pot or other metal parts to rust over time.
  • Never pour wax scrapings or remnants down the drain! They'll solidify and clog the pipes.
  • Apply similar techniques to clean the wax trolley, benches, counters or other surfaces which usually come into contact with wax drips.
  • Do not spray solvent or other cleaning product directly on the warmer; rather do it on the paper strips.
  • Keep the warmer always clean to diminish the time and effort you'll spend cleaning it up. At least clean the rim and the sides of the case to keep a tidy and hygienic appearance every day after every client. You can set a regular rule for cleanup times (after a determinate number or clients or at the end of the day).
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