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How to Choose the Perfect Wax Heater

March 15, 2018

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Beauty Image's Wax HeaterQuality Wax Heaters are essential tools for any esthetician. You can't do without these devices if you want professional waxing results. These tools are very easy to use and take care of and will be useful for many years if used properly. There are different types of heaters for diverse purposes, and in this blog post, we will show you which they are and how to use them.
Types of HeatersClassic Heaters
Classic heaters can have one or two can slots. Most times, they come with an aluminum pot where hard wax beans or bars can be put for melting. This pot is usually removable so that it can be cleaned properly. Some other classic warmers do not come with an extra pot, but any aluminum pot will do when it comes to melting hard wax. Soft wax cans can also be warmed in classic heaters, with or without a special adapter, according to the manufacturer. An excellent option is Beauty Image's European Wax Warmer, which is manufactured with the highest-quality materials and has a modern design. This convenient heater can warm up hard wax beans, pellets, or disks, as well as soft wax cans, the latter with the help of an adapter.

Other classic heaters especially designed for low-melting, stripless hard wax are available. They have the same purpose: melting the wax and keeping it at an appropriate temperature. If you are looking for hard wax heaters, The European Wax Heater (1.1 Gallon) is a staple for salons since its larger capacity allows to have more low-melting hard wax available for constant demand.

Can Heaters
This type of heater is adapted only for soft wax cans. Its heating pots are adapted to the size of most soft wax cans. You can easily just put the can in the opening for warming and keep it there for as long as you are performing the waxing procedure. Can heaters like Beauty Image's Double European Can Warmer is perfect for 14 oz. or 28 oz. cans. The metal exterior improves the durability of this warmer.p

Roll-on Wax Heater ApplicatorRoll-on Heater Applicators
These devices can be loaded with the roll-on cartridge to be warmed up to optimal temperature, and they allow direct application of the wax. Roll-on applicators are perfect for clean, easy and extra accurate application; that is why they are a salon favorite.

Beauty Image has the best Roll-on Heater Applicator. This device works with a cord and a feeder and features a thermostat that works perfectly at keeping the wax at the appropriate temperature for as long as needed.
There are also heater/applicators for small roll-ons, which are very useful for facial waxing. Precise application and waxing for the upper lip, eyebrows, and other delicate facial areas can be done in no time with this type of device. Facial Roll-on Heater Applicator is a great option.

Roll-on Heater Bases
These are a must in salons. They allow several roll-on cartridges to heat at the same time, while a few others stay partially warmed up and ready to be fully heated for a waxing procedure. This system allows estheticians to always be prepared since they won't have to wait long before several cartridges are ready to use. You can get a Double Base for Roll-on Heater Applicator or a Base for 8 Roll-ons from Beauty Image.

System and Combo Heaters
These are extremely useful since they allow different types of waxes to be heated all at once. They have one or two pots for hard wax, which can be adapted to heat soft wax cans. Additionally, they contain several roll-on bases. They are a must for salons and professionals who want to have different varieties of wax readily available.

A Combi Wax HeaterYou can try System Wax, which has a central warmer for hard wax and soft wax cans, 2 heater roll-on applicators, and four roll-on bases for standby warming. Combi Wax Heater is another wonderful combo choice, with a can warmer and 3 roll-on bases.
How to Use Your Wax HeaterIn general, wax heaters have a basic mechanism in common: an on/off button, a heating aluminum pot and often a removable pot with a handle, and a gradable temperature control knob. Roll-on heater applicators have the same rectangular shape as roll-on cartridges and are lined with metal sheets on the inside. These heat up and melt the wax in the roll-on.

Wax heaters are very simple and straightforward, and they work in similar ways: A resistor inside heater pots, roll-on applicators and warmers is what provides the energy that raises the temperature that melts the wax. Once the pot has been loaded with hard wax beans or can soft wax, the temperature knob needs to be set to high for proper melting. When the wax has reached the desired temperature and consistency, the temperature knob can be lowered a bit. In a lower temperature, the wax heater will help to keep the wax at an appropriate application temperature. Most soft wax cans can usually go directly into the wax heater. Roll-on applicators are as easy as charging a roll-on cartridge, plugging, and waiting for the indicator light to signal that the wax is ready.
Caring for Your Wax HeatersPots must be cleaned regularly because they can get stained with wax drips and leftover wax that hardens in the pot. If not cleaned properly, these leftovers make a mess when trying to warm up new wax. It is also necessary for hygiene reasons to clean wax heaters regularly, not to mention that proper cleaning will extend the life of your warmer. In this post you will find out 6 Easy Steps to Clean Your Wax Warmer.

Beauty Image complements its wide range of high-quality waxes and depilation products with a variety of wax heaters for professional use. Contact us at TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or send us your questions via the contact form on this page. If you wish to have our beauty blog posts, tips, and maintenance guides for estheticians sent straight to your inbox, subscribe to our newsletter. newsletter. Also, don't forget to find us on Facebook as Beauty Image USA, and follow us on Twitter @BeautyImageUSA, and Instagram @beautyimageusa.
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