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Highlight Your Best Facial Features With These Makeup Tips

July 15, 2016

It is known that humans have been using makeup for at least 6,000 years, but archaeologists believe body art was one of the first forms of human ritual, starting in the Stone Age.

People in ancient Egypt and Greece used cosmetics, and the Bible describes the use of makeup. Earlier makeup was made of minerals. Egyptian women, for example, used a pigment called "kohl" which was a combination of copper, lead, ash, and ochre that they applied to their eyes to give them an almond shape. They also used a bright green paste on their faces to add color and definition. In 3000 BC, Chinese people used gum arabic, gelatin, and egg whites to "paint" their fingernails as an indication of their social status. Greek women used white lead to paint their faces and crushed mulberries as blush. Later, rice powder was used in Asia to whiten the face, while Greeks used chalk or lead powder for the same purpose and a mix of ochre clay and red iron to color their lips. In ancient Rome, people used a mix of barley flour and butter as concealer. In medieval Europe, it was fashionable to apply egg whites to the face to make the complexion paler. This was substituted years later with arsenic or lead-based face powder and was limited to aristocracy. Once the toxicity of these components was discovered, they were replaced by zinc oxide powder.

As you can see, makeup has long been used to make us feel more beautiful. It can help us highlight the most attractive features of our face and hide those features we don't quite like, making us more confident, in turn. Since we know how important it is for a woman to feel and look beautiful nowadays, we've decided to give you some tips to help you accentuate your favorite facial features.

The simplest way to make your lips look fuller is to apply a highlighter on your cupid's bow. If you don't know what that is, it is simply the center of your upper lip that is shaped like a "v".

If you feel your nose is too big, you can learn how to contour it according to its shape and the shape of your face. In this blog, they teach you how to do it in 3 simple steps!

To bring out your eyes, you can use a technique known as tightlining or invisible lining. The trick is in applying eyeliner to the upper waterline, which will make your upper lashes look thicker and enhance the general look of your eyes. The advantage of this technique is that it works regardless of your eye shape. Also, it is quite easy to do and will definitely make your eyes pop!
As we've stated in a previous blog, eyebrows shape your eyes and forehead. Here are some tips to make your eyebrows look flawless.

Finally, if what you want is to accentuate your cheekbones, you should apply a matte contouring product. Make a "fish face" and apply a contouring product two shades darker beneath the cheekbone, blending the color in the hollows of your cheek. Use powder blush above the cheekbone and a highlighter right above the blush. You should apply these by using the brush or beauty blender at an angle towards the temple.

As you can see, you can easily use makeup to heighten your favorite facial features without overdoing it.

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