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Highlight Your Best Facial Features With These Makeup Tips

March 13, 2019

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Makeup Tips Portrait of Woman with Fresh SkinIn one sentence, makeup is awesome. It has the power to enhance our natural features and it allows us to display our feelings and creativity. Around 82% of women in America believe makeup empowers them by making them feel more confident, and around 86% believe that it improves their self-image. With these positive impact on people's emotions, it's no surprise makeup is so popular: it's a multi-billion-dollar industry. Only retail cosmetic outlets are worth around ten billion dollars annually!

Whether you are the lowkey natural type or the ultimate glamazon girl, there's makeup for you out there and you are probably looking to up your makeup game. Why don't you read on and get our best makeup tips to polish your beautifying skills?

But First, a Bit About the History of Makeup

It is known that humans have been using makeup for at least 6,000 years. People in ancient civilizations already used cosmetics, often to mark social differences or in rituals. Egyptian women, for example, used a pigment called "kohl" which was a combination of copper, lead, ash, and ochre that they applied to their eyes to give them an almond shape. They also used a bright green paste on their faces to add color and definition. In 3000 BC, Chinese people used gum arabic, gelatin, and egg whites to "paint" their fingernails as an indication of their social status.

Greek women used white lead to paint their faces and crushed mulberries as blush. Later, rice powder was used in Asia to whiten the face, while Greeks used chalk or lead powder for the same purpose and a mix of ochre clay and red iron to color their lips. In ancient Rome, people used a mix of barley flour and butter as concealer. In medieval Europe, it was fashionable to apply egg whites to the face to make the complexion paler. This was substituted years later with arsenic or lead-based face powder and was limited to the aristocracy. Once the toxicity of these components was discovered, they were replaced by zinc oxide powder. We have definitely come a long way when it comes to formulas and variety! Now there's makeup in every color of the rainbow, in all possible textures and formulas to cater to specific skin needs, skin tones, budgets, and personalities.
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Makeup Tips for a Flawless Look

We know you have skills, but a good makeup tip never hurt anyone. Here are our best makeup hacks organized in the succession of steps in a basic face routine. Remember that makeup is creative, so you can take our advice and season it with your best self-discovered secrets for a fully personalized result.

Makeup Tips Woman Moisturizes Skin

Step 1: Prep Your Skin.

Beautiful skin is the best blank canvas for flawless makeup. Never skip on skincare! Whether you use homemade recipes or professional products, make sure you follow a cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine according to your skin type. Keep skin healthy first, and then use makeup to enhance your natural beauty.

Skin Prep Tips:
  • Use a moisturizing primer to smooth and even out your skin in preparation for concealer and foundation. Most primers contain super-smoothing silicones that provide a "blurry" and pore minimizing effect. If you need professional-looking makeup, a primer is a must. Sometimes, a good lightweight moisturizer also does the trick when it comes to skin prepping for everyday makeup.

  • For a super quick way to minimize your pores, you can run an ice cube on your face and then dab dry with a cotton towel.

  • Physical sunscreen (with zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide) can act as a primer while protecting you from UV rays at the same time. These two components brighten up and even out the skin.

Step 2: Conceal

Right after primer is the best moment to conceal or color-correct imperfections. You will find a variety of concealer and color-corrector shades to neutralize, hide, and brighten areas as necessary.

Concealer Tips:
Makeup Tips Woman Applying Concealer Color-Corrector
  • Use eye cream or simply cooled cucumber slices or a cool compress if you have puffy under-eyes; this will tighten the skin and brighten irritated eyes a bit.

  • Go for a peachy/orangish concealer if your dark circles have a purplish/blueish tone. These are opposite each other in the color wheel – opposite colors cancel each other out. Once you've neutralized, you can dab on a liquid concealer that matches your skin tone or one that is a bit lighter to add luminosity.

  • Recur to colored concealers for other blemishes such as pimples, redness, discolorations, freckles, and sun spots. Then, dab some foundation or skin-tone concealer on them to even them out. Here's a quick guide:
Green concealer: for red/reddish imperfections.

Pink concealer: for greenish imperfections such as veins, preferably on fair skin.

Yellow concealer: for darker or purplish blemishes on olive skin.

Orange/peach: for dark blemishes on medium to light skin.

