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How Often Should You Wax your Vag?

August 05, 2020

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Hard Body Waxes are Usually Recommended to Treat the Pubic Area.For many people, waxing is the surest ways to get rid of unwanted body hairs. Unlike other methods where the options are downright risky when it comes to the most sensitive parts of the body, there are techniques and waxing products that allow the treatment of even the most intimate areas. If you want to develop a wax regime to keep your lady parts hair-free, information is key.

What's a Bikini Wax?

Intimate waxing can entail many treatments, with up to eight different procedures available to treat a person's nether regions. Depending on what you want, a bikini wax might involve the hairs on your thighs and bikini line, or all the pubic hair, including your pelvis, labia, and buttocks (what you know as Brazilian wax). Whatever the case, we are talking about exposing the most private part of your body and pulling on very tender skin for a prolonged period. Being professionals in their craft, estheticians don't care about how your vagina looks. The hairier it is, the easier it gets for them to wax. Still, if you're new to waxing, you might want to ease into it with less invasive treatments before diving straight into a Brazilian or bikini wax.

Hard body waxes are usually recommended to treat the pubic area. In such a delicate part of the body, pain is pretty much a given, but these waxes spare clients some discomfort by cooling off before being removed and sticking to the hairs without grabbing the skin. Estheticians usually apply the wax in small sections to minimize the pain during removal. The duration of the session varies according to how much you plan to get waxed, but it usually doesn't exceed the 45-minute mark.

Here's a list of important things you must know to set a proper waxing regime:
  • A period of 3 to 4 weeks is usually enough to book a new session since the hair has usually grown enough by then to be pulled out from the root.
  • Which Is the Best Frequency For Waxing Your Vag
  • The hair must be at least 1/2 of an inch long, so don't trim it before a new session or you might have to extend your waiting period while the hair is already visible on the skin.

  • The pubic area must be properly washed and wiped clean before each session, not only to ensure the safety of the procedure but also because estheticians often instruct clients to avoid cleaning it for the rest of the day. To clean your intimate parts during the post-wax period, use natural-based cleansers and oils.

  • Because pubic hair grows in several directions and is harder to deal with, it might take longer to see a long-lasting change. Nevertheless, a regular wax regime should eventually reduce the amount of hairs and increase the time between sessions.

  • While it's not impossible to book a bikini / Brazillian wax during your period, your pain tolerance will be severely challenged and the whole process will be messier. You must discuss it with the esthetician and wear a tampon throughout the entire session if you still choose to go with it.

  • Refrain from wearing tight clothes or engaging in physical activities (exercise, sex) for 2 days after waxing. If you don't see any swelling or feel pain after this time has passed, you might retake your original routine during the rest of the aftercare period.
Much of the discomfort of a bikini wax comes from the anticipation clients feel as they wait for the treatment to start. If you plan on having your privates waxed regularly, the state of the establishment and the disposition of your esthetician play a part in getting you more comfortable after each new session. The sanitary conditions of the spa/salon are imperative to the success of a bikini wax. The waxing room must be fully sanitized and the esthetician must use fresh spatulas, pots, and towels throughout the treatment.

Preventive Measures and Recommendations

While the skin surrounding your intimate parts is extremely tender, the hairs are coarser and more abundant. Depending on who you ask, there are pros and cons in letting these hairs grow naturally. On one hand, pubic hair can be seen as a layer of protection that prevents damage on the sensitive skin surrounding your nether regions. On the other hand, it can also be a drawback in terms of hygiene, making vaginal infections particularly unpleasant and uncomfortable for the patient. Waxing is an alternative that simultaneously soothes and cleanses the skin, but it's still not free of risks.

According to gynecologists, infections and ingrown hairs are a risk in most hair removal methods, with trimming being an exception that has no ill effects on the person's skin. The skin on the labia and around the anus is very prone to irritation and might get infected after subpar wax service. In the best-case scenario, you might still feel mild discomfort in these areas while moving hours after the session.

While the chances of getting an infection with a certified esthetician are very low, it's still important to discuss the waxing methods beforehand. Clients must also be open about medical conditions affecting their intimate areas to avoid unpleasant surprises during the treatment. After getting familiar with the process, it doesn't take much to set a regime to keep your lady parts hair-free at all times. The more you wax, the easier it is to overcome the initial discomfort, with the pores gradually taking better to the wax and growing more resistant to all the pulling.

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