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Everything You Need to Know About Sugaring

September 21, 2018

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Woman with Sugaring Paste and Everything you Need to Know About SugaringWhen it comes to fuzz-free skin, hair removal products for waxing and shaving are the most popular, convenient, and affordable. But there is another treatment that's a way sweeter deal literally: sugaring. If you still haven't heard about it, you're missing out on all the benefits it brings. Here you'll find the most common sugaring questions answered, from skin prepping to post-sugaring care. We trust that you'll get hooked on sugaring's sweet treat to your skin.

What Exactly Is Sugaring?

Sugaring is an ancient hair removal treatment with roots in the Middle East, where it was common to get rid of most body hair for hygiene and beauty reasons. If we go back to ancient Egypt, we might count Cleopatra's honey, lemon, and sugar concoctions as the first sugaring treatment.

Sugaring consists in flicking hair off with a gel or paste made from sugar, hot water and lemon. Some wax companies have professional sugaring paste, which is made with the same basic original ingredients. Sugar paste is thick but malleable, and 100% water-soluble.

Sugaring pulls the hair by the root, just like waxing, but it is a natural alternative that you can even make at home. Sugaring is, by far, one of the gentlest hair removal techniques, and it can last much longer than traditional waxing when done consistently.

What Is So Great About Sugaring?

Unlike traditional wax, sugaring only sticks to the hair, not the skin. That's why it really removes the hair out of the roots. Who wouldn't be grateful at less tugging and pain? That's what you get with sugaring.

Additionally, it acts as a gentle yet effective exfoliant. The esthetician can go over the same area several times without risking being too harsh on the skin, which would happen with wax.

A major plus for sensitive skin is that sugar is hypoallergenic. The products used for sugaring paste are natural, free of preservatives and other chemicals. Sugaring paste is also hygienic since it does not allow the breeding of bacteria.
You never have to worry about sugaring paste being a vehicle for infection, like double-dipped wax would. Your esthetician will discard all sugaring paste used on you.

If you are wondering which body areas can be sugared, the answer is nearly all the areas you can wax. You can even get a full Brazilian sugaring, the only thing to consider is that you should be a waxing regular or at least have waxed before to make the procedure easier.

In other words, it is preferable to transition from intimate waxing to intimate sugaring instead of going for a Brazilian sugaring off the bat. An exception for sugaring is the eyebrows, which are a small area and need a hair removal option that can be applied more accurately.

How Will my Skin Look and Feel?

In one word amazing! Once you try it, you can truly feel and see the difference. With sugaring there's very little risk of side effects. Tiny bumps might be a normal histamine reaction to the hair pulling (histamines are chemicals that mean to defend you from allergens or outside aggressors to your immune system). This reaction will subside with no irritation, allergies, or inflammation when all post-care measures are taken. We can't stress it enough: your skin will be as soft and smooth as a baby's bottom.

If it is your very first sugaring appointment, you have to keep in mind that growth will probably come back faster; this always happens the first time. All subsequent treatments will even out your hair growth cycle and debilitate the follicle, which means less patchy growth and sparser hair every time.

Am I a Candidate for Sugaring?

Sugaring has very few contraindications. Besides being on retinoids, acne medication, having had a recent peeling or any open wound or skin condition, you are good to go for sugaring.

Make Sure the Esthetician Tell you Everything you Need to Know About SugaringIf you want to remove fine hair all over your body (peach fuzz), sugaring is the best option. To be a candidate for this marvelous treatment, hair can be even an eighth of an inch long and the paste will still bind to the hair and pull it out at the root. Clients who have previously developed allergies to the resins in depilatory waxes are also great candidates for sugaring. Men, teenage girls and pregnant women can get sugared too.

What Is Pre- and Post-sugaring Care?

Before your appointment, make sure the area you plan on sugaring is clean, dry and oil-free. Your esthetician will take care of this when you get to the salon by applying some pre-sugaring lotion and possibly talcum powder to prep the area. Do not exfoliate the area the day before or the same day of your appointment! Previous exfoliation plus sugaring will be too much.

Post-sugaring, you must try to avoid exfoliation, hot water, the sauna and gym activity for at least 48 hours. Also, try to wear loose clothes and cotton underwear to allow skin to breathe and avoid chafing. Keep in mind that your skin is sensitive. After that time period, you are in the clear to exfoliate your skin to prevent in-grown hairs. You must also apply a gentle bikini balm or hydrocortisone cream to soothe any skin sensitivity. If any issues arise after a 48-hour period, you should see a dermatologist immediately.

What About Regrowth?

When it comes to hair growing back, you stay fuzz-free for at least a couple of weeks, and the more you do the treatment, the less your hair will grow back, letting you go longer between sessions. Also, it becomes less painful as you get more sugaring done.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

A minor drawback is that it takes a few sugaring sessions before your hair is completely removed. Also, you need someone who's experienced in the technique. Last but not least, sugaring in a salon or spa tends to be a bit pricier than traditional waxing, but again, the results are better, and it lasts much longer. So, it's your call!

If you refuse to let yourself be deterred from sugaring but it's out of your budget, you can try making your own sugaring paste. A piece of advice though: it is better if you have some experience waxing yourself and if you start on a small area as a trial.

We hope this information comes in handy and it makes you love sugaring as much as we do. Beauty Image has the best professional sugaring paste and all the hair removal products you need for professional results. To learn more about our home waxing remedies and superior skin care items, contact us at TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form.

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