Red: for dark circles on dark skin.

Lavender: to neutralize yellowish blemishes and even out sallow skin tones.

Makeup Tips Woman Applying Foundation Powder

Step 3: Foundation

When it comes to foundation, you have many options to choose from: mineral powder, cream, mousse, lotion, pancake… thicker ones are best for dry skin, whereas lightweight ones work great on oily skin.

Foundation Tips:
  • Smooth out a BB cream on rather than a foundation if you want a more natural look. This product offers lighter coverage but is more practical for everyday use.
  • Apply your foundation carefully with a beauty blender to even out your whole face. Do not rub on your concealer or you'll fade it.
  • Always set your foundation with translucent powder. You will look perfect for longer.

Step 4: Eye Makeup

Many makeup artists prefer doing their eye makeup even before their foundation to avoid having to clean up residue from eyeshadow, but typically you can do it after foundation.

Eye Makeup Tips:Makeup Tips Woman Applying Eyeliner
  • Always prime up your lids. A special eyeshadow primer or a few dabs of concealer will even out the skin tone on the lids to make the eyeshadow color pop, as well as fix shadow in place.

  • Play with your cosmetics to achieve endless look combinations. Just eyeliner can be enough to add depth to your crease if you forgot your eyeshadow quad. You can use a bit of highlighter to brighten up your lids. A neutral bronzer or blush can double as eyeshadow too.

  • Use a technique known as tightlining or invisible lining to bring out your eyes. The trick is applying eyeliner to the upper waterline, which will make your upper lashes look thicker and enhance the general look of your eyes. The advantage of this technique is that it looks great in any eye shape.

  • Nail wing eyeliner: just draw an upwards line from the outer rim of your eye to the point where your crease naturally forms when looking straight to the mirror. Then connect that line inwards to the tear duct.
Makeup Tips Woman with Makeup Artist Brow Makeup

Step 5: Brow Makeup

Your brows are essential to beautiful makeup. They frame your face and convey a personality. After grooming (read how to get flawless eyebrows in our blog post), makeup can make them even more beautiful with a few hacks.

Brow Makeup Tips:
  • Line your brow with a concealer that's lighter than your skin tone to frame and sharpen your brow shape.

  • Use brow pomade or shadow to fill the brows and get a more natural look than you would with a pencil. Make sure the shade is a bit lighter than your natural hair color (if you have dark hair) and one shade darker if you have light hair.

  • Fade your eyebrow fill. Go light on the inner part of the brow and apply more pressure towards the arch and the tail.
Makeup Tips Woman with Mascara Wand

Step 6: Mascara

Your eye makeup is not complete without the touch of the magic mascara wand. Long, thick lashes open up your eyes and complement the whole look.

Mascara Tips:
  • Roll the wand as you take it out of the mascara tube so that the content distributes evenly on the brush. This way you'll get fewer clumps.

  • Move the wand upwards and side to side from the root of the lashes. This way you will separate the lashes as well as lengthen them so that they don't clump up in thick sections.

  • Coat the top and the bottom of the lashes with mascara for a thicker result. For the same reason, some makeup artists also recommend dusting the lashes with loose powder or coating with concealer and then adding the mascara.
Makeup Tips Woman with Eyeliner

Step 7: Lip Makeup

Lipstick is the quintessential piece of makeup women can't live without. The best thing about it is that there are endless options to choose from in every color of the rainbow. From classic lipstick to sheer, matte or liquid and even peel-out formulas, lip color is a must.

Lip Makeup Tips:
  • Fill your lips with creamy lipstick, then press them against tissue to remove excess and lock in the color. It'll last longer. You can also coat it up with translucent powder to extend wear.

  • Cover your lips with concealer and then line them a bit outside the natural lines to make them look plumper.

  • Draw an x on your cupid's bow with your lipliner to sharpen the shape; then fill with matching lipstick.

  • Apply highlighter on your cupid's bow to make your lips stand out.
Our tips are simple, but they can make a world of difference in your whole makeup routine. Did you know that Beauty Image also carries cosmetics? Eyeliners, lipliners, lip balms… we make you smooth and pretty from head to toe. Find out about our retail makeup items by calling TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or filling out the contact form below; we will be happy to help you. Don't forget our newsletter to get the latest news about us!

